Mark Dice Announces New Book

Everyone’s got a new book coming out. Katie Tur, the CNN correspondent that covered Trump’s campaign, has a book soon

Milo Yiannopoulos’s book Dangerous did eventually come out. Hillary’s book came out. I’m sure the rest of the looters like Trevor Noah, John Oliver, and Stephen Colbert will all soon have books coming out. Every one of them will be utterly detestable. Thankfully, hilarious right-wing youtuber Mark Dice has a book coming out, and it promises to be a dandy.

First, let me take a moment to formally readdress Professor Joe Launie. He left me two very different comments, the former quite apathetic, the latter rather ranty. The big lesson to be learned is that a University economics Professor shouldn’t be caught shooting off about biases when discussing numbers and data. Selective examination and exclusion of salient numerical data (including the big one in any sport…”wins”) is a cardinal sin in such a field as yours. What about the risk index from a marketing standpoint? The decline in physical evaluations such as 40-yard dash time and vertical leap? The calculated “potential for growth”? There are simply too many numerical variables to logically examine, and your conspiracy theory requires too large of a leap of faith. Numbers have no need for anyone’s biases. They never have.

Onto the Diceman. If you haven’t heard of him, here’s the straight dope: Mark Dice is a youtuber that recently broke 1,000,000 subscribers. His channel used to focus heavily on illuminati in Hollywood and politics, but the last year and some change has been heavily going after the mainstream media, Democrats, and Social Justice Warriors, as well as general political correctness. He’s funny, and uses a format not too dissimilar from what Jon Stewart used to do in the mid 2000’s. He uploads a three or four videos a week regularly, and it’s usually good for a laugh. I’ve posted one of the funnier ones of late where he roasts the recently-launched pro-Hillary website Check it out.

Dice recently mentioned at the end of one of his videos that he has a yet-to-be-titled book coming out presumably in time for Christmas. His previous books have been mostly focused on the illuminati and Bohemian Grove, but this book will focus on the mainstream media. If you’ve been a regular follower of Mark Dice, then you’ll know that he has done an outstanding job of being a media watchdog for the last year and a half or so. Every awful piece of media malpractice that has been committed has been punished to great comedic effect on Mark Dice’s channel, and he’s earned every one of his 1.1 million subscribers.

His book sales are going to be difficult to predict, so I’m really hoping that Dice gets some significant publicity leading up to the book’s release. Maybe some left-leaning group will kick up a petulant fuss about it using all the usual ad hominems (racist, sexist, nazi, etc until I vomit) and net him some publicity. I’m sure it will get some coverage on InfoWars. Hell, maybe even President Trump will tweet it. Whatever the case, I have high expectation for this book considering the quality of the content that Mark Dice has been creating. Unlike Alex Jones, Dice’s videos are more reasonable and usually only about 5 minutes or so.

Don’t bother reading the garbage that pundits like Megyn Kelly and Katie Tur are publishing, Dice’s book is going to be a much better read.


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