Hillary Clinton Parkinson’s Disease

The jig is up, the cat is out of the bag. Put away the pickle jars.

Hillary Clinton’s health concerns are all pointing in the direction of Parkinsons’ Disease. While Clinton’s Campaign Nazis are in full-on damage control trying to contain this information, going so far as to threaten mainstream media outlets for even considering covering this matter seriously, a number of impartial physicians have come forward and publicly offered their speculation based on the symptoms, behaviors, and medications. More will be following in their wake. Hillary Clinton has Parkinsons’ Disease, and she needs to own it.

This isn’t another “right-wing nut job conspiracy theory” that Hillary and company have been blustering about, nor will it be when the Clinton Campaign soonly tries to spin it that way. This is a significant blow of epic proportions, and it isn’t a simple “she needs to drop out”. Firstly, the more sinister questions need to be asked. Hillary Clinton has been flat-out lying to the American people about a lot of things, but this revelation about her health shows a deliberate attempt to once again hoodwink the American people for the nefarious desires of advancing the Clinton family. Furthermore, her campaign staff and traveling press corps need to be punished for their collusion in conspiring to smother the truth. Her doctor is also complicit for his bogus assessment of her health. Her campaign staff in particular ought to be hung the highest for their role in deliberately trying to strong-arm the media as well as the destruction of government evidence. If they weren’t trying to destroy evidence of Hillary Clinton abusing her power as Secretary of State, then they were most certainly destroying evidence of Hillary Clinton’s condition. This is treason.

Currently, the mainstream media is approaching this in a manner that is as predictable as it is flimsy. Multiple outlets are attempting the old “discredit by association” tactic by linking American’s skepticism of Clinton’s health to the birther conspiracy and the truther movement. This type of coverage has lost its’ steam though, because in this case Americans are being told to disbelieve something that has already been too-well documented and is unfolding before their very eyes. Nobody cares what a Hollywood elitist like Sarah Silverman thinks, America is more interested in hearing the valid medical expertise. The evidence has piled up, and it isn’t the kind of evidence that can be wiped clean, bleachbitten, laughed off on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, blamed on A.I.D.E.S., or smashed to pieces with a hammer.

And then there’s the great Clinton family, now finally exposed as the morally bankrupt vampires that they are for the whole world to see. Congratulations to Bill Clinton on successfully undoing any and all good he may have ever been credited for as the 42nd President of the United States. Sending his sick wife into the political maelstrom on a suicide mission for the sole purposes of reaping more political power is a special kind of sick only Bill Clinton could be capable of. He is no longer known as “Slick Willy”, now he’s just “Sick Willy”. And let’s not forget Chelsea Clinton, mugging for the camera with a plastic smile on her face as her sick mother falls apart in front of the American people. They don’t give a damn about this country, they only care about their own personal gains. They have become a national disgrace. As Christopher Hitchens famously titled his book, there is No One Left To Lie To. When the Clinton Campaign feebly tries to deflect these accusations, they look more and more like slimy Stephen Glass trying to convince Chuck Lane that Hack Heaven wasn’t cooked. They don’t have enough public trust to be trusted anymore, and they need to finally own up to the mounting public skepticism. The reasonable American public is entitled to more than just pickle-jar stunts as a substitute for truth.

Now that numerous stories with credible physicians agreeing that Hillary is sick are breaking the internet, it becomes a matter of time. How much time will Clinton’s campaign burn before they realize they have no room left in the corner they’ve backed themselves into? Knowing the propensity the Clintons have for never being truthful to Americans, it could be a few weeks in a shameful attempt to “run out the clock”. They will play every trick in the book, from slandering any and all that have nobly volunteered their expertise to opening more pickle jars on Jimmy Kimmel. The jig is up. The mainstream media can’t cover for them anymore because they are currently taking a flogging from a highly skeptical public and numerous non-mainstream sources. Breitbart will sic them like a pitbull and not let go till the truth has been wrenched out like a bloody trachea. It is time for the Clintons to finally tell the truth.

My guess is that it will only be a matter of a couple of weeks, give or take, before the truth is violently extracted from these political parasites. There are no more apologies to make. There are no more untruths to spin. There is no one left to lie to. Now they must all be forced to swallow the throat-cutting pill of admitting that Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, and Millie Weaver were right all along. Choke on that for a moment. The “conspiracy theory” that Clinton’s campaign scoffs at is nothing compared to the conspiracy theory the Clintons have invented for themselves. They are a national disgrace, and they are all traitors. They all deserve to pay in full. There is no one left to lie to. The time has come for the Clintons to finally start telling Americans the truth.


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