Ossoff Loses

Flip the 6th has flopped.

East Cobb County can finally rest easy knowing that there will be no more political ads for some time. Democratic Candidate and 30-year old political n00b Jon Ossoff was soundly beaten by roughly 4%. Left-leaning media outlets billed this election as a “referendum on Trump” and called this district “flip-able” because of his 2.5% margin in November, but Handel nearly doubled that margin. If you are a Democrat, this one really stings on so many levels. Between the amount of resources and money spent, a ridiculously inaccurate 7-point lead in the polls last week, and then coming so close to an outright win in the special election (fewer than 2 points), Ossoff’s campaign has been thoroughly (and expensively) humiliated by coming up even shorter in the runoff.

This could prematurely torpedo the political career of Jon Ossoff at the young age of 30. After all the money and resources being sunk into his campaign, plus a few heavy hitters (such as Rep. John Lewis), and the backing of Hollywood bozos like George Takei and Alyssa Milano, it’s quite reasonable to believe that nobody is going to want to give him another dime for his political ambitions. He got every resource he needed to win and he still lost. TWICE. There are a whole host of ugly realities the Democratic Party must face up to now that the midterms are looming.

First off, some credit is due to Jon Ossoff. His smartest move was not paying Indiecrat socialist Bernie Sanders to come down to Georgia and stump for him. Hillary Clinton didn’t seem to be invited, either. Smart move by Ossoff to not associate his campaign with those two proven losers, even if Sanders grudgingly did publicly endorse Ossoff from a safe distance after questioning whether or not Ossoff was “progressive enough” (whatever the hell that means). The move did pay off because Bernie is bad news these days. The Alexandria shooting, even if Bernie was completely disconnected from it, is still political baggage that makes for easy GOP ads. I think the Democrats might finally be wising up to the fact that it’s time to put distance between the DNC and Sanders. His support is not translating to wins, plain and simple.

The money might be the most damaging part of this loss. There was some criticism that Democrats were being unwise with money and resources by being stingy in the Montana, South Carolina, and Kansas special elections, all three of which their candidates were soundly beaten in. Instead, the Georgia 6thCongressional District had loads of cash to the tune of about $30 million pumped into it from the Democrats. It was the most expensive race for a Congressional seat ever, with Ossoff leading the way in spending. This was not a good gamble by the Democratic party, because now the Democrats are utterly demoralized.

We can’t let the pollsters or the media or Hollywood off the hook. Mainstream media was showing Ossoff polling at 7% higher than Handel, yet she won by roughly 4%. That is a massive 11% error in prognostication, which is extremely strange since smaller local races are usually predicted more accurately. And from mainstream polls, no less! There should be some serious concern about how these polling firms are conducting their polling in these high-stakes races these days, and perhaps the media should start eliminating certain polling firms from their reports on political races in the interest of maintaining credibility. It seems to me that they’ve gotten lazy and inefficient or outright incompetent. The media looks equally bad every time they discuss any of these polls seriously. It is fake news.

As for Hollywood, Steve Bannon is laughing his head off somewhere. He loves watching hard-left politically active celebrities get humiliated. When he joked about Sean Spicer looking “fat”, he was really talking about Melissa McCarthy. Nobody cares what George Takei and Samuel L. Jackson and Alyssa Milano think about politics in East Cobb County. They have once again collectively embarrassed themselves by trying to draw a paycheck and be politically active at the same time. It’s not a good look for Hollywood, and it hasn’t been working lately. It is most definitely time that the Democratic Party cut ties with Hollywood because it does not win white middle class voters. The only political celebrity that America pays any real attention to is President Donald Trump (killer Ben Stein video at the bottom, must watch).

I’m excited to see how this crushing blow to the Democratic Party plays out in the news cycles. My first impression, coming just hours after the final tally, is that the media is genuinely torn. There’s a fair amount of damage control articles trying to sugarcoat the loss, but I also see plenty of articles that are genuinely dismayed. Democrats should be horrified to see several articles touting Ossoff as too centrist, and that the Democratic Party should capitulate harder to the left. Pulling harder to the left will only alienate more moderates. The real problem is that the Democratic Party has no mainstream platform and wastes too much attention on dumb identity politics when they should be focused on the economy. It has badly tarnished the Democratic Party as a brand for all voters.

It’s time for the Democratic Party to lay down the sword. All this “resistance” talk and hard-partisan politicking no longer appears to be congruent with the will of the American people. Donald Trump is the President. He helped all the down-ballot candidates. The American people elected him (and, by extension, a Supreme Court vacancy), put a Republican majority in the Senate, and a Republican majority in the House, as well as Republican dominated Governorships and State Legislators. Now Republicans have cleaned up in the special elections. President Trump very clearly has the mandate. The Democrats MUST work with the current Administration, because now they are blatantly opposing the will of the American people and dragging us all into very dark and dangerous territory.

I did write months ago in my article Ossoff Will Lose Runoff that Jon Ossoff would lose. I’m certainly not tired of being right, just tired of writing about being right.

Well done, East Cobb Snobbs.


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