Kurt Eichenwald Has Seizure, Blames Twitter Troll

Im linking the video at the bottom of Newsweek Senior Editor Kurt Eichenwald being a total jerk on Tucker Carlson’s show

It’s worth watching, but the gist of it is that Carlson tears into Eichenwald for publishing liberal trash, namely a conspiracy theory that President-Elect Trump was institutionalized in 1990. Tucker repeatedly calls on Eichenwald for proof, but each time is given a segment of a long and boring story that seems to go nowhere. It reminds me of an equally lame interview I once heard B.B. King give a few years ago about how his guitar Lucile saved him from a fire. It’s a 9 minute cringe fest, totally worth it. Suffice it to say, Eichenwald comes out looking like a total douchebag.

So it should come as no surprise that he was brutally trolled once the segment with Carlson ended. Eichenwald is known for his idiotic tweets that resemble nothing remotely akin to journalism, such as his unsubstantiated claim that Trump was in a mental hospital. The guy generally should stay away from Twitter, but now, thanks to some dedicated (and now legendary) trolls, Eichenwald might have rage-quitted Twitter for good.

After looking like a buffoon on Carlson’s show on FOX, Eichenwald went ballistic on Twitter with something like 50 incoherent tweets. Then, a tweet from a user with a funny Jew handle tweeted one of those flashing light gifs that jokes about causing epilepsy. Apparently Eichenwald is an epileptic. Strangely, Eichenwald’s “wife” tweeted on Kurt’s account that he had had a seizure, and that the authorities had been contacted.

As much as I would love to imagine fat retard Kurt Eichenwald biting his tongue and drooling all over himself as he slumps over his keyboard convulsing, I simply don’t believe it. It smells like BS all the way, especially coming off the heels of his brutal flogging at the hands of “Uncuckable” Tucker Carlson. I’m guessing that either Eichenwald’s superiors at Newsweek told him to bugger off social media or his appearance on Fox went over extremely poorly. It hardly matters because Eichenwald is going to be non-stop bombarded with epilepsy-inducing gifs on twitter. He might as well just stay off for good.

I think we’ve seen the last of Kurt Eichenwald’s remaining credibility ruined. After his seizure, he sent out several more incoherent tweets about how he was pressing charges, that there was an investigation, a crime was committed across state lines blah blah blah. What a loser. No crime was committed. It’s not a crime to have a silly Jew handle and to tweet a strobe gif that jokes about epilepsy. Kurt is making the fatal mistake of trying to inject himself into the story, but he wasn’t doing a very good job of reporting it to begin with. Well, so long Kurt. Enjoy all the epilepsy gifs you will get.

One last note, Bleachaholics: I told you so about faithless elector Chris Suprun. In my article where I called him a narcissist and a fool, I encouraged him to go faithless, knowing that he hadn’t thought ALL of the consequences through, and that he would live to regret it. It has already happened. Chris Suprun has been outed as a Valor Thief. He claimed to be one of the first responders on September 11th, and it has now been debunked. Furthermore, he has ties to a non-profit that solicits donations for 9-11 first responders, and I am sure that some simple investigation will turn up a relative amount of fraud. Congratulations Chris Suprun, your life is officially over. I warned you.

P.S. Julian Assange says his source for the Podesta hack and leak was not Russian. Put away your tinfoil hats, Kris Hammond and Hillary Schwartz. You are both looking extremely foolish.


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