Hilary Schwartz Doesn’t Get It

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I have to use an article for a rebuttal. Fine. I’ll keep it clean, so there should be no reason to take this article down. We are allowed to disagree with each other at Political Storm and express that disagreement, are we not? Schwartz’s article on Trump’s “Unconventional Presidency” necessitates scrutiny because it is so cravenly plagued with ill logic. It is a shining example of a writer that stringently believes the very worst elements of our modern day hysterical media.

Hilary Schwartz doesn’t get it. One of her article’s opening lines makes it clear that Schwartz believes that any and all of America’s military interventions are being conducted for the sole purpose of Trump casting off the media’s invented Trump-Russia Conspiracy Theory. To put it bluntly, Schwartz is choosing ignorance. One of Trump’s campaign promises was to deal with ISIS, and the bombings appear to be the opening salvo of that promise. Furthermore, Trump’s plans to deal with the ISIS presence in Syria have been conflicting with Russia’s plans and presence in Syria. For Schwartz to believe that this is a small part of a wider conspiracy involving Putin and Trump is to dive into Lawrence O’Donnell land (I’ll link his rant at the bottom, it is very much in tune with Hilary’s article). It genuinely gives off the impression that Schwartz is all-in hook, line, and stinker with the media’s invented Trump-Russia Conspiracy Theory, and is incapable of even merely speculating on politics without a borderline-hysterical McCarthyist prism.

Hilary Schwartz also doesn’t get the fundamental difference between a “refugee” and a “migrant”. Schwartz tries to sneak the “refugee” fallacy into her article by insinuating Trump has no compassion for the Syrian women and children refugees. This is a pivotal mistake that many left-leaners deliberately make all the time. A “refugee” is someone escaping from a violently oppressive regime with the intent of either returning or assimilating whereas a “migrant” is an opportunist that flees with no intention of returning nor assimilating. The “Syrian Refugee Crisis” is not a refugee crisis at all, it is actually a migrant crisis. I suppose I should also point out that President Trump’s constituents (ya know, all the people that voted him into office) do not believe that overwhelming the USA with Syrians is fiscally sustainable, not is it morally justified. Let me ask you this: what happens to a war-torn country when all the good people leave? The country remains mired in war and violence perpetually, and the human rights atrocities remain for generations thereafter. This is part of a theory called “Brain Drain”. In essence, some good people must be left behind to give the war a reason to stop, or to at least have the people that are capable of stopping the war. More refugees and migrants are not the answer. Just look at the crime stats of Germany and Sweden and you will figure it out (unless you believe those numbers, like military intervention in Syria, are part of a Trump-Putin conspiracy).

Now is the part where I propose a few hypothetical scenarios. Let’s say Hillary Schwartz DOES get it, that everything the Washington Post, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Slate Magazine, and PoliticusUSA report is 100% true. Do you really envision a headline rolling out one morning that irrefutably contains a smoking gun directly linking Trump to Putin? Do you sincerely believe this will happen? And, moreover, do you really envision the USA actively engaging in bloody and horrific civil warfare as President Trump is arrested for high treason? Do you sincerely believe you will be subjected to months of headlines where every nuance of Trump being tried by the law is covered? I don’t believe you do, and I think Hilary is lying to herself if she says that she does.

Here is where Occam’s Razor slices quite cleanly though this modern-day Red Scare nonsense. It is infinitely more likely that President Trump is quite satisfied with playing these games with the media. I find it much more likely that the media constantly engaging in yellow journalism is actually part of some agreement betwixt Trump and media cronies. For starters, it keeps his own constituents energized. Secondly, while the media continues to waste all their airtime and cyberspace pumping out garbage stories about Orange Hitler being in love with Putin, Democrats are getting shut-out BIG TIME. As I’ve stated before, for each anti-Trump piece that is written, it means there isn’t a pro-Democrat story being written in its’ place. The media is failing the Democratic Party by only talking about Trump, and I think any Democrats with any brains should co-opt the “Media is fake news” narrative that has served Republicans so well these last 6 months. The Democratic Party being inextricably linked to CNN and MSNBC has been a cancer, not a boon. The more that the Hilary Schwartz’s of America gobble up sensationalist anti-Trump crap, the more irrelevant the Democratic Party becomes.

Got it yet?


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