Healthcare Denial 2.0: Meet Our Sneaky Senate

The Senate version of the Healthcare-Kill-Bill known as Trumpcare 2.0 is just as deadly as the House version

Only sneakier. In this one, the denials are better hidden. No wonder the perpetrators kept meeting in secret. They didn’t want their true intentions known; and they hoped to sneak this venal bill past us without us knowing how it will kick millions off of health coverage, price many of us out of healthcare, and thus collect hundreds of billions of dollars as a tax gift for the richest of the rich (current estimation: $500 billion)), paid for with our misery and deaths. (if you ask me, these senatorial bandits all deserve to die of cancer before their Senate terms end, so they find out what healthcare is really about – health, not tax gifts to those who don’t need them – and make room for decent people to represent us) Here is a newscast with the details:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “No Wonder Republicans Were Hiding Trumpcare…”)

Summary of the details: The Senate’s Healthcare-Kill-Bill phases out and defunds Medicaid expansion in addition to the Trump-Budget’s cutting of $600 billion from Medicaid. It astronomically increases patient co-pays, eliminates various subsidies, crosses off essential health benefits, prices out older people entirely (could you afford five times your current insurance premiums?), and eliminates the prohibitions on annual and lifetime benefit caps (so, if your misfortune costs a lot to treat, your now even MORE expensive health insurance will simply stop covering you; some “insurance,” huh?). It apparently is also bound to financially self-destruct, which I see as yet another highway robbery: make you pay through your nose into a system which after a while collapses so you then won’t be able to get anything back out of it when you need it, even if you were lucky enough for the many other denial provisions not to apply to your particular case.

If you want to tell your senators what you think, you can go to THIS link:

and find your senators (and house reps, as well) by Zip Code. Clicking on one of them gets you their phone number and website.


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