Impeachment Fallacy Falls Apart

That didn’t take long, did it? On Monday, it sounded as if President Trump was doomed.

By Friday, the media, once again, are wearing the dunce cap in front of the American people. Jon Saltzman recently concluded his Media Rabbit Hole piece by saying that those that oppose Donald Trump always seem to lose. It’s very close to an idea I’ve been articulating for months now at Political Storm, which is that Democrats are being extremely foolish in underestimating him. His cunning simply can not be overstated. Like the dimbulb W character or the folksy Obama character or the caring granny Hillary character, Donald Trump, when he is in front of the cameras, is also playing a character. It’s a character that is remarkably similar to Trump’s business partner and buddy Vince McMahon’s “Evil Boss” character on WWE (circa Ruthless Aggression era 2002-2005, also used the “You’re Fired” catchphrase). You can think Donald Trump a buffoon based on that character, but do not underestimate the man. He knows what he is doing.

And what he is doing is winning. The impeachment fallacy was another well-strategized political-media maelstrom. Other politicians with lesser instincts might have found themselves undone. As it is, Donald Trump has proven that he is well-deserving of his nickname Teflon Don. Nothing sticks to this guy. Two-bit Democrat race-hustlers Maxine Waters and Al Green made total fools of themselves calling for Donald Trump’s impeachment.

Here’s how the act works: between Flynn’s dismissal, Comey’s termination, and the idiotic Washington Post article (not to mention the mountain of cybertrash from Slate, Huffington Post, Business Insider, Vox, etc.), a narrative was concocted that Donald Trump had been caught in the act of being a Russian Spy. It was an absurdist speculation, all to put out as much clickbait as possible. Democrats tried to sell a wildly speculative conspiracy theory and had the nerve to call it a smoking gun. There was even a nauseating article with a ridiculously clickbaity headline about “Whispers About President Pence”. What a joke.

Now here’s the trick: lying by omission. None of the aforementioned faux scandals were ever given any context. Flynn’s dismissal is rarely discussed in detail, the media and Democrats simply harp on the juicy clickbait slug. Most people can’t even name whom the Russian Flynn was supposedly in contact with. It was Sergey Kislyak. The other lie-by-omission is that Kislyak is a Russian; Kislyak is a Russian Ambassador To The United States. There is a wide gulf in making the distinction. Framed by clickbait media, Flynn was banging KGB femme agents and giving up secrets. In reality, Flynn was, as all political players do, talking to an ambassador that was not even appointed by Putin.

Then there’s the Trump card. Let the media whip up into a frenzy over all this nonsense, let them punch themselves out with all kinds of bogus nonsense about impeachment. Then let Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein bleed out more details near the end of the week. Rosenstein, just moments ago, counters the “fired Comey” faux outrage by publicly disclosing his recommendation memo to fire Comey BEFORE Trump even won the Presidency. It takes all the wind right out of the sails of all this impeachment nonsense. It utterly destroys the multitudes of garbage articles that accuse Trump of firing Comey for political reasons. It embarrasses the media. It embarrasses Democrats. It’s another epic win for President Trump. Call it 4-D chess, ruthless cunning, super-manipulation, whatever the hell you want. But do NOT continue to underestimate this man. As for all the Monday morning gibberish about impeachment, it’s gone. The media and the Democrats know they’ve been had (again), and they are backpeddling lickety-split. On Monday, Democrats and the media had rubes convinced that Trump was going to be impeached. By Friday, it falls apart, and he calls Comey a “nutjob” to Russians just to rub salt in the wound. Chalk it up to just another reason why the Democratic Party must abandon the media and label it “fake news”.

At this point, I’m sincerely wondering if the Democrats/media/Hollywood will now accuse Rosenstein of being a Putin puppet. People are no longer in lock-step with the media. Just look at all the red-pilling going on at Political Storm. It used to be that I was the only anti-media, anti-Never Trumper, cynical commentator. Now everyone’s doing it. Naturally, I’m going to take all the credit for it. YOU’RE WELCOME.

“Hail to the King, baby!” (Duke Nukem)

PS Check out how stupid Al Green is. If this doesn’t make you want to vomit, I don’t know what will.


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