Kate Harding Is A Fake Feminist

Just look at that photo. Look at that ugly smile on Al Franken’s face.

He appears quite pleased with himself as he gropes the breasts of a sleeping woman. What a scumbag. There’s no point in trying to defend this awful photo, no purpose in pointing the finger at Judge Roy Moore or President Trump. There’s no photos (that we know of) of them sexually assaulting women. Some crass words on a bus, some half-baked Gloria Allred accusations involving a fake yearbook, sure. But no incriminating photograph. Just as Roy Moore is sure to be elected by Alabama to the Senate, so too will Minnesota throw Franken out on his sleazy hindquarters. That’s what happens when a Saturday Night Live has-been gets elected to a major office. The donors have fled Franken, so I’m confident he will resign soon.

I won’t waste too many words on fake feminist Kate Harding attempting to defend FrankenCreep. Her idiotic op-ed in the disgraceful Washington Post is an astonishing admission of her selling out her feminist values, which plainly demonstrates she was never a feminist to begin with. The article is titled: “I’m A Feminist. I Study Rape Culture. And I Don’t Want Al Franken To Resign”. Harding’s podcast is called “Feminasty”, and she is currently hocking her stupid book “Nasty Women: Feminism, Resistance, And Revolution In Trump’s America”. It is quite clear from her fondness of using the failed lefty meme “Nasty Woman” that she is of the sell-out brand of third-wave feminism, desperate to leech off the popularity of President Trump. I imagine she is still desperately trying to sell boxes of those ridiculous pu$$y hats.

Suffice it to say, her article is a total dud and not worth reading. The thesis is that Senator Franken’s photograph of him committing sexual assault is forgivable because he is on her side politically. This is what reasonable people have termed “selective outrage”, although the standard label of “hypocrite” works fine. I prefer “fake feminist for sale” though since it is more specific. Moreover, this is precisely the problem with the current Democratic Party and their overindulgence on identity politics.

There is quite a bit of irony in Harding’s article, especially considering the recent re-litigation of former President Bill Clinton currently taking place in the news. The New York Times, Morning Joe, and New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand have all started pot-shotting the former President over his decades-old rape accusations.

When it comes to former President Clinton, he IS the original sinner. His sexual misconduct and rape allegations were settled prior to him taking office in 1992, and there was an agreement between Clinton’s people and the press that questions on those matters were off-limits. The friendly press were rewarded handsomely for their compliance, undoubtedly hoping that all of Clinton’s sordid carnal business would be behind him once he got in office. Then came the Monica Lewinski scandal midway through his second term, and the press treated Bill Clinton with kid gloves yet again. The only true journalist that took a moral stand on this issue was none other than the late Christopher Hitchens, and I’m putting my favorite Hitchens-on-Clinton video at the bottom of this article. Do check it out.

Clinton’s original sins didn’t go away during Hillary’s Presidential run, but it seemed fairly obvious the friendly press were once again uninterested in a serious discussion about business they never thought they would have to address. This is precisely why so many turned to Peter Schweitzer, Breitbart, Fox, and other non-Clinton friendly outlets. The press were clearly abdicating their journalistic responsibility by deliberately avoiding the stinking elephant in the room. It was a sham.

This is also why the second Presidential debate at Washington University was so pivotal. Firstly, the second debate is in the Town Hall format, which gives the candidates more leverage to sling mud and hit their talking points, and thus, it is the most important. But more to the point, then Republican nominee Donald Trump did the unthinkable. He brought Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, and Juanita Broderick to the debate with him. The media treated this as a crass publicity stunt, once again demonstrating blind fealty to Bill Clinton that directly contradicted the campaign’s pro-feminists for Hillary narrative. It was a brilliant maneuver in light of the Hollywood Access tape.

But now a year has passed, and some in the media might finally be hip to reality. Former President Bill Clinton is indefensible. Journalists and the Democratic Party have nothing to gain by staying loyal to the Clintons. Their political dynasty has been destroyed, there are no more rewards to reap for staying faithful. The original sins can not be sugarcoated anymore. President Trump told the truth during the second debate when he said Bill and Hillary were abusive to women, and that is a bitter red pill of truth for a Democrat to swallow. I hope Kate Harding chokes on it. When Donald Trump delivered his hammerblows during the second debate, he supercharged his constituency by telling all the ugly truths about the Clintons that the media ignored. In a nutshell, the media can not make political hay out of any kind of sexual misconduct against Republicans because they’ve already given Bill Clinton too many free passes. This is why we are starting to see an attempt in the media to finally own Bill Clinton as the sexual monster he is, but it is most certainly much too little and much, much too late.

So Kate Harding has spent too much time studying junk academia like “rape culture” and not enough time studying history. If she had studied basic modern political history, she would undoubtedly have learned about former President Clinton’s sexual misconduct and rape allegations. She would have learned that the media forgave Clinton for all of it because they thought he was a great Democrat. She would have learned that this abomination between journalists and Clinton is why Donald Trump is the President.

Forgive Franken? Pardon me Kate, but that sounds like rape culture to me.

A feminist, you are not.

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