Joe Biden Considering Run

What a dumbass. 74 year old Vice President Joe Biden told a group of reporters

That he might make a run for the Oval Office in 2020, and I hope nobody is stupid enough to believe him. The big problem with the Democratic Party right now is that they have lost massive chunks of the rust belt and middle America to go along with their Bible-belt blues and minimal representation in the southwest. They’ve already made a tremendous mistake in reelecting geriatric California Democrat Nancy Pelosi to minority speaker despite the massive losses at the levels of governors, House, and Senate during her tenure. The Hillary Clinton loss dealt a death blow to the party, which should be a pretty clear signal that the Democrats need to break away from the likes of Pelosi and Schumer.

Then there comes foolish old Joe Biden, running his mouth less than a month after the election ends with the idiotic idea that he could be President. I’m sure that will go over really well with Bernie’s sycophantic socialists. Another establishment candidate…only Joe would be 77 years old on the campaign trail, running against an incumbent President that has shown extraordinary guile in campaigning. I honestly don’t see it happening. Can you imagine two geezers like Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders competing in the primaries? I don’t think either of them is going to run, especially since Bernie pissed off a sizeable chunk of his constituency for good. Furthermore, if Bernie and Biden did run, it would once again split the Democratic Party between establishment candidate and socialistic populist.

I am going to make a bold prediction: expect abnormally high turnout for the Democrats in the 2018 midterms. The intertwining of political identity and social media just might have reached a point (particularly with all the liberal anti-Trump propaganda in the media) where Democrats are going to feel more obligated to vote in the midterms, which they usually forget to do . The failure of the Democrats to show up to the 2010 midterms is still haunting the Democrats to this day, but they will need to hope that Republicans grow complacent and don’t show up in 2018. Even though I expect abnormally high turnout for the Democrats in 2 years, I still think that Republicans will show up as well. I don’t expect much of a shift in the midterms, maybe a couple modest pickups for the Democrats in the House, but not enough to have a lasting impact in the near future.

That being said, Democrats are going to have to rely on winning back the Rust Belt. The ball is in the Republicans’ court now that they have effectively won the Rust Belt from Democrats after decades of being unable to flip those states. The Republicans Party has effectively transformed itself into the party of middle class America, and it will be up to Republicans to work with Donald Trump to keep those votes by keeping promises to that region of the country regarding manufacturing, tax breaks, immigration reform, and infrastructure. If Trump fails to improve the situation for middle class Americans in the Rust Belt, he stands to lose those states back to the Democrats. However, if he makes good on his promises, not only will the Rust Belt slip further away from Democrats, but Minnesota and New Hampshire can also be flipped. Democrats would be wise to find and tap a traditional Democrat from the Southeast or in the Midwest.

It also begs the question: what the hell is Joe Biden going to do for the next 3 years? He’s the outgoing Vice President, and typically, when Vice Presidents either don’t run or run and fail when exiting their second term, then there is the expectation that, like Al Gore and Dick Cheney, they finally leave politics. The thought of Joe spending 3 years courting donors (like Hillary did) leading up to his run is amusing.

So where does Joe Biden get off thinking that he’s going to be the guy that does what Jeb Bush, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and Ted Cruz could not do…defeat Donald Trump. Technically, Joe already got a chance to campaign against Trump when he hit the trail for Hillary in the last few months of the election. He even stupidly told a crowd at a rally “I know some of you aren’t crazy about Hillary…” in a desperate appeal to voters. His hairplugs are gross, and he’s also something of a hair-sniffing perv. His Bob Barker wannabe smile just doesn’t charm the way it used to.

But here’s the big question: Why didn’t Joe Biden run in 2016? He had a reasonable chance of beating Donald Trump if it had come down to a Biden vs. Trump ballot. It’s also a question I don’t think we will ever know for certain, but so many of us seem to agree: Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama told him not to. “It’s Hillary’s turn”, they told him. My suspicion is that Biden wanted to run and would have tapped Hillary for his Vice President if he beat her in the primaries, but Hillary and Bill were not content with merely being the first woman Vice President. She wanted the ultimate power and glory of being elected the first woman President, and she wanted to be the woman that all the history books wrote about. America rejected her and her ugly pantsuits, but in theory a Biden-Clinton ticket would have been tougher for Donald Trump to beat. Plus, if mummyfart Joe died (or the Clintons murdered him) then Hillary would have become President. It was technically a win-win for them! Biden was asked to step aside, which is why he is talking about considering a run just a few weeks after the election ended.

If he does run, he’s going to get his false teeth kicked down his throat.


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