Jordan Chariton Fired And Humiliated

My, my, my. Where do I begin? For starters, I did see Styxhexenhammer666 and Idubbbztv deleted around 10:00 pm

On Thanksgiving evening from youtube, as well as a few others. These two stuck out to me, I’ve been watching them and occasionally mentioning how influential they have become on youtube over the last year and a half. It certainly struck me as odd, they were restored after about an hour. Keemstar made the claim that this was perpetrated by Lizard Sqaud very quickly, and I am very reluctant to believe him. Lizard Squad are not legitimate hackers, they prefer DDOS attacks (aka “cyber sit-ins”) to cripple bandwidth, crash servers. More curiously, why would Lizard Squad target Idubbbztv and Styxhexenhammer666? I do see a common thread between Idubbbztv and Styxhexenhammer666 despite that their content is wildly different. There’s a story here somewhere, but until more is known there isn’t much to say. Idubbbztv and Styxhexenhammer666 are great channels, and Styxhexenhammer666 will likely add to his 182k sub count as a result of this.

This article is about Jordan Chariton, though. The “investigative journalist” at the garbage fake news radical left-wing youtube channel The Young Turks has been fired and plans to sue his former boss Cenk Uygur, as well as Huffington Post for running the story detailing the allegations against him. The official reason given out by The Young Turks, which was read in a youtube video by Cenk Uygur, is that Chariton was abusing his company credit card while on assignment. Cenk skates right past all the sexual misconduct and rape allegations against 31-year old Jordan by low-level fake female reporters like Carly Hammond, Taralei Griffin, and Paula Martinez-Benge.

First Chariton published his account of what happened on a site called Medium (never heard of it before). He must have had wind that the allegations were going to be published soon, so he did his best to get out in front of it. I’ll link it here: These are the essentials: Chariton has been using his position at The Young Turks to behave like a fake rock star. He and his inner circle of left-wing clickbait journalists have been partying instead of doing their jobs. They’ve been drinking in their hotel rooms, and trying to have sex parties with aspiring young female “journalists” from lower-level extreme left clickbait blogs. They’ve even been flying these women in to stay at his humble loft in New York City. All in the name of selling hyper-left identity politics to gullible young morons. In his article, Jordan carefully tries to tip-toe the line between feminist beta cuck and pure journalist. It’s an epic fail, and he seems like a total wimp.

But it was the pathetic clickbait rag The Huffington Post that did the dirty deed. They published two articles by Christian Chiakulas that detail Carly Hammond’s account of the sexual assault as well as a couple of the other women’s accounts . The articles were deleted within 24 hours, but reposted on Medium. I’m going to link the first dandy here: This article also makes Jordan sound like a total wuss, as well as a giant creep. It’s not as sexually graphic as Jordan’s account, but still worth reading.

So now comes the time where we get to burn them. How I’ve waited for this moment. I’ve been calling The Young Turks, Huffington Post, Slate, Jezebel, Salon, and the myriad of other left-wing two-bit cyber news sites “bloggers” pretending to be journalists, and they go and prove me right. The idiots that “report” for these web sites aren’t journalists. They are clickbait bloggers. They’ve been peddling SJW garbage for years, now they’ve finally been caught behaving like immoral jackass college heathens. No professionalism, no true love of craft, just idiots writing about how moral and pure their politics are while they proceed to act like the very people they’ve been calling deplorable.

Even more damning is that they have wrecked any semblance of credibility in the process. Everyone that is even remotely associated with this story is going to be burned. The first rule of journalism is to report the story, not become a part of it. All that is out the window when you have left-wing cyber “journalists” using their articles and their crappy web sites to launch serious sexual allegations against one another. It makes EVERYONE look bad, even the very site that is publishing the material. There is no control over the situation, no controlling the situation. These crappy bloggers and vloggers are out of control and are using their sites to destroy one another. It’s great. The Alt-Right are laughing their asses off at you.

The only fact that really matters is that this is all heresay. Unfortunately, since these “journalists” have been hocking identitarianism and identity politics, the facts don’t really matter. The audience has already been conditioned to cravenly destroy anyone that has even been alleged to have committed sexual assault. Jordan Chariton is learning a very important lesson about lying down with dogs and waking up with fleas. Everything is all good and well acting like a big shot champion of virtue politics until the checks stop coming and the fires you’ve been paid to stoke burn you to death. Just to give you an idea of how amazing and ironic this situation is, I’ll post The Young Turks’ hilarious election night meltdown at the bottom of the article. The sexual assault allegations/revelations make it even funnier.

Jordan, your career is over. Finished. Nobody in your field will ever take you seriously again. You were never a journalist, just a pitiful blogger. The Alt Right is loving watching you suffer such a miserable and ironic fate. The extreme left you sold-out to is disowning you, treating you as a pariah. There is only one move left.

Burn them. Take them down with you. Reveal all the ugly hypocritical truths you know about the outlets that have shunned you. We want to know where the bodies are buried. The Young Turks, Huffington Post, Slate, The Root, Salon, Jezebel…I want it all. All the hypocritical virtue-signaling bloggers with dirty secrets, bring them down with you. They have forsaken you.

There will be no mercy for Jordan Chariton.