Hillary Clinton’s Popular Vote Margin Is Meaningless

J Paris

Congratulations on being a world class retard. Have you not actually thought about what would happen in the event that the necessary 35 electoral voters decided to vote “faithless”? It would be an honest-to-god constitutional crisis and would effectively be grounds for either a military coupe, secession, insurrection, or a popular revolt. People would die. Even stupid Hillary knows that. Your petition, being flaunted by a moron like Katy Perry, is worthless. If you actually believe this petition has anything greater than a 0% chance of success, kill yourself.

So Hillary’s popular vote win means nothing. I see plenty of salty libtards on the internet somehow drawing the conclusion that Hillary’s popular vote win is grounds to either abolish or ignore the electoral college and nullify Donald Trump’s election to the office of President of the United States. There’s also plenty of clickbait on the internet from once-credible (but no longer credible) mainstream news outlets like USA Today, Time Magazine, and Huffington Post peddling this garbage propaganda. This should be a further demonstration of how modern day publications’ elitism is that much more out-of-step with modern day Americans. The electoral college’s purpose is to guarantee fair representation for the parts of the country New York and California don’t care about. To abolish the electoral college would be to undermine their representation in the process of selecting the President.

Besides, her popular vote win margin looks as though it is going to be somewhere between 1-2 million votes or so. Hardly a difference maker considering there were about 145 million votes cast, meaning the margin of her worthless popular victory is only going to be about 1% of total popular votes. If the margin were more considerable, such as 10%, then there would be a need to revisit the issue since there would be a gap in the popular vote in the tens of millions. In other words, when you see clickbait about Hillary getting 1 or 2 million more popular votes than Trump, keep it in perspective. It’s not a “wide margin”, it’s only 1% or so.

#NotMyPresident? Of course…he’s your President Elect…but only for a few more weeks. Not that we should expect modern day liberals to know this (or anything else for that matter). Tons of them didn’t even vote, which is ironic since they might have increased Hillary’s margin considerably if they did. Go ahead and riot, idiots. It’s hard to fight a revolution without any guns.

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