Hillary Clinton Leading Her Supporters Straight To Hell

It’s going to take years to rebuild the Democratic Party after all the damage done by Hillary.

Back from my Disney cruise, had a great time, hated all the other passengers. In an interesting turn of events, I went from getting my news straight from the internet to relying on Fox News Channel/MSNBC in my stateroom. I had no idea that television news had gotten so awful and unwatchable. I was instantly bored with the lame format of Megyn Kelly and Rachel Maddow pitting bozos like Richard Fowler and Kirsten Powers against each other to spin talking points and screech like banshees. I missed my internet.

Now that I’m back I see not much has changed. The Democrats have decided to spend every last waking second attacking the FBI for their about-face two Fridays ago, which is a stupid idea…can you say “another right wing conspiracy”? The most annoying part of this is all the media outlets running damage control for Hillary Clinton. Not just The Washington Post, New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, and Time Magazine but also Huffington Post, Mother Jones, Salon, Bustle, Jezebel, Vox, Quartz, PoliticusUSA and the endless list of unintelligible leftist gibberish sites (basically the stuff morons like Kris Hammond read). Their clickbait headlines usually read something like “No, Hillary Did Not Break Federal Law” or “Hillary’s E-Mail Server Conundrum, Explained” on top of all the Trump-bashing clickbait headlines. A big reason why I want Trump to win this election is because these examples of poor media and journalism need to be stamped out for good. A Trump election would eviscerate all these websites single-handedly, and their time has come. Contrarywise, along with Breitbart skyrocketing, a number of conservative websites have started to gain traction and flourish this election season by being diametrically opposed. A couple notable examples are Bearing Arms and TownHall.

Hollywood has kicked it into super-overdrive. Between Miley Cyrus, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Casey Neidstat, Bon Jovi, Ben Affleck, Robert Downey Jr., Robert De Niro, Amy Schumer, Madonna, Bono, Seth MacFarlane, and all the other retards, Hillary has hardly had to campaign at all. As I’ve stated before (and has since been turned into some really funny ads) these idiots don’t realize that they have zero influence on politics. The overwhelming majority of Americans simply loathe that wealthy celebrities are trying to claim some moral high ground and tell them how to vote, and I suppose it comes with the territory of a self-described “out of touch with middle class” elitist like Hillary Clinton. And seriously…Jay-Z called black Hillary supporters “niggas”, Madonna promised to suck off and swallow every man that votes Hillary, and Robert De Niro talked about assaulting Donald Trump. Disgusting and pathetic. Katy Perry wears the lame “nasty woman” shirt which is a forced and failed attempt at a meme (nowhere near as meme-tastic as “Basket of Deplorables”). Just as the mainstream media will go into the dustbin of history following a Trump victory, so too will Hollywood and all the leftist propagandists.

On a side note: I agree with Stephen Baldwin that Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live is awful. The glory days of Saturday Night Live in the mid to late 90’s is now 20 years long gone. Instead of having the master of impressions Darryl Hammond do his hilarious Donald Trump, SNL went with washed-up Alec Baldwin and then Ghostbusters flopper Kate McKinnon for Hillary Clinton (despite looking and sounding NOTHING like her). It’s been an unfunny trainwreck, just like all the late night talk show comedians. Stephen Baldwin and Matthew Perry are the only two men in Hollywood with any moral fiber, and it took guts for Stephen to say that SNL’s take on the election was a $hitshow. He’s totally right. How has that fat retard Kel been on SNL for over 10 years now? Trump is right, it’s time for SNL to call it quits. The fact that Baldwin and McKinnon “broke character” to encourage people to vote shows that there really is no longer any pretense of real comedy on the show, that it truly is the contemptible “agenda comedy” that former SNL star Norm MacDonald said it has become.

A little extra side note on Kate McKinnon: the internet wants to go another round on Ghostbusters. A few articles from the usual crap suspects started popping up about a Ghostbusters sequel. I’ve already written about GhostbustersGate (Ghostbusters Epic Fail Death Spiral), so you already know how I feel about the Ghostbusters reboot SJW-style and the heinous media that tried to shame people into see it. The bottom line is this: Ghostbusters LOST $70 million at the box office worldwide. There will be no sequel. Sony and their investors have no desire to lose any more money on something that would be cyber-shredded before it even got close to theaters. They’ve learned their lesson. No matter how much Paul Feig and his retarded sycophants at The Mary Sue, Rolling Stone, Vox, Uproxx, ScreenCrush, /Film, etc. b1tch about Ghostbusters getting a sequel, it’s not going to happen. Nobody cares how a handful of brain-dead SJW lezzies finger-banged themselves to the movie, it lost way too much money to justify it’s own existence, let alone a sequel. They lost the war, and it had nothing to do with patriarchy sexism.

To call back to the title, Hillary Clinton is sincerely taking everyone to hell. She has effectively turned the Democratic Party into the Nazi party. By using her attack mutts in the media to paint Trump as Hitler, attempt to tie him to the KKK (despite Hillary’s mentor Sen. Robert Byrd being a Grand Dragon), make him out to be a misogynist because of a tape from 11 years ago, and then paint him as a red puppet of Putin’s (tell me again how Democrats “go high” when Trump goes low?), she and her idiot surrogates have whipped people up into a frenzy to the point where they are firebombing GOP offices, shouting GUN at a Trump rally, defacing the Trump star in Hollywood, beating up and mocking a homeless woman defending the Trump star, and spray painting swastikas on Pat Toomey’s house. Then there’s the cheating at the Democratic Primaries, the infiltration of the Catholic Church, and the endless race-hustling of the Hillary Clinton campaign. The media and Hollywood will go down hard with her since they have been riding the hard road to ruin with Hillary instead of backing off at some point. At no point have Hillary’s sycophants or surrogates attempted to question her motives or the hellish effect Hillary has had on this election season, which is why they all deserve to burn in hell with her when this is all over.

Hillary has pissed off too many people with her lying to Americans, cheating Bernie out of the nomination, and stealing wealth from middle class America by selling-off political influence. If she were to win, there’s a strong chance she would be indicted before inauguration. But moreover, if she were to win, too many Americans would feel that they were not being fairly represented in American politics. Hollywood and the media are so busy trying to convince us that people want Hillary for president (just as they tried to convince us that we wanted Ghostbusters, using the same shaming and name-calling tactics) but Americans do not want her (just as they didn’t want Ghostbusters). I realize I’m making the simile too closely, but the more I look at it, the more closely Hillary’s campaign and Ghostbusters marketing and media coverage look exactly the same. America is weary of the political correctness; in the year 2016, calling someone a racist or a misogynist no longer has any sting. It just makes people angrier. I predict Trump will win, Ghostbusters will get no sequel, the mainstream media will be overhauled, SNL will go off the air or be overhauled, Hollywood will cease to be politically inclined or be overhauled (but none of the hypocrites will actually leave the country, sadly), and Hillary Clinton will soon die before she serves a single day in prison. She is going straight to hell, and if you are with her, you will go to hell with her.

The Democratic National Committee is to blame. They should never have let the Clintons back into politics. As Colin Powell and Dick Lugar have said, Hillary “screws everything up”.

Don’t forget to vote.


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