Liberal Echo Chamber Starting To Break

Same story, different race.

A whole bunch of bogus polls, a whole bunch of fake news, a whole bunch of money in the race, a whole bunch of celebrities, and thinly-veiled disappointment at celebrating a “moral victory”. If this is what “winning” looks like to Democrats, they should try to start losing. I mean that quite seriously…start trashing celebrity brats, start calling CNN fake news, whatever it takes. You might find it surprisingly fun, and what the hell do you have to lose?

Democrats are sick of losing. Ossoff’s defeat was an expensive humiliation, but it turned out to be some really bitter salt in a really fresh wound. Partisan Democrats were still sore about the lack of consequences stemming from the recent Comey hearing, which turned out to be a farce. After months of build-up from media giants like Washington Post, New York Times, Politico, TIME Magazine, The Hill, The Atlantic, The Nation, Rolling Stone Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, CNN, MSNBC, and FOX, nothing came to pass. It’s astonishing to think that millions of people tuned in to hear James Comey say the magic words that would force President Trump out of office, and it never came. Most people can’t even tell you what he did say because Comey speaks in Clintonian legalese.

It’s been a rough time for Democrats, but they stubbornly refuse to admit that they have a serious problem. As a non-partisan, I find this troubling since I anticipate a whole host of problems that must be addressed sooner rather than later. Now that the “Referendum on Trump” #flipthe6th has officially failed despite $30 million, Democrats must finally do the unthinkable and break their echo chamber. Non-coincidentally, there is a growing outcry from numerous Democrats begging Pelosi to step aside in the wake of the embarrassing and costly Ossoff loss.

First off, a geriatric Nancy Pelosi appears to be at the end of her career. In her 10 years as Speaker of the House and then Minority Speaker, Pelosi’s Democrats have lost too many seats and too much representation. Just a couple months ago, she fended off Ohio Democratic Congressman Tim Ryan to retain her position as House Minority Speaker. She likely assured the Democratic Party that she would get results in the special election, but they all got away from the Democrats, with the Georgia 6th being the big expensive gamble that didn’t pay off. To add insult to injury, Montana Republican Gianforte was even able to bodyslam a reporter on the eve before election and STILL win. Tim Ryan is re-leading the charge to repeal and replace Pelosi as a major power broker of the Democratic Party, and it seems impossible to disagree with him. She’s very old and several Democrats are starting to turn on her. I have a hunch she will be retiring very soon.

This is where Democrats have a serious problem on their hands. Once Pelosi dies or retires, a major power vacuum will pull in the so-called “progressive” Democrats. The class-warfare and race-hustling Democrats like Keith Ellison and Elizabeth Warren (as well as Indiecrat Bernie Sanders) will make a play to fill the position with one of their brood. Bluntly, these are the very worst sort of the left wing, and the sooner the Democratic Party abandons these racketeers, the sooner they might start winning the white middle class back. Despite what Huffington Post, Slate, Mother Jones, Salon, and the like say about the “progressives”, they alienate the middle class by overzealously pandering. Only nauseatingly idealistic college brats take them seriously.

Ideally, a more moderate candidate that doesn’t constantly virtue signal to minorities, sexualities, and Hollywood is the right person for the job. Unfortunately, a sizeable chunk of the left wing has grown very intolerant towards compromise. They don’t want a centrist willing to work across the aisle, they want Bernie’s Democratic Socialism. By and large, this radical message is not taken seriously by Republicans, and large chunks of Democrats (even the ones that hated Hillary) don’t care for it either. The numbers just aren’t there for the Bernie Bros to be significant enough to win over enough of the larger blocks of voters. Inside the echo chamber, hyper-political correctness and moral purity dominate Democratic political discourse and prevent legitimate discussion of pertinent issues. There’s been so much pandering to specific blocks of “disenfranchised” voters, that the white middle class has fled right.

It’s going to get ugly for Democrats soon. Their constituents are sick of being told that they are doing well despite sustained losses over the years. They are tired of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. The anti-Trump stuff isn’t working and the media bias has reached all-time comical proportions, so there is a genuine need to finally address the concerns and form a core platform that is more substance than just empty “resist” platitudes. Unfortunately, the hard left faction of the Democratic Party is going to make this task utterly impossible by continuing to pull the party sharply towards far-left policies that are too socialistic to resonate with voters. They focus too much on wedge issues and identity politics and never address legitimate concerns, such as immigration and the economy. The usual hard-left nonsense.

Even if Pelosi holds on to power, the Democratic Party is still being sniped by the few remaining moderate Democrats in the Midwest and the Heartland, and also by the sycophantic hard left, constantly pointing out the need to put distance between Party and donors. It is critical that the moderate Democrats not be shouted down and shut out by the hard left over issues of purity if the party has any hopes of winning back the middle class. As vocal as the Bernie Bros are, they don’t seem to understand that their hyper liberal echo chamber is severely damaging to the Democratic Party as a whole. The moderate Democrats already recognize that so much of the middle class has been absorbed by the Republican Party, and Democratic Socialism will not win elections. Moderate Democrats that are willing to break their echo chambers in light of all the embarrassing defeats and address the concerns of middle class Democrats, such as economics and immigration, are going to have to compete with screechy preachy Democrats peddling tired class-warfare talking points.

The only certainty they can seem to agree upon right now is that Nancy Pelosi must go. After that, the Democratic Party needs to avoid being cannibalized from the hard left.


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