Living for Whom?

Life today: condemned to being a supporting character in someone else’s story.

Someone said that since life is so painfully short, its a shame to waste it being a supporting character in someone elses story. Thats exactly how so much of my life has felt: working myself to the bone to make others rich and get nothing to show for myself in the end. Each time things were looking up, another big corporate move or Wall Street crash ended my blossoming career, had me use up my savings until I finally found a new foothold, and the cycle repeated. Now, as I am getting old, all I can see having achieved is making the rich richer and sliding ever deeper into poverty myself. Is it any wonder that I have come to question the system that has so cursed me from the cradle to the grave that all my many skills and talents and hard work left me and so many others in the ditch? What was I born for? To be a mere supporting character in a few privileged folks story?

How is that to be a life worth living? Working just to survive is not a life worth living. Whats the point of working yourself to the bone and suffering endlessly? How can any of the rich elite condemning others to such a non-life live with themselves if they arent complete psychopaths (which I suspect most of them are) or totally ignorant of the conditions under which so many of us must subsist thanks to a rigged system which lifts up the rich and dunks the rest of us? Maybe, instead of writing these posts which hardly anyone knows about and reads, I should post a sign on this planet: Dont get born here!

What are your prospects on Earth when a majority just hopes to get by and a minority wants to outstrip everyone else and gets to do so because the majority is so busy surviving and so trusting of authority that they let them do it? How can you live a life worth living in such a world?

Thats right: the only way is to be born into privilege and be part of the callous 1%.

Then, again, there is one alternative: the many of us waking up to the nature of the warped system in which we live and putting our shoulder to the wheel to change it.

Join us fighters for a good world to live in if you havent done so, yet. Wake up your fellow dream walkers. Share the waking voices of this site and other sites with all your friends and family. Become a patron if you can afford to and again ask those in your circles to do the same. At the very least keep reading the articles and watching the videos here. They are meant to wake up and rally the many for a world in which we can all live proper lives.


P.S.: Since the path to a good world includes making government serve its people, here is a pretty good read you might want to check out (on how non-serving of the people our government currently is): Government of the People, by the People, for the People. NOT.(warning, this article seems to be posted on a libertarian site, thus only criticizing government but not offering a solution, and I may have merely breezed through it rather than read it word for word back when I noted it down as a good read... so take this recommendation with a grain of salt... I see good critiques made in it though when I check)



Dirk Droll is the publisher, main writer, and senior editor of Beanstocks World where many of his articles found here originate.

Photo by Marco Bianchetti on Unsplash