John McCain Has A Senior Moment…

I warned people that the James Comey testimony would be utterly fruitless.

Comey lived up to his reputation of a world-class political waffler. He offered little more than innuendo and half-parsed language. For two and a half hours. Watching Comey testify…whether it was about Hillary Clinton’s e-mails, his decision to not to press charges, or his decision to re-open the investigation…it’s like pulling teeth. On the right there is a fleeting feeling of vindication since nothing of substance that was remotely incriminating was discussed. On the left, there is a typical political soap opera cliff-hanger that teases Robert Mueller’s eventual findings of the Russia Investigation.

But I did sit up and take notice when Republican John McCain took the mic near the end of the charade. I really don’t mean to make this article seem like a pile-on since that is precisely what the internet is doing at this moment. Nor do I wish to give anyone the impression that I am surprised that John McCain looked and sounded as feeble and confused as he did. If anything, no one should be surprised. Long have I felt that John McCain is an unhinged lunatic, I am only grateful that today the internet and the public decided to finitely and finally take real notice. In a major television event that the clickbait media had advertised as “The Superbowl of Washington D.C” (I refuse to give this fake news site free publicity by outright naming them), the only moments that had any real memorable or meme-worthy value were the 8 minutes or so that McCain slowly ramble-mumbled.

Even James Comey appeared confused and unable to follow John McCain. Whichever staffers drafted and prepared McCain’s remarks should be immediately dismissed. The thesis they were aiming for with their line of questioning was to somehow get James Comey to admit that Hillary Clinton had been held to a different standard in her investigation than President Trump. James Comey bluntly answered this question at the start by saying one investigation had been completed, the other had not. Typical stuff from Comey. McCain rambled about “fake news”. He even rambled about “that thing”, with his voice feebly wavering with that lots of slurring and his infamous “wooden-teeth whistle”.

I’m linking a video at the bottom that I’ve always liked about the nuttiness of John McCain. It’s an old segment from MSNBC during McCain’s failed run for President where Christopher Hitchens discusses that John McCain looks and sounds like a man going senile, and that his psychological baggage as a Prisoner-of-War warrants too big of a risk to be a responsible choice. All the physical and mental red flags that Christopher Hitchens mentions over eight years ago haven’t diminished. They’ve actually gotten worse, yet he has easily maintained his Senate seat in Arizona.

Obviously, John McCain was using this opportunity to try and somehow vindicate Hillary Clinton from the political and legal disaster she created with her private e-mail server and her dreadful (perhaps even criminal) mishandling of the Benghazi embassy attack. It was a bad move for numerous reasons. For one, even the Democrats are sick of Hillary Clinton right now, so it is pointless to even attempt to vindicate her. Secondly, McCain plainly outed himself as a lousy Republican by trying to stick up for his good friend Hillary Clinton. The move appeases nobody, especially when Democrats are sorta kinda counting on neo-con McCain to help uncover some perceived treachery on the part of President Trump. To these Democrats, McCain’s rambling completely blew the opportunity to do so. Today, John McCain proved that his RINO (Republican-In-Name-Only) loyalties will only ever and always be to his friend, Hillary Clinton.

And now both sides of the polarized and partisan media are taking delight in cranking out clickbait about what a psycho John McCain is. They are eight years too late, McCain has demonstrated senile behavior for a long time now. Hopefully his reputation will finally take the massive beating it has so richly deserved all these years and peel off his last remaining ounces of vitality.


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