New Political Storm FB LIVE Shows

Poli Storm

Political Storm was established to help everyday Americans have a safe place to debate political ideas and stories from all sides. Our main goal is to give independent media contributors their own platform to express their opinions without fear of censorship. We remain to be a non-partisan site where you can share perspectives regardless of political stance to bring about sensible and meaningful discussions.

It is by this belief that our publisher seeks to unite Americans despite of our differences to bring about progress and change -- through civil discussion.

New Shows

We are then happy to announce that after much success from our family of content contributors, we now elevate the discussion further and in real time.

Starting this week, we will inaugurate two new FB LIVE shows, every Monday and Saturday featuring two of our contributors, Lou Ford (a liberal/progressive) and Suzzanne Monk (a Trumper). Lou's show will start September 24th at 9pm ET/8 CT and will be shown live on our Facebook page Political Storm every Monday moving forward.

Monk's show on the other hand will showcase a review of the hottest issues of the week using the #MAGA movement perspective. It will air LIVE this Saturday for a pilot broadcast 2pm ET/ 1 CT. Catch her every Saturday afternoon, same time, same page.

The biggest catch: we will give a portion of the show's time reading and reacting to viewer opinions, comments, shout outs, and suggestions while we try to keep the conversation on that week's topic. We highly encourage everyone to Follow us on Facebook and click "See First" so you all get notified minutes before the show goes live.

A little about Suzzanne

Suzzanne Monk is an author, pundit and Trump advocate in Washington, DC. She authored two books, "The Semi-Essential Trump Supporters Election Survival Guide" and "Rules for Trumpers", available on She organized several rallies, marches and counter-protests in support of Trump in Chicago during the 2016 election, her former home. Her daily live podcast has over 200 episodes, and is broadcast at 1pm EST Mon-Sat at

We can't wait to see you all this Saturday! Mark your calendars and let's discuss politics with real people.