Linda Sarsour Is Kathy Griffin In A Hijab

I wrote just a week or so ago that Palestinian/Feminist Linda Sarsour

Was an obvious fraud incapable of penetrating the inner circle of pundits. Now, her “career” is most definitely over. She hasn’t tweeted in over 2 days, which is the kiss of death for a person that deals in social media currency (likes, retweets, etc).

It’s actually quite comical. Sarsour used her social media platform to wish a happy birthday to alleged cop-killer Assata Shakur. Linda has done many, many stupid things to try to get attention on social media. She has called for jihad against America, she has attacked victims of female genital mutilation, and she has defended Sharia Law. That is the nature of a provocateur…to get attention, and to find a way to market the manufactured controversies. I wrote in my article Washington Post Supports Jihad that Linda Sarsour was too low on the totem pole for any of her manufactured controversies to actually resonate, and that Linda herself is too manufactured to be of any consequence. In the article, my justification is that Linda doesn’t get the big money bookings of a Milo or a Van Jones, which means that even her contemporaries don’t think she is adequately talented enough to break through as a provocateur/pundit.

Low and behold, CNN’s Jake Tapper proves me right. I’m unclear about what prompted Tapper to take to twitter, but he tweeted some very damaging criticisms at Linda Sarsour’s twitter account regarding her using her social media platform to celebrate Shakur’s birthday. Although I detest this whole pundit industry, Tapper unquestionably has tremendous clout when it comes to making or breaking pundits. One tweet from Tapper is enough for an aspiring activist or pundit to break into the inner circle, and Tapper slammed the door shut on Sarsour.

It could have or should have ended right there, but Sarsour did the stupid thing and attacked Tapper, lumping him in with the “alt-right” and white nationalism. The optics are especially bad since Tapper happens to be Jewish, and it now looks like Sarsour is behaving like an angry Jew-hating Arab. In reality, Sarsour is furious that Tapper didn’t want her to be part of the inner circle of cable news pundits, and he just cost her a ton of money. If Tapper had cosigned her nonsense, she would get tv appearances, bigger speaking fees, op-eds, and even a book deal. All for naught. Although Tapper’s criticism would have prevented her from breaking into the big leagues of big money pundits, it wouldn’t have ended her “career”, it just would have been less lucrative. Sarsour’s response is what will end her career.

When Sarsour made her idiotic pro-Jihad comments a couple weeks ago, I pounced on hack writer Samantha Schmidt at the Washington Post for her damage control fluff piece that attempted to sugarcoat the stupidity of Sarsour’s remarks. I even made the point that getting that kind of mass media damage control publicity is expensive. After she stupidly lumped Tapper in with the alt-right, NOBODY is rushing to her defense. There are no damage control pieces being written to attempt to defend Sarsour’s lunacy. Samantha Schmidt is surprisingly nowhere to be found, and I’m guessing Sarsour doesn’t have the funds required to buy the damage control pieces after attacking one of CNN’s prominent big shots. This neatly explains Sarsour’s two day absence from twitter, and I’m guessing Sarsour is going to suck it up and grovel for forgiveness.

By now, the similarities between Kathy Griffin and Linda Sarsour should be plain as day. Both manufactured an idiotic controversy in an obvious attempt to achieve relevancy, and both suffered tremendous blowback. Griffin and Sarsour differ from their contemporaries in that they are obvious hucksters, and not very good at what they strive to do. The intelligence just isn’t there. People sincerely do not believe that Griffin and Sarsour espouse the beliefs they market. Any reasonable person only needs to bear witness to five minutes or so of these provocateurs in action before inevitably concluding that these two women are blatant frauds of questionable intelligence.

I even found a perfect example at the uber-liberal The Young Turks channel. Newly-hired hack reporter Andrew Jones uploaded a dumb vlog to The Young Turks youtube channel where he defends both Sarsour and cop-killer Shakur and then attacks Tapper for his criticism of Sarsour. It’s surreal, to say the least. The comments section is littered with scorn for Jones and Sarsour, with many claiming they are unsubscribing to The Young Turks. I’m sure some of that is trolling, but the comments are overwhelmingly negative. In a weird way, it makes sense that Jones would be upset at Tapper because I am convinced that The Young Turks has invested in Sarsour (see photo at top of article). The Young Turks is one of the only channels that is willing to give Sarsour a platform, and Tapper’s condemnation of Sarsour is extremely damaging to their toxic brand of “liberalism”. At a paltry 140K subscribers, I’d say The Young Turks is very close to closing shop for good.

As an afterthought, I thought it might be funny to share with you what happens to a Kathy Griffin or a Linda Sarsour AFTER the curtain has been lifted and the con has been exposed. I had to look long and hard on the internet to find out what exactly Kathy Griffin is up to, and I was not disappointed. After her fake feud with some lesser Kardashians, she is now tragically trying to leech off some of their social media by posting photos of them wearing her wig. I guess it’s only a matter of time before we see them trying on Linda Sarsour’s hijab on twitter. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Linda Sarsour’s sad career as a provocateur is most definitely over.


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