Hillary Clinton’s Commencement Speech Was A Sick Joke

She was at the campaign event in Ohio, she covered the story, and she got it right. Big win for alternative media.

First and foremost, I can not help but mention that there is a serious lack of media coverage of Hillary having a coughing fit. What gives? This stuff was big news in early September, but now it’s blasé? I also have not forgotten nor forgiven Hillary shill at The Washington Post Chris Cillizza for writing a damage control piece (https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2016/09/06/the-questions-about-hillary-clintons-health-are-absurd/) and then being forced to eat his words when she passed out five days later. I have also not forgotten a stellar on-the-ground report from Inforwars’ Millie Weaver.

But the real story is Hillary Clinton being Hillary Clinton, physical illnesses aside. I’m really scratching my head trying to figure out just who is responsible for anointing Hillary’s lukewarm commencement speech from the 60’s to the hallowed halls of famous speeches. It was no Gettysburg Address. It was no “I Have A Dream” speech. It sounds like any other commencement speech of yesteryear, which is to say…boring. At some point, someone with clout slyly elevated it to All-Time Historical Speeches canon, which I find absurd since few people can quote any of it off the cuff.

BillT commented on my last diatribe against Hillary (Hillary’s Biggest Mistakes) that the election was over, and it was time to move on. I tend to agree with BillT, it is time for EVERYONE to move on from Hillary, especially voters. She’s had two big-money shots at The White House and failed both times. Her legacy as a Secretary of State haunted by Benghazi scandals will ultimately overshadow her political career, well eclipsing her minimal claims as an unlikeable FLOTUS and pro-Iraq War pro-Patriot Act anti-gay marriage New York Senator. But it seems that it is Hillary Clinton herself that is incapable of moving on.

I am no partisan. I enjoy balance in politics because it forces compromise, the essence of American democracy. The Democratic Party will go nowhere as long as this screechy bat continues to flap her wings. If President Trump has taught even the most deluded partisan Democrats nothing else, they should at least by now know that nothing…NOTHING…unites and galvanizes Republicans quite like their shared collective hatred of Hillary Clinton. Seeing her embarrass herself yet again is more comical to an increasingly cynical America than all the canned Late Nite comics combined. She is the gift that keeps on giving.

She blamed Trump for everything. She launched into the usual tired Red Scare conspiracy theory. She talked about impeachment, which is ridiculous since every other Democrat and media outlet abandoned the impeachment fallacy last week (Deputy A.G. Rosenstein squashed it with his months-old recommendation). She promoted her idiotic new PAC “Resist”, which is nothing more than a cash grab aimed at picking the pockets of the gullible. Just like how the gullible elderly are conned out of their money by religious hucksters (Haggard, Swaggert, Baker, Graham, Falwell, etc.), Hillary Clinton is likewise conning the gullible out of their money. Instead of offering salvation as a reward, she is falsely offering Donald Trump’s removal, which is not hers to offer. Instead of a hellfire sermon, it’s an anti-Trump lecture. Don’t kid yourself, the Clintons have suffered a tremendous financial blow to their net worth. They were banking on another term in the White House a decade ago, and their donors are furious that the great Clinton Political Machine (undoubtedly well-pitched by Bill over the years) has turned out to be a dud and a money pit.

Despite all of it…the sickness, the insatiable lust for power, the hypocrisy, the ugly rhetoric…I blame the students. They sat there and treated the whole charade like it was a Saturday Night Live sketch. When Hillary made her dumb jokes (somehow, they were actually worse than Trevor Noah’s…I didn’t think it was possible), they laughed raucously. When Hillary spoke (somewhat sediciously) of Russian conspiracy theories and impeachment, they clapped wildly. The students forgot that their commencement speech should be about their future. Instead, Hillary made it about her past. She tried to whitewash all her recent failures. She actually attempted to re-write her own history (as if she hasn’t already done so with her countless pitiful memoirs) right there at her Alma Mater. And, predictably, the press loved it.

It’s Orwellian. It’s sick.


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