James Rolfe Should Refuse To Review Upcoming Ghostbusters (Again)

Even Patton Oswalt tweeted out something brutally undeserved.

When Angry Video Game Nerd James Rolfe did his “No Review I Refuse” videos about the Paul Feig Ghostbusters movie, he struck a major nerve. Several major newspapers (as well as all the cybertrash sites) took the opportunity to pot-shot James.

It was unwarranted, primarily because it was obvious that none of these critics even bothered to watch the video. James didn’t offer up any criticism of the upcoming film other than “it looks awful”; instead, James, being the nostalgic fanatic that he is, used the videos to launch into a well-researched timeline of all the events surrounding the almost-production of what would have been the third Ghostbusters movie with the original cast. This information was ignored, instead it was the usual ignorant chorus of “misogynist, loser, etc”.

Furthermore, the criticism of James was considerably unwarranted because he has never waded into the political. The Angry Video Game Nerd is one of Youtube’s original stars, and the Cinemassacre channel has over 900 videos since blowing up in 2005. JonTron, PewDiePie, Alpha0megaSyn…those guys tend to dabble with the social justice warrior arguments, but James has only ever and always focused exclusively on what he is reviewing. His chops as a keen artist with an eye for detail really show when he reviews his bread-and-butter type of films, such as the vintage Universal Monster movies, the Toho Monsters movies, and nostalgic films of the 80’s.

I’ve already examined in-depth the effect that Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters elicited from the general populous: a backlash of resistance borne out of a mixture of reboot fatigue and general revulsion at the marketing scheme. Some of the lowlights include: watching the surviving old cast dance with the new cast on Kimmel (CRINGE), Paul Feig ripping on the fans, Melissa McCarthy ripping on the fans, and seeing numerous brainless celebrities (such as Patton Oswalt) try to con fans into seeing the movie. Nothing they did worked. The film lost about $70 million. People just weren’t interested in seeing it. And, it should be pointed out that the film itself was incredibly sexist since it was nothing more than a mediocre reboot that used women as a gimmick to pitch the film. Other than Trump winning the election, watching Ghostbusters fail has been the great joy of this year.

But now the question needs to be asked: Did the Angry Video Game Nerd refusing to review the film contribute to the film flopping? By the numbers, the answer is “no”, because Cinemassacre only has about 2.2 million subscribers. But let’s not forget that James Rolfe has been a Youtube star for over 10 years now. Even if his subscriber count isn’t as massive as someone like PewDiePie, James has always been the most credible of youtube stars because of how long he has been popular. Even if not everyone saw his “No Review. I Refuse” video, they became aware of James being targeted for his perspective from other youtubers that were furious James would be attacked for views THAT WEREN’T EVEN POLITICAL.

And now Ivan Reitman (director of the original Ghostbusters) is making the headlines with news about more Ghostbusters films in the works. Here is where James Rolfe should write off the franchise entirely. James (and every other Ghostbusters fanatic) never got the third film he ultimately wanted, and never will now that too much time has passed. Whatever Sony wants to do with the franchise from here on is moot since they’ve already demonstrated that they don’t care about the original property. I haven’t forgiven Sony for the absurd extremes to which they took the marketing of their crappy Ghostbusters movie. Insulting anyone that has valid concerns was the kind of move that will forever make me ignore any and all future installments. Sony deserves to be punished continuously in the worst possible way: the wallet. Make Ghostbusters Fail Again!

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