Judge Roy Moore’s Senate Campaign

Brace yourself, this one’s kinda messy and complicated.

A couple of somewhat peripheral sideshows are wrapped up in this one. Democratic Chairman Tom Perez, for example, needs to be mentioned first. The Virginia election for governorship, won by Ralph Northram, has temporarily stopped the bleeding. After sinking a ton of money into the Georgia 6th District Special Election (East Cobb County, the state’s crown jewel), Jon Ossof’s loss was a painful one for Democrats. But, whether it be war or politics, Virginia has always been historically difficult to capture. The Breitbart-Steve Bannon constituency wasn’t able to push Ed Gillespie to a shock upset. Although Virginia is considered “in-play” politically, she appears to be leaning blue. This was a must-win for Tom Perez, and likely tested him with regard to allocution of funds, resources, logistics, etc.

But now we have a strange situation with the Alabama Senator’s Race, currently starring Republican Judge Roy Moore and Democrat Doug Jones. Moore has been an interesting candidate to follow, and many events unfolding appear to be directly related to his Senate campaign. I’ve long been curious about the real reason Steve Bannon left his cushy post at The White House, and the real reasons appear to be materializing. It seems as though a deal was struck between President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell from Kentucky. McConnell wanted President Trump to endorse candidates that McConnell’s wing of the Republican Party wants. My guess is that McConnell offered to get the Affordable Care Act repealed and replaced in exchange for the endorsements. McConnell, however, has still failed to repeal and replace the A.C.A. Bannon, meanwhile, has left the White House and has been pushing for candidates that oppose the ones selected by McConnell. It was an interesting move.

Some stories started making their way onto Breitbart.com shortly after the resignation of Steve Bannon about the Republican Senate Primary candidates Judge Roy Moore and Luther Strange. One story, for example, that never really gained any mainstream attraction was President Trump’s endorsement of “Big” Luther Strange…even appearing at a campaign rally…who ended up losing to Moore.

I find this strange because typically most mainstream outlets (and all the crappy little ones, like Huffington Post and The Root) relish in negative Trump narratives. Why was this one ignored? Whatever the case, Breitbart, and presumably the powerful Bannon wing of the Republican Party clearly broke with President Trump and endorsed Moore. This, too went unnoticed, and Breitbart were putting out headlines that strongly suggested that Trump’s endorsement of Strange was tepid, and that Strange was a hand-picked successor of Mitch McConnell. There were odd stories of President Trump recording an Alabama robocall that failed to mention Strange, and other similar small stories like that scattered over the weeks. Above all else, it is extraordinarily clear that Steve Bannon WANTS this win, judging by the quantity and quality of Roy Moore coverage.

Then there’s the allegations. I feel so badly for citizens of Alabama right now. You are about to be subjected to a political brainwashing of the lewd sexual kind. There’s going to be ads upon ads upon ads upon ads of Judge Roy Moore being accused of pedophilia. Your brain will rot. God only knows what kind of mud Moore will sling at Jones before this is over and done with.

But make no mistake, I’m convinced that Moore is going to flatten Jones at the ballot box. Alabama is much too red, and Democrats have alienated too much of the white middle class to steal a Senate seat in the Bible Belt. McConnell himself is calling for Moore to bow out of a race he is very much winning, which means that we can also expect Arlen Specter’s clone John McCain to also make a similar statement to the press. They clearly don’t want Roy Moore in the Senate if this and the allegations are going to become a major source of headlines for the near future. My guess is that Moore is being sent to the Senate on a mission to finally kill Obamacare.

Since the allegations broke in a Washington Post story, I’m not inclined to take it all that seriously. I find it utterly impossible to take The Washington Post seriously until they remove that idiotic “Democracy Dies In Darkness” slogan from the top of all their stories. It’s embarrassing to see it there, and it gives me a visual impression that the Washington Post has made it clear that they have crossed over from being a genuine source of news to something sleazy, like a tabloid.

Breitbart is in full damage control mode for Judge Roy Moore, they are breaking all kinds of damage control pieces regarding the allegation, even as recently as publishing a story about Moore filing a defamation suit against The Washington Post. All this is to be expected, pretty standard stuff. Necessary, in a way.

But I think we all know how this story ends. Judge Roy Moore is going to get elected. If Democrats are counting on Jones upsetting Moore by way of playing the “sexual degenerate” card, they are sorely mistaken. Alabamans have been used as a national punching bag long enough, culturally saddled with labels of rednecks, racists, ignoramuses, bass-ackwards people. They aren’t going to feel swayed by the playbook of an anti-sexism virtue-signaling campaign. The celebrities won’t work, the late night comedy host’s jokes won’t work, Perez shouldn’t bother to waste any money on any of that. Hell, I wouldn’t even bother sending in John Lewis or Bernie Sanders to endorse Doug Jones. Alabama simply will not buy into it. Montana Republican Gianforte bodyslammed a reporter and still won his race, so the allegations against Moore are very beatable.

And Once Roy Moore is in, you can say goodbye to Mitch McConnell…

Here’s CNN’s Van Jones calling Alabama racist:


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