Letter from the Editor: April 3, 2018.

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Letter from the Editor April 3,

Another week of mainstream media bias gone down the drain. I know, it’s extremely tiring.

Democrats are finding creative ways to undermine our President, a man who continues to do his best despite an unfriendly media bias.

It isn’t like he does much to help himself, while stories like him continuing to fight for America’s independence on the manufacturing front take a back seat, stories of his follies in deporting the families of first generation immigrants continue to line up the page.

Could we get one solid story about something he’s done right CNN? MSNBC? POLITICO? Anyone? Jimmy Kimmel? Nobody? Anybody? Guess we’ll still fill the news with more junk to pull us apart. I swear if there is one more DACA story...

Meanwhile Fox and Friends continually drops the ball on rising to the top of the heap of respected news; a week of legitimizing Trump scandals with Amazon and fanning the flames of gun control to lead viewers down a path reminiscent that we are heading into WWII Germany.

And Laura Ingraham is out on vacation wondering why arguing with a child continues to get poor results. I mean who would have thought arguing with a kid would have her looking childish?

*strong dramatic pause*

So yeah, now more than ever sensible people are needed to speak up and continue to be the voice of reason. Sensible, Independent Journalism is the life blood of this new era and Political Storm continues to fight for your right to not be controlled.

We will not stop fighting for your right to make your own choice.

You are not stupid.

You are not to be controlled.

We will continue to fight for the individual.


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I'm not a huge fan of the tax cut myself; not that I don't like more money but it seems to me that between the tax cut and the health care changes we've moved towards increasing quintile disparity. I do agree with you on the wall though. I wish that Trump's focus was not so concentrated on a policy that's sure to alienate a neighbor, cost a ridiculous amount of money, and have a very limited effect on drugs and gangs. The economic effect is apt to be lousy too, and if we do end up in a trade war with China we'll be ill able to afford it. I'd rather he picked a reasonable issue and focussed on it to conclusion, instead of this fragmented fight-picking with Canada, China, Mexico, Iran, Japan and others (though only at second-hand with Russia). I know he's trying to fulfill campaign promises, but this scattershot approach in which nothing gets done, let alone done right, reminds me of American strategy in Vietnam. I think he's expending valuable resources that would be better husbanded, for a short term victory but no appreciable gain, a la Hamburger Hill. I hope to see a shift in his thinking from Tactical to Strategic. To continue the military metaphor, many armies have been hamstrung by inept leaders who thought they knew better than the general on scene. I'd like to see Trump get himself some good "generals", tell them the strategy, and then turn them loose to make it happen. Unfortunately, Trump has more employee turnovers than the break-room at Pillsbury. IMHO opinion, first order of business for the President is to fill the necessary positions with people who aren't cronies, but are actually able to competently fill those roles. Step 2 is to tell them what needs to be done, let them do it and BUTT OUT. Oh yeah, stay off twitter too.


Lovely site! Never feel like alienated despite your views

Philip Carino
Philip Carino

I try to be in the middle when it comes to issues so I can have a better view too @FelixCulpa and from that viewpoint, I think the best thing Trump did since seating at the Oval is the tax cut. It can be felt my many Americans at once. I have my inhibitions about it because it could just be another bread crumb policy the Republicans are known for but it works and it's better than raising taxes for all. To balance that out, I hated his idea of a wall. It's cool and all that because it has driven the conversation for him and probably even made him win but stricter border security can be achieved in far less extravagant and expensive ways.


Dear Publisher, I try to be as impartial as possible. I'd be interested to hear what you think Trump has done right, and your basis for why it's right. Feel free to em or pm me if you don't think you'll get a fair shake on the public comments section.