Keith Ellison Will Run For President In 2020

The creation of an artificial post by DNC Chairman Tom Perez for runner-up Keith Ellison shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Politically, it is a highly transparent move. The power brokers of the Democratic Party…namely Schumer, Pelosi, Obama, and Clinton…are wary of another Sanders-like usurper. Ellison happens to be Sanders hand-picked successor whether the Bernie Bros like it or not, whether the Democratic Party likes it or not. Instead of shutting out the hard-left Sanders constituency (again) and further fracturing the Democratic Party, Tom Perez gracelessly invented a post for Ellison, fooling nobody with the illusion that the Democratic Party is pandering to the Sanders wing using table scraps. It’s what I like to call a “stupid move”.

This new false post, called “Deputy Chairman of the Democratic National Committee”, is dodgy on outlining specific duties. For all I know, it carries no duties and no real political leverage. In so far as I can tell, the purpose of the creation of the post was not only to placate the splintering Sanders faction, but also to keep close tabs on Ellison. The Democratic Party sees a political hazard in Ellison, especially after Sanders did so much damage to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Primaries.

But then the big question begs to be asked: Who will be in the running for the next Democratic Primaries? Bozo pundits have used the tired cliché of saying that the Democrats’ have no one “in the bullpen” or not having a “deep bench” (sports euphemisms are stupid). Aside from the big establishment names, the Democratic Party has been so decimated that there seems to be few power players left within the party ranks. Furthermore, the media has wasted so much airtime dogging Trump, they have forgotten to build up the new stars of the Democratic Party. There was a brief moment when Jim Webb and Tim Ryan (both Midwestern centrist Democrats…a rarity these days) were able to get their names heard through the noise post-election as they campaigned for Senate Minority Leader, but their short-lived attempt at a movement was chopped off at the knees by Pelosi as she maintained her death-grip on the party. It was, yet again, another stupid move.

So where does this leave Ellison? When 2020 rolls around, the Democrats will have to offer up somebody…anyboy…to run against incumbent President Donald Trump. Obviously, it would be extremely foolish to again try to openly rig the Democratic Primaries. In hindsight, the 2-candidate field the Democrats cooked up last time was not only an unmitigated disaster, bit it reeked of corruption. No, a wide-open field with at least 8 candidates is the way to go. And one of those candidates will be Ellison.

Keith Ellison is a Muslim zealot Congressman that has waffled on so many issues, including his stance on The Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan, and Jews. He is an easily-persuaded and impulsive fool that ate up Farrakhan’s hateful swill in the late 80’s and early 90’s and actually wrote multiple papers DEFENDING anti-Semitism. Ellison is a vile piece of trash, plain and simple. I don’t care how much Sanders loves Ellison, I agree with Dershowitz. Ellison is a filthy, disgusting rat. And the most heinous part of all is that Ellison and his ilk masquerade as the saviors of society in the name of being “progressive” and “tolerant” because of his religion. It’s the same kind of BS that George W. Bush pulled with his “born again Christian” mumbo jumbo. It’s nauseating.

Ellison will run in 2020, with the full support of self-loathing Jew Bernie Sanders doing his geriatric best to try and con his 2016 supporters into throwing their support behind a radical Muslim (HINT: it won’t work!). This will be an interesting moment for the Democratic Party. Knowing full well that Donald Trump will be a difficult incumbent President to unseat, the Democrats *could* let Ellison win the nomination and get slaughtered in the General Election, knowing full well that they have no truly viable candidate capable of beating Trump. Or, will the Democratic Party be so razor-sharp focused on unseating Trump that the 2020 Democratic Primary becomes a skull-crushing bloodbath between Ellison and whomever Schumer and Pelosi pre-ordain as the Democratic Nominee?

My best guess is that Ellison will fail in the 2020 Democratic Primaries. He is too unpalatable, too damaged, and has been linked to too many anti-Semitic diatribes he authored to stand any reasonable chance of prevailing. Furthermore, his Muslim ideology, for better or worse, will sink him like a stone. Western Civilization is incredibly weary of the never-ending global problem with Islamic Terrorism, and people will conflate one with the other and end up wanting neither. Sanders will not be able to dress up Ellison enough to make him presentable. The Democrats won’t even have to rig the primaries to shut out Ellison, and I would hazard a guess that they will, in no uncertain terms, STRONGLY recommend that Ellison not run (hence the new post). Unfortunately for Democrats, if Ellison doesn’t run, the Sanders constituency of the Democratic Party has no one to throw their support behind, and they have grown incredibly disenfranchised with the establishment Democrats since the rigged 2016 Democratic Primaries. The splinter faction will still exist, and the only way to translate it into hardened Democratic support is to step aside and let Ellison and Sanders get crushed, which will hopefully kill the hard-left Bernie Bros movement.

Who is Keith Ellison? That’s an easy one. He’s a scumbag that will never be President.


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