Ghostbusters Epic Fail Death Spiral

Everything associated with the Ghostbusters movie has been an unmitigated disaster.

Fireforge produced the video game and promptly went bankrupt. The Mattel action figures were on clearance before the movie even came out. Even the Ecto-Cooler rollout was botched horribly resulting in ebay scalpers. And, most importantly, the movie was a big, fat, SJW flop. I won’t deny that some people plunked down money and went to see it in theater, and some people legitimately enjoyed it. That’s all fine and well, terrible movies do well all the time. But Ghostbusters is a special exception as it, like Osama Bin Colin Kaepernick, only succeeded in polarizing people.

First and foremost, the movie was a bona fide stinker. Taste may be subjective, as is criticism, but for a film that cost $144 million and had an equally dubious budget for promoting the film (I’ve heard the number as high as $100 million, but I can’t find a single source to corroborate the actual number), the box-office tally was beyond disappointing. Nevertheless, anyone that legitimately enjoyed the movie I can certainly identify with. Some of my favorite films include Mullholland Drive, Dredd, and Punisher: War Zone, which I’m sure many would be dismissive of. Fair enough, everyone is entitled to enjoy a film with a higher dislike-to-like ratio (if such a thing ever existed). But a supreme difference exists between the bad films I enjoy and a bad film like Ghostbusters: marketing/presentation.

It shan’t be long before Some Fringe University (or worse, An Actual University) or some Chuck Klosterman wannabe takes it upon themselves to provide a comprehensive analysis of the planning and marketing of the film Ghostbusters in an effort to steal good people’s money. That’s the nature of the Ghostbusters film, it is cancer to everything that tries to sell it. I wasted the time to follow the media headlines from the perspective of objective journalism and I was sincerely stunned at both the quality and quantity of press the film received. In an era of flat-out bad film (shitty since 2003!) the Ghostbusters reboot managed to take the cake and invited the entire internet to troll it to death from all angles.

When the announcement was made that the Ghostbusters reboot was getting a Bridesmaids-style packaging via Paul Feig, Melissa McCarthy, and Kristen Wiig, I really didn’t think much of it other than “no thanks”…nothing to get triggered about since I only go to the movies two or three times a year anyway. The announcement was greeted with universal praise from the press, believe it or not, because I certainly recall feeling the media was being disingenuous from the very beginning with their unanimous praise. Then the trolling began. I’m still not yet certain whether or not the trolling happened before or after director Paul Feig lashed out on Twitter and started publicly stating there was trolling. It seems likely that Feig was initially trolled by a handful of people, but once he responded everything began to snowball. As I’ve said before, if you are a celebrity and you show the internet you have thin-skin by getting nasty with trolls, they multiply exponentially in an effort to steal headlines and reach meme-nirvana. They don’t become the meme, the meme becums them…

If anything truly killed Ghostbusters, it was a trifecta of the movie stinking, the Reddit leak, and the cancer media. Trolls will be trolls, it’s just a matter of getting their attention, which the trifecta managed to do quite well. Before I get to the cancer media though, the Reddit leak is an imperative subject. If memory serves me correctly, the Reddit leak occurred shortly before the release of the first trailer, and it was damning. Allegedly coming from someone that worked on the technical production of the film, the leak gave a thorough plot synopsis while also leaking the non-character cameos of the original cast, and also made sure to harshly criticize the film in a negative light (i.e., telling people it had a queef joke…which it did). The Reddit leak is important for two reasons: first off, it gave away nearly ALL of the film’s secrets and mystique, essentially corroborating fan’s suspicions that Sony had hired the wrong people for the job. But secondly, the trailers legitimized the leak, and nobody in the media wanted to cover it. In fact, as the other trailers and tv spots made their way onto youtube, the leak looked more and more legit even down to the tv spot that had Dan Aykroyd’s character appearing. As the tv spots and trailers started appearing online, people knew the leak was legit, but there was zero accompanying acknowledgement from any mainstream media sources, only stupid virtue signaling.

