Hillary Clinton: Sickness and Secrets

Can you hear it? It’s the thundering sound of Paul Joseph Watson, Sean Hannity, Steve Bannon

And Alex Jones collectively looking America in the eye and saying I told you so! In the last six weeks, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has dodged credible press outlets, a backlog of questions regarding her untruthful FBI testimony, and reasonable skepticism regarding her health. Instead, she’s relied on the press to cover for her by being dismissive of her health concerns, and she’s opened a jar of pre-opened pickles with dipshit late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. On Labor Day Monday, Hillary Clinton’s new campaign jet arrived in swing-state Ohio where another small, lifeless crowd assembled to see Hillary Clinton prove every single one of her doubters right by coughing herself silly for over four minutes. Although she managed to choke out what I can only assume might have been her entire speech, her voice was remarkably strained and feeble. This was a catastrophe, plain and simple.

Hillary Clinton, like every other major politician, is often wont to only use the term “conspiracy theory” in the most pejorative manner possible. The immediate unconscious association is usually the most bizarre type of conspiracy theory, such as the alien autopsy or something equally strange. She even pulled this trick as recently as her abysmal Alt-Right speech in Reno, Nevada when she namedropped Alex Jones and alleged he believed 9-11 was an inside job, spitting out the term conspiracy theory as though it were a wad of phlegm cleared from her ravaged throat. After all, Alex Jones and the aforementioned company have done an excellent job of exploiting the many, many times she’s broken out into brutal coughing fits since her waning days as a New York Senator. They’ve also had a good time laughing at her bobble-head and calling it a seizure, as well as discussing the seriousness of her blood clots and the concussion she suffered a few years ago. But leave it to the Clintons to always dismiss any and all criticism, instead always opting to tell untruths to the American people.

The Labor Day speech in Cleveland, Ohio was supposed to go so much smoother. So far, Clinton has come under immense scrutiny for evading questions from the press and instead spending time in the Hamptons fundraising with megabuck elites. Her lack of accessibility and open-access speaking engagements have recently stood in brutally stark contrast with Trump’s high-energy rallies in large venues. Trump is hitting the campaign trail like a boss as he jets to-and-from a meeting in Mexico with the President, a black Christian church in Detroit, Louisiana to help out flood victims, Arizona, Washington, you name it. Hillary Clinton was supposed to make a strong statement in Ohio, but she gave every voter in America cause for concern by appearing sick and weak. After being so dismissive of her critics accusing her of compromised health, she inarguably looked incredibly hypocritical and foolish, even trying to croak out that her sickness was somehow Trump’s fault. Then, once back safe aboard HillFarce1, she coughed and gagged more instead of taking questions from the sycophantic press onboard. Good grief.

I’ve stated before that I think the insanely demanding political circuit has taken its’ toll on Hillary Clinton, and I’ve also noted that she looks and sounds significantly aged compared to her 2008 POTUS run. But now, at such a pivotal point in the President Race, I’m honestly no longer convinced that she is in good shape. Those wacky conspiracy theorists just love to point out that Dr. Drew lost his job after stating in a radio interview that Hillary Clinton might have brain damage, which conflicts with her doctor insisting she is fit enough to be President. Then there’s the debilitating coughing fits, and also the photos of her being helped up stairs, google hiding stories written about her health, the rumor that her van is an ambulance, etc. All of that is fun to go back and forth on, but at this point I genuinely see that rational Americans should either believe she’s too sick to be President or too secretive and mired in scandals.

There’s still two months of hardcore election fever left, including the mudwrestling matches we like to call “the debates”. Hillary Clinton has a long, long way to go before this over and done with. She has a ton of airmiles she needs to log on her new jet, she has countless questions to answer, speeches to give, photo-ops to take, you get the gist. If the Cleveland coughing debacle really was just a bad day for Hillary, she still needs to pick up a lot of slack. Her critics are going to be scrutinizing her voice and pallor for any signs of physical weakness and ailment. Even so, she still will not likely come close to matching Donald Trump’s vigor which has been tremendous. Democrats can be as ignorant and dismissive about this as they want, but mark my words: Hillary Clinton looked and sounded as sick as a dead dog. Democrats are running out of apologies to offer, and it will be a throat-cutting pill for them to swallow if Alex Jones gets the last laugh. Choke on that.


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