#GamerGate, #GhostbustersGate, And Now #MediaGate And Celebrexit

Even the Kris Hammonds of the world

Have to admit by now that things have death-spiraled out of control as far as objective media coverage of the election is concerned. How else do you explain the number of mainstream media articles that came out today chiding Trump for his pronunciation of “Nevada”? Every time a celebrity or a newspaper endorses Hillary Clinton, the media goes into circle-jerk mode. Why is it considered news when Hillary Clinton tweets about Saturday Night Live? Former SNL superstar Norm MacDonald was right to call it “agenda comedy”. Why should anyone care what the cast of Avengers or Empire think of Hillary Clinton? Why is there so little coverage of her ongoing e-mail scandal that is getting new evidence every week? Who cares who Kim Kardashian and Lebron James endorse?

Let’s start with #GamerGate. Admittedly, I missed out on gamergate, and everything I know has been passed onto me secondhand. It was the media getting caught trying to wedge hyper political correctness into video games, and gamers caught it almost immediately. The reaction was expectedly violent since gamers didn’t want to see the media readying themselves for a blitz attack on violent video games with sexual elements. When the media gave a platform to Social Justice Warrior Anita Sarskeezian, there was doxxing, rape threats, violent threats, stalking, and bomb threats. The media, naturally, sympathized with the victims, and thus, the political correctness element obtained the martyrdom they craved. Financially speaking, Sarskeezian and her ilk have paid the price. The video game market can’t be penetrated by watered-down media appeal, gamers just simply abandon media publications and rely instead on popular youtubers like PewdiePie, Chris Ray Gun, and James And Mike Mondays.

Then, there was #GhostbustersGate. This one I am sure we are all well aware of, because it received significantly more mainstream exposure. In this case, the mainstream media got caught red-handed shilling for a movie that was awful and shaming those that dared voice dissent (while ignoring the whole plot synopsis had legitimately leaked online). Numerous campaigns were launched, such as Twitter banning Milo Yiannopoulis, a bunch of hit pieces on independent film critic James Rolfe, a hate campaign against Richard Roeper, and the usual “celebrities-to-the-rescue” (Kimmel, Fallon, Meyers, Akyroyd, just to name a few) constantly trying to sell the movie as great while calling the internet’s large body of dissent nothing more than a few lonely sexist nerds in a basement. Then there was major collusion from ALL of the small annoying liberal websites, such as Salon, Bustle, Fusion, Metro, CinemaBlend, HitFix, ScreenCrush, Huffington Post, Jezebel, and on and on. All of them echoed the vitriol against dissenters under the political correctness umbrella of racism and sexism. The movie, of course, failed miserably and lost a reported $70 million. But all of the collaborative media elements should be held in contempt for this; after all, it was their publications, their print, their mouthpiece celebrities all telling Americans they were awful people if they didn’t support what was obviously an inferior reboot.

On a side note, I already covered mainstream media’s failure to spotlight the growing main-street American dissent against Black Lives Matter, which is reflected in lowered NFL ratings. The networks are getting killed with ratings drops across the board. You can call this one #BoycottNFLGate, but I think it’s just another example of failure of collusive media. It fits for #MediaGate.

Make no mistake, it’s already being referred to as legacy media’s “Last Stand” to remain relevant in the information age. Too many people have turned to alternative forms of information. The mainstream media has been showing it’s true colors too obviously and too often to fool people any more. The last couple of years have been rife with cumulative examples of a major change in zeitgeist thanks to the internet and diametrically opposed to mainstream news. Like I’ve said before, the mainstream media exists now only to be stripped apart for bias by a flood of the emerging new forms of media and information consumption. Here’s some examples:

Breitbart, Info Wars, The Young Turks, The Drudge Report, Mark Dice, 1791L, Ben Shapiro, The Daily Wire, The Next News Network, just to name a few of the more top-heavy examples. Even Political Storm and the myriad of many small similar outlets represent alternative methods of mass media consumption. Between these newer and fresher approaches to media consumption you are looking at somewhere in the neighborhood of tens of millions of people consuming media differently. Breitbart alone has 32 million readers. Often times, these publications/videos expose examples of blatant media bias (most recently, CBS editing Bill Clinton admitting Hillary faints “frequently”, or CNN editing the Milwaukee shooting victims’ sister telling neighbors to “burn white suburbs”), but they also serve to break news stories or interpret events in stark contrast to mainstream media. The facts alone that these new sources exist, that they have grown, and that they are an emerging part of the new cyber zeitgeist should alone be a rude awakening that the mainstream media has failed. If the mainstream media had properly served public interest, they would remain the empire that they are with significant control over the market. They have lost control of the market, and are ebbing away.

