Getting Back a Stolen Democracy

Yesterday, I posted an article which succinctly listed the many ways in which the oligarchs steal our democracy

I hope it woke some people up. I listed 15 different ways from voter suppression, through vote miscounts, to blocking fraud investigations and slandering candidates and voters who challenge them. I am sure there are some underhanded tricks I left out, and – yet – it made for a discouragingly huge juggernaut we are up against. People asked how we can fight back.

I think others know more about this than I do, but I will attempt some suggestions:

I am convinced that the first and foremost action is for people to understand how real and big this issue is and then to spread the word. That’s because a critical mass of people is needed to fight back against such systemic and well organized massive fraud.

Beyond that, voting, canvassing, and donating won’t suffice. Some of us will have to become as sophisticated and thorough as democracy’s enemies. We will have to fight on as many fronts as they present us with:

1.Rally to bring out so many voters that they overwhelm measured fraud.

2.Demand hand-counted paper ballots.

3.Sue when we are kept from voting.

4.When they are denied, sue for recounts and voting machine audits.

5.Sue when the audits are fixed. This can be class action suits.

7.Video-record every “irregularity” we can and post it online.

8.Do marches and sit-ins.

9.Shame the evildoers as publicly as possible, including internationally(!).

10.Become so good at all this that the crooks can feel assured they will be caught and exposed and – when possible – indited rather than fly under the radar and find shelter under the wings of bigger crooks as they do currently.

One of the first things which we can do right now, which also costs us little, is to refuse to endorse the establishment shills the party duopoly places in front of us to rubber stamp (like Clinton and the GOP’s presidential candidates – one currently being the very creature the shills shill for). We can no longer afford to vote for those “lesser evil” party nominees who are obviously members or servants of the oligarchy whose interests conflict so dramatically with our own. Instead, we must stand firm on our principles and endorse only those candidates who challenge this corrupt system. It’s the only way for the oligarchs to start taking us seriously. Rubber stamping their picks only encourages them. I frankly care little which of their shills we get. I won’t (knowingly) ever vote for any of them again. The message to politicians: When I get a whiff of corruption, you don’t get my endorsement!

We must not – like Gore and Kerry did so infamously – concede when we discover the fix is in. We must try to shut down the Supreme Court when it unconstitutionally hands the presidency to someone who wasn’t elected. We must try to shut down the inauguration of a “President” when the election looks fixed and the true vote of the people has not been established.

We must from now on make our stand at every stop, at every sign of corruption, in every state, at every convention, and in every election. We must confront the media, the government, the courts, fraudulent election boards, treacherous party leaderships, dishonest candidates, and ignorant or supercilious friends and family – everybody who plays us false or skips their duty. Let us use our vote, defend our vote, and require the restoration of the vote in every instance without acquiescence. Each time they come for our vote, let us be ready to make a stand.