Hello, Philadelphia! Do you Fall for Fraud?

Dirk Droll

This year, the fraud came uncommonly early (namely, during the primaries) and put Clinton in a false lead over Sanders. Conspiracy theory? You wish! There’s proof! And this matters!

I hope I got your attention.

Some time ago, I wrote about scientific proof of our common gut feeling that our policy makers completely ignore us, the people.

Well, there is another gut feeling which has been giving many of us a bellyache this year (sadly accompanied by some people’s triumphalism as we watch our democracy die): theft of the primary elections from Bernie Sanders to benefit Hillary Clinton.

“Wait! Stop!” some of you will cry, “’Tis a baseless accusation! She’s a goddess. Her supporters are all angels!”

OK, let’s see if it’s baseless. What are we to make of the many reports about red-flag exit polls, voter purges, ballot chicanery, hugely-divergent rally sizes, the 2.5 MILLION who financed Sanders’ campaign, the Hillary Victory fund, the media blackout of Sanders, the suppression of Clinton-Sanders debates, vote miscounts, and the price gouging against Sanders delegates in Philadelphia where the presidential nominee will be chosen by only those delegates who can attend…? (Note: If you weren’t on Planet Earth the last fifteen months, you can catch up a little in this somewhat comprehensive article and its links to sources.)

Usually, where there is smoke, there’s fire. But maybe this time there is no fire, only smoke? Maybe the DNC folks are out in numbers smoking Cuban cigars.

Well, as it turns out, a scientific study was done – once again with a renowned American university involved. A joint study by Stanford University and Tilburg University (of Holland), published on June 7th, has concluded: “Election fraud is occurring in the 2016 Democratic Party Presidential Primary election. This fraud has overwhelmingly benefited Secretary Clinton at the expense of Senator Sanders.”

Basically, the researchers found:

In the discrepancy between exit polls and reported tallies, the tilt always went in favor of Clinton. This makes “glitches” an unlikely cause.

It didn’t happen in random locations. Clinton overwhelmingly “won” those states (like Pennsylvania, Florida, and twelve more) where perpetrators of election fraud could best get away with it because there is no paper trail in those states. She frequently lost in the others. Unlike “glitches,” humans doseize opportunity.

This isn’t a “lucky” accident among “glitches” either: The 2008 primaries (in which Hillary lost to Obama) were also investigated and the patterns of fraud were totally absent there, which means it took massive fraud to make her “win” this year.

The massive suppression of Sanders voters wasn’t even included in this study!

So, Clinton’s reported lead in delegates is a complete hoax! And the corporate media selling us this hoax are co-conspirators in the high crime of major election fraud. To wit, those media have long become mere propaganda megaphones for the gang of six corporate conglomerates that bought them all up.

Bernie Sanders may not expose the fraud this year because the under-the-rug-sweepers and truth-deniers are still too numerous, but he is building a people’s movement against our political corruption. Thus, I hope, one day the crooks will get their just deserves.

Now, as for Philadelphia… will the delegates at the Democratic National Convention actually pick a fake “winner” (the actual loser) of the primaries for their nominee despite her abysmal polling numbers, a candidate who is actually less popular than Trump? Will they risk the general election to nominate their corporate princess? We’ll see.

And will we, the people, keep looking the other way?

There’s a saying: “You cannot fool all of the people all of the time.” Let’s hope that’s true.

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