Idea: Let’s All Join the “Democratic” Party But Vote Against It!

It’s a devious, sardonic idea:

Let’s all join the “Democratic” Party, which is so hungry for members, but vote only for anti-establishment candidates regardless of party affiliation and give the corrupt party operatives hell from the inside. This is where it gets funny…

I. Register “Democrat” even though, in your heart, you may be Independent or you may even officially belong to another party like the Greens, the Democratic Socialists, or the new People’s Party which the team Draft Bernie is trying to birth. Make sure you register to vote as a “Democrat”, so you can vote in CLOSED “Democratic” primaries, rather than be blocked by the oh-so “democratic” “Democratic” Party from voting for someone you may want to see on the November ballot.

II. Resolve NOT To Vote For Their Cheats! When elections come up, do NOT vote for neoliberal cheats. Vote Green, any third party, the new People’s Party (if it comes to life), or whatever — anything but for the corrupt corporation-funded politicians typically found in the Republican and “Democratic” Party in huge numbers, the ones who have been ruining our country and want to continue to do so.

III. Give ’em hell! Try to take over party meetings, just like protesters have been taking over town halls lately. Stand up to the corporatist neoliberals and self-blinding party lemmings. Expose them. Shame them. The busier they are with internal disunity, the lass time they have to do harm.

IV. Attempt Change from Within. This is what outfits like Brand New Congress, Our Revolution, the Justice Democrats have been saying they want you to do. Replace bastards with people’s champions. Change warped rules. I have my doubts that it can work past a few early victories (which are probably petering out already); but while you’re in, you might as well try.

V. Investigate Their Cheating. As a party member you may get access to election boards and other outfits where you may observe and gather evidence about election rigging, say in the next primaries. Then expose and prosecute, or give the evidence to those who can prosecute the election fraudsters. Once the party knows it has real people in it, not just human predators, lemmings, and zombies, the election rigging will certainly intensify, especially voter roll purges and registration switches. Be sure to check your registration status often!

VI. Drive Them Nuts! When their party base no longer consists mostly of party-line toeing lemmings and zombies on whose blind obedience, support, and votes the establishment operatives can count — when resisters and whistleblowers may be everywhere around them and the votes of members not at all assured — it may drive them crazy! Muahahahahahahaaah!

VII. Be Ready to Leave. Be Ready to march out into another (possibly new) party as soon as the time is ripe to replace one or both corrupt, corporate, major parties with one that has integrity and democracy built in and our well-being at heart instead of that of the robber billionaires and CEO minions.

Sound like fun? Or even a tactic? You definitely must not do this if you are even in the slightest vulnerable to getting caught up in a party loyalty mentality that will overcome your own personal integrity. One must never risk that in a party that is a cesspool of corruption, a party which creates obscene inequality, kills democracy, and makes war on innocent foreign peoples. The difference of the presented idea to the current party reform efforts is that the assumption here is that the reform will not work and any joining of the DP is only to give it hell for a while before an existing or new third party becomes the platform for our movement for a fair and democratic America.

I honestly doubt this can happen (at least en masse), since most of us are probably too frustrated and riled up to try something which has a sardonically humorous element like this. But I thought, at least I could inject a little levity into our struggle with this piece, and… ask what you think, since I have trouble judging this idea which struck me out of the blue myself.

I really don’t know if this idea, which gives me some much needed laughs, holds water in the realm of seriousness. Anyway, regardless of whether any of us take this (admittedly tongue-in-cheek) idea seriously, one focus point must always be at the top of our consciousness: we have massive election tampering in our country, and the current wave of those who hope to vote out corrupt politicians may break on the hard rock of election rigging if we don’t pay more attention to election integrity (and don’t prosecute election theft) than we have been doing.

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