Hillary And Supporters Refuse To Accept Election Results

If you “donated” money to Jill Stein’s recount initiative, you are an idiot.

Do I need to point out the obvious irony of Hillary Clinton deciding to challenge the election results (weeks after she conceded, mind you)? Isn’t this the same Hillary Clinton that tweeted Donald Trump was “undermining our democracy” by not stating whether or not he would accept the outcome of the election? Isn’t this the same Hillary Clinton that chastised Trump during her campaign rallies for calling the election “rigged”? Hypocrite, thy name is Democrat. Hypocrats.

It’s a clickbait world, bleachaholics, and we just live here. The mainstream media, which has already been thoroughly humiliated by muffing the election with abhorrent coverage, has been shilling out an alarming number of clickbait articles regarding the Electoral College, and now the Jill Stein recount intiative. The electoral college articles are the usual brand of brainless swill about how the electoral college has ties to slavery and must therefore be likewise abolished. I and a number of other contributors have already put that nonsense to rest, but that doesn’t stop the media from churning out more garbage. Interestingly, while the media continues to pump out trash about how the electoral college petition has millions of signatures from sore loser democrites, there is little coverage of electoral voters being inundated with death threats and hysterical Hillary supporters.

But now the media has taken it a step further and begged imbeciles to give away their money (just weeks before the Holiday Season) to Jill Stein under the false pretense that giving away your money will somehow stop President Elect Donald Trump. This also feeds into the retarded 21st century Red Scare. These are the same people that would have you believe that Wikileaks was Russian, fake news from Russia cost Hillary the election, Donald Trump is a Russian czar, and now the voting machines were hacked by Russians. Nevermind that statistician Nate Silver, a hero to the Democratic Party until November 9th, has given everyone ample reason to discard the recount initiative. The Democrats are dying of hypocrisy and being twisted into salty pretzels.

It’s time to give up the charade, Hillary supporters. The sooner you accept the outcome, the sooner the Democratic Party can move on and fix what needs to be fixed. Hillary Clinton was such an awful candidate that the down-ballot Democrats were hammered in every other race in the 2016 election nationwide. Furthermore, the same reasoning that applies to the electoral college also applies to this voter recount: even in the unlikely event that some data comes back that could fuel an argument to overturn the election results, think of the consequences of pursuing that course of action. Even a power-hungry sociopath like Hillary Clinton knows that if she were to truly contest the election results, she would split up the country. There would be glorious and beautiful war, chaos in the streets, blood everywhere and carnage on every channel. I could care less, I’ve already been to war, wouldn’t mind going back. But Hillary supporters are a special type of snowflake that don’t even believe in guns. It would be like shooting fish in a barrel.

And now there’s a story floating around the internet about how Obama urged Hillary to concede the election. I’m not sure what that’s all about, or even if it is true. What we do know is that John Podesta told Hillary supporters under the glass ceiling at the Javits Center in New York that her supporters should go home and get some sleep, and then she concedes a few minutes later to Donald Trump on the phone. This is the kind of sinister game Hillary plays, and when she loses, she doesn’t even have the courage to face the music. Sending out earthworm Podesta to do her dirty bidding with a message that stinks of loser is the mark of the sorest of losers. Then there’s all her rantings about how her supporters should never give up, which has also been echoed by President Obama. Throw in a little shade about Hillary (during her sore loser concession speech mid-morning on Nov 9th) spewing the usual filth about how Trump needs to respect other people’s religions and sexual orientations and all that other Social Justice Warrior bull$hit. When does it end with these vermin?

Hillary Clinton, by not denouncing the recount, has opened the door to a world of hypocrisy. Retards that don’t understand how elections work continue to regard Hillary as their President because of her 1.5% margin in the popular vote, and now the most gullible have opened up their wallets in hopes that Jill Stein’s $7.5 million will somehow buy the election for Hillary.

So before I hear any more nonsense about how “divided” the country is, let me first remind you that it is HILLARY CLINTON AND HER SUPPORTERS that refuse to move on from the election. Trump and his supporters are already looking forward to the peaceful transition of power while the Democrats protest in the streets, assault people, assault police, fabricating hate crimes, demand recounts, and threaten the electoral voters.

Tell me again how Trump supporters are Nazis?