The only beneficiaries of the Ghostbusters film were the cancerous media that schlepped out garbage article after garbage article after garbage article in an attempt to get in on some of the troll action via providing clickbait. Cancerous waste of internet sites like Cinemablend, Vox, Uproxx, Heat Street, Fusion, Jezebel, Bustle, Salon, and quite a few more that would make me sick to even mention could not resist shitting out a new Ghostbusters article every 18 hours in an effort to get trolls to come to their site and trash the film in the comments section. Clicks is clicks, baby. If you ever actually consider drinking bleach, I recommend you google Ghostbusters and look through all the articles from all the cancer sites. I’m gonna ballpark it and say 4,000 clickbait BS articles defending Ghostbusters in nauseating SJW fashion ended up infecting the internet over the course of the summer, covering such pathetic topics as why the highly-successful Ghostbuster 2 was a “s**t stain” and Harold Ramus’ daughter feeling the need to cyberbitch for 15 minutes of un-deserved fame. God I miss Harambe…

So the trolls had a lovely SJW safespace to wreck all summer long courtesy of the cancerous media, and it was all the more fun when mainstream publications started getting in on the Ghostbusters SJW nonsense. Some of the highlights include Jimmy Kimmel cucking himself to death with a cringy show featuring the old and new cast dancing to the theme. Another lowlight is Dan Aykroyd telling fans that the new movie was funnier and better than the original, or Dan doubling down with his retarded pal Judd Apatow with an idiotic statement about Ghostbusters and Republicans. I could go on and on about this kind of lunacy forever, but instead I’ll shift my focus to Angry Video Game Nerd’s James Rolfe. In a nutshell, everyone knew from the start he was right, and it is ONLY NOW after all the trolling and the box-office apocalypse that Sony begrudgingly acknowledge this and change the name to Ghostbusters: Answer The Call. At this point, changing the name doesn’t matter one bit anyway, but it’s certainly a nice gesture!

If you are the type that believes that the mainstream media were bought-off to shill for the movie, then you have to believe that Richard Roeper’s check got lost in the mail. If there was any doubt that Roeper was the last reliable film critic, it has since been removed. His scathing review of the film was the only of its’ kind among his contemporaries, which is precisely why it was so refreshing. It actually felt honest, didn’t seem to factor in any of the SJW nonsense while EVERY other critical piece could not resist playing the apologist in some manner. The most common narrative floated amongst mainstream publication critics was that the women were great but Katie Dippold’s script was garbage. Only Roeper was willing to call it as atrocious as it was when he titled his piece “A Horrifying, Unfunny Mess”. I even got a little hard when he said Saturday Night Live scrub Kate McKinnon “butchered” her performance and “mugged” for the camera. No apologies from Roeper, and he even went the extra distance by writing a follow-up claiming that he himself was trolled by livid SJW’s, further demonstrating the hypocrisy. After the film bombed, not only was Roeper validated for his tough criticism, but he could not resist dumping a whole crate of eggs on the faces of every mainstream critic that offered an apologists’ criticism in lieu of real film criticism by rightfully stating in an interview that the mainstream media “graded the film on a curve”. So based!

Now that the crappy film is coming to a Wal-Mart bargain bin near you, media outlets are trying to revive the spirit of Ghostbusters trolls in the name of squeezing out just a little bit more clickbait revenue. Currently, cancer outlets like Heat Street are pumping out trollbait and trying to whitewash history by offering the flimsy narrative that that the “social commentary” poisoned the film, which is as laughable as it is ironic since the social commentary was gluttonously paraded by Heat Street and her contemptuous contemporaries without a droplet of shame to begin with. In a just world, Heat Street and her fellow hack outlets apologize for injecting the film with the A.I.D.S. that is SJW-ism.

The losses incurred by Ghostbusters is estimated at somewhere in the neighborhood of $70 million dollars. Don’t tell us a pile of s**t is great when it isn’t. Don’t tell us we are all racists and sexists when we aren’t. Don’t feed the troll and then turn around and play the victim. Dicks OUT.



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