Kathy Griffin’s Head Rolls

More of the same, which is to say, really nothing at all

In Russian Conspiracy news, Flynn’s books have been subpoenaed, Trump’s attorney declined to participate in the probe, and Jared Kushner set up a routine backchannel.

I wonder how much longer this nonsense will plug up the news cycle before even partisan Democrats get sick of hearing about it. Former White House Chief of Staff John Sununu, a scumbag if there ever was one, laid waste to CNN bimbo Alisyn Camerota today when he asked her “How much crow are you going to eat?” when this turns out to be nothing.

It has become a rare thing to see a celebrity completely ruin their career in a single move. Celebrities recover from all sorts of shenanigans. Mel Gibson, despite using anti-semitic and anti-black racial slurs, was able to recover. Roman Polanski, despite being an alleged statutory rapist in the USA, is doing fine in England. Even the director of the X-Men films Bryan Singer allegedly raped Archangel. Don’t even get me started on Woody Allen. The only two examples of a true “Jane Fonda moment” I can think of where a celebrity is truly unable to recover are when Paul Reubens (aka Pee Wee Herman) was caught masturbating at a XXX theater and when Back To The Future star Crispin Glover (aka George McFly) almost karate kicked David Letterman’s head off because he was high on drugs.

I suppose now we can add a third. Congratulations to “comedian” Ms. Kathy Griffin on committing career suicide for a cheap piece of clickbait. I remarked in my article “The Right Is About To Strike Back. HARD” (published May 2nd) that we were in for a wild summer, and that we were going to start seeing some major bloodshedding in the press.

The summer of bloodshedding started early. Since I wrote that article 4 weeks ago, FBI Director James Comey has been fired, Bill O’Reilly has been fired from Fox News, Hannity is on the brink, Tim Allen’s show was cancelled, Scott Pelley was just canned from CBS moments ago, and it even looks like loony Lawrence O’Donnel (second only to Maddow on MSNBC ratings) is being fired, undoubtedly for his idiotic Putin-Syria segment (video at bottom, it’s a must watch). And now, it seems Kathy Griffin has fallen off her prized D-list, never to return to relevancy.

Technically, she had a right to call her photograph of holding a severed and bloody President Trump head “art”. Unfortunately, the medium she chose to unveil her masterpiece was tawdry social media. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what happened next. Within the first hour or two, she had her feet planted firmly. “It’s art”. She probably fielded a bunch of phone calls from her business entourage to see how her stunt was making waves. But the dreaded phone call came, likely from her manager or her agent. Anyone and everyone that had ever given her a dime wanted out of the Kathy Griffin business. Those are the magic words that will make a trailblazing and fearless artist “beg for forgiveness” and say “I am sorry. I went too far. I was wrong”. It’s always about the money. It’s never about truly being sorry, it’s only about being sorry the checks stopped coming.

This is, by the way, quintessential Kathy Griffin. Who could forget the ironic character named Sally Weaver she played on Seinfeld? Sally was an obnoxious comedic hack that based her whole stand-up routine on throwing more popular Jerry Seinfeld under the bus. Likewise, Kathy Griffin the real person tried to stay relevant by throwing more-popular President Trump under the bus. In both cases, she’s a hack. Real artists don’t abandon their vision just because corporate sponsors threatened to bail, they just go for it. Kathy Griffin stood by her “art” for a whopping four hours or so before she folded like an accordion. I wouldn’t even put it past her at this point to throw “edgy” (douchey) photographer Tyler Shields under the bus and pin this on him, say it was his idea.

Her mediocre career has come to a screeching halt. This is not a recoverable incident. The initial damage report so far looks like CNN is going to forget they ever knew her. That New Year’s Eve garbage she co-hosts with CNN (I had no idea they scheduled these things that far in advance) is done. The word on the street is that Senator Al Franken is scratching her from appearing at one of his upcoming events. Hollywood celebrities are spanking her on twitter. Even Chelsea Clinton tweeted a condemnation! It must be a lonely feeling when you do something to ruffle some feathers, and then turn around and see NOBODY is backing you up. Although it seems too early to definitively predict, I’m certain that this incident will get Kathy Griffin the Hollywood “death penalty”. Her brand and her drawing power aren’t strong enough for Hollywood to get behind her to prop her up. That is time and money that will be spent on another up-and-coming Hollywood celebrity, likely someone much younger (Griffin is in her 50’s). She can apologize all she wants, but she can never un-ring the bell. The internet will never let her forget her stunt.

Let this be a warning shot to the annoying late night comedians with their unrelenting anti-Trump nonsense. Colbert is on thin ice for his “c*ck holster” remark, and Fallon is tanking in the ratings thanks to his Trump interview. Keep it dignified or be crushed.

Here’s a name for Kathy Griffin’s new reality show: “My Life On Nobody’s List”.

The segment that shows O’Donnell deserved to get fired

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