I Will Un-Brainwash You

Open wide, you are about to get red-pilled. Still buying into that Russian conspiracy theory?

Still convinced that Hillary’s popular vote margin isn’t meaningless? Still convinced Trump and his supporters are racist bigots? Still holding out the irrational hope that the electors won’t cast their votes for Trump?

You are delusional. You have been brainwashed. You are living in a sick little world of lies. The media’s campaign of gaslighting gullible Americans has worked on you. Up is down, and down is up to you. You are in dire need of my bleach. So take what you think you know and burn it. Then shut up and listen. I’ve been accurate about EVERYTHING (go ahead…read all my past work, I haven’t gone back and edited any of it). You’ve been correct about NOTHING.

You have underestimated Trump and his new media campaign, and put way too much faith into left-wing news outlets. Huffington Post, Washington Post, CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, New York Times, Atlantic, TIME Magazine…all worthless rags. They have been lying to you for some time now, but Trump’s campaign drew out the very worst elements of all of them. They don’t even do any actual reporting, per se. It is all op-eds, all the time, always with a left-leaning bias. Do yourself a favor…keep reading them, if you must, but then read the reporting from the other side of the spectrum. Read Breitbart, Lifezette, Townhall, and pay attention to Mark Dice or Styxhexenhammer666 (both independent youtubers). By comparing the narratives, you will have a broader sense of what the truth is. Breitbart and Mark Dice are particularly great at pointing out all the fallacies of left-leaning mainstream news, and they function as something of a media watchdog, holding cable news and established newspapers accountable for their usual sins of skewing facts, lying by omission, or flat-out lying.

Stop mollycoddling The Arab. John Oliver and President Obama have successfully convinced the American people that any and all criticism of Muslims is bad. Read or listen to some Christopher Hitchens or Sam Harris (those feeling particularly randy might want to try Milo Yiannopoulis). When you mollycoddle Muslims, you underestimate the Jihadists hiding inside the Trojan horse. The Koran is the harbinger of terrible ideas. Grave and insidious atrocities against women are committed en masse by those that espouse the “religion of peace”. A woman that wears a hijab or burka in free America is insulting her sisters in Qatar and Saudia Arabia that have no choice and are stoned to death for not wearing the garb of oppression. The altruistic view that America is pious for taking in Syrian refugees is fatal. Look at what has happened in Germany. The country is unrecognizable, in danger of being past the point of no return. And yet…the brainwashed among us contend that the Arab is kind and misunderstood, and that we are “Islamophobic”. We are no such thing. We want the moderate Muslims to take their countries back from the religious fanatics that have seized power. That can only happen when the moderate Muslims go back to their countries. They must fix their own country, not bring their incompatible views here to ruin our country. Make no mistake…look at the increasing number of hate crime hoaxes perpetrated by Muslims blaming Trump supporters. Stop being blind.

Ignore your celebrities. Amy Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Lena Dunham are NOT feminists. “Third wave feminism”, the vindictive brand of feminism that sees trashmouth millionaires like Amy Schumer whine about abortion equaling women’s rights. What these morons fail to understand is that there are plenty of women that are pro-life. Abortion will always be one of the most (if not THE most) divisive social issue of our country. Being pro-choice does not make you a feminist. The future of feminism is in the Middle East, where the real patriarchy is, where the real glass ceilings are. The Middle East is where the real rape culture is, where true female suppression exists. Complaining about horny college boys is meaningless. If you are a true feminist, sign up for the marine corps, get a rifle, and go liberate some truly oppressed women. That’s the difference between being a true feminist and being another dumb hysterical b1tch. True feminists take risks, dumb b1tches just complain on college campuses and on the internet, demonstrating no real conviction of beliefs. No guts, no glory.

Finally, you must face the facts that “building the wall” is not tantamount to racism. It’s my personal belief that American attitudes towards immigration reflect the economic situation of America; when the economy is good, nobody cares about illegal immigration. However, when the economy is bad (as it has been for quite some time), then all of a sudden immigration becomes a very valid concern, and Americans worry about the cost of illegal immigrants. In either case, a border wall is necessary for any society. Previously, Americans had just kinda relied on the Rio Grande River to serve as a natural border, but this is no longer a valid measure. The population of the country has swelled tremendously, and with a very stagnant economy over an agonizing 15 years or so, the time has come for The United States to make a bold statement about American exceptionalism. The American Dream has become a near-impossible goal for much of the millennial generation. Think about how well the economic situation was for Baby Boomers and most of Gen-Xers. They reaped the benefits of the greatest economies. Millennials…not so much. We’ve inherited a nightmare deficit ($20 Trillion) and an economy far below the powerhouse American economies of the post World War II era. We need to take care of Americans first. We want The Wall.

Accept god-Emperor Trump as our new President. Many of us see something of Ronald Reagan in him. Choke on your ad hominems, we care not. We want to Make America Great Again. If you don’t, then get out of the way or be crushed.

You’ve been red-pilled. Now Make America Great Again.

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