Mainstream Media, Indistinguishable From Tabloids, Too Repulsive

How many new accusers have come forward alleging sexual misconduct against Donald Trump in the last week?

Even Joe Scarborough of MSNBC’s Morning Joe admitted that the timing and frequency was extraordinarily suspect since all these new allegations are coming just 3 weeks and some change before election day. I could be wrong, but I think the tally thus far is up to 8 accusers with more potentially crawling out of the woodwork in the upcoming weeks. Nevermind all the damning Wikileaks coming out daily, and be sure to take hair-sniffing creepo Joe Biden to heart when he says that Donald Trump’s accusations are more disgusting than what Bill Clinton did to all the women he raped. Forget policy or anything that even remotely resembles politics…the only thing the media is interested in now is smearing Donald Trump.

At this rate, every woman that has ever interviewed Trump and every woman that has ever been booted from his show The Apprentice will have come forward to tell their Anita Hill-like story of sexual victimhood. After all, we have 24 days to go, and at the rate of 5 accusers a day (or whatever it is), that means the media will have “reported” 120 new accusations against Trump. I don’t have to point out that the frequency of new accusations is dominating mainstream press coverage via CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, The Washington Post, Politico, The New York Times, TIME Magazine, USA Today, The Huffington Post, etc. It’s overkill, and this widespread and collusive media mega-smear can only give the American public that the media is no longer interested in reporting politics, just allegations of sexual misconduct. As a result, ALL of these outlets bear more of a resemblance to tabloids than they do to actual media outlets. The result is all too clear…the coverage is too biased, based too heavily on unfounded claims, and too far removed from actual journalism. People are starting to take this overkill coverage about as seriously as they take the coverage of supermarket check-out tabloids. And why shouldn’t they? In the absence of real journalism, people will gravitate towards alternative means of coverage to find any coverage that differs.

Even Hillary Clinton could not resist joining in the great media smear campaign as evidenced by her recent appearance on the awful show Ellen. She didn’t ne-ne this time, instead leveling extremely lewd charges that Donald Trump was “stalking” her on the debate stage like a “sexually predatory (sic)”. Does anyone believe this nonsense? This is where women should be extremely wary of Hillary; by pushing this vindictive third-wave feminist crap, she is actually doing a great disservice to women that would actually consider themselves to be feminists. Men shouldn’t be accused of “stalking” women just because they were pacing on a debate stage, and Hillary making this accusation is sickening, especially since she is married to one of the world’s most disgusting pigs.

This is also a sick symptom of our American society, and a terrible example to set. I’m a firm believer in the classical adage of being innocent until proven guilty, but the mainstream media relentlessly pushing these stories of accusers (whom have never spoken up in the preceding three decades or so, unlike Bill Clinton’s rape accusers) demonstrates that the media is fully aware of their function to undermine justice and instead focus on destroying people’s lives with clickbait. This is not an America that I want to live in, this is not a media that I want in America, and this is not anything close to justice.

So, from the media which has already been proven via Wikileaks to be in the tank for Clinton, America will only be polluted with allegations of women having their vaginas touches, girls that allege pedophilia against Trump, former reality tv stars up the ying-yang alleging Trump tried to kiss them, etc., etc. They don’t call him Teflon Don for nothing, and Trump supporters have always known he was something of a womanizer anyway. The over-exposure of these unfounded and repulsive allegations will only succeed in driving Americans to other less sensational media sources by virtue of people being too grossed-out and too jaded to bother keeping up with all the new accusers and their respective stories of sexual victimhood. The more yellow the media goes, the more new accusers step forward, and the more stories that are published/broadcast of anti-Trump women making allegations right out of an episode of Law And Order SVU, the more people will abandon this sordid tabloid filth. It’s a sad day when there is more journalistic integrity in the National Enquirer then there is in The New York Times. But then again, it was The National Enquirer that broke the Monica Lewinski-Bill Clinton sex scandal all those years ago when the media was too busy kissing and covering the asses that are the Clintons.

The more things change, the more they stay the same…


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