The telegraph was once the great medium of information. Radio had its’ heyday. The television era had a strong run. The internet is king now, because it offers everyone something that none of its’ predecessors offered: Unlimited Choice. Cable bundles were never a la carte, which is why nobody has them anymore. The new emerging online media is steadily on the way to becoming the preferred choice of the cyber consumer. This is why there is such a massive effort by mainstream media to promote Hillary Clinton…because the internet HATES her. The internet has well documented all of her and her husbands’ sins all too well, but the legacy media refuses to acknowledge this, instead only wants to try and scare people into voting for her by a large-scale collaborative anti-Trump message. Instead of covering Hillary Clinton the way the internet would like for her to be covered, the media has decided to treat her and her awful family with kid gloves while vilifying the Trumps. It was plain as the cup of Chlorox in your mouth that Mike Pence annihilated that ugly mutant Tim Kaine in the debate, but the media steadily refused to acknowledge it.

If history has taught us anything through #GamerGate and #GhostbustersGate, it is that #MediaGate will also not achieve the desired result of winning it’s agenda, which is to get Hillary Clinton elected. Her rallies are small and lifeless, she can’t find hardly any volunteers, her campaign offices are small, the youth hate her, the military hates her, vets hate her, the police hate her, and the internet hates her. The internet loves Trump. The media insists that the majority of polls show her winning, but recently Gravis polls as well as the pin-point accuracy of the USC poll (formerly called The Rand Poll) shows Trump ahead. It’s bewildering, and my best guess is that the polls are likely oversampling democrats while also failing to account for voter enthusiasm, likely voters, etc. Hillary is not expected to get the voter turnout that Obama got (his constituency was highly energized compared to Hillary’s), but the media is insisting that she is ahead, just as they insisted video games were too violent and too gory and sexist, just as they insisted that Ghostbusters was the next Titanic. #MediaGate is a bigger fish, and as Sherriff David Clarke said, “It must be slayed”. I look forward to writing the epitaph of Hollywood and Main Stream Media when this is all over, but that is only if we get the desired result. Should Hillary win, we may be stuck with 4 more years of terrible journalism and celebrities, but the good news is the resistance against them will multiple exponentially with every compounded failure.

This new cyber zeitgeist that is anti-P.C. isn’t going anywhere by the way. How ironic is it that the Democratic party, for all of its’ perceived “progressivism”, has become the party of the uncool lunchtable. It is in perpetual victimhood and fabricated outrage, it is unwavering and always seeking to crush free speech, rebellions, and whistleblowers, like a communist dictator. Hillary Clinton has become Joseph McCarthy, witchhunting anti-P.C. the way that McCarthy witchhunted communists. The mainstream media has fallen in line with this by seizing upon and doubling down her attacks on Trump and his supporters, almost exclusively under the banner of “he isn’t politically correct, he says mean things”, while giving Hillary Clinton a pass on all her racist gaffs, stolen wealth, and criminal acts. This media sin, if it is purged in Novemeber, will be punished. Instead of covering all the relevant information about Hillary Clinton, the mainstream media and Hollywood have collaborated to make her look like a saint and Donald Trump evil. Nevermind that all of Hollywood and mainstream media is 1-percenters, the internet already knows all this.

And the best part: the anti-P.C. movement isn’t going anywhere. Kids watch Minecraft videos on youtube, eventually graduate to PewdiePie, LeafyIsHere, Filthy Frank, Idubbbztv, or what have you. They learn to love anti-P.C. culture from a young age and become disaffected by mass media perceived racism. They are going to grow up more judicious than the idiotic zombies (most of them ice-age baby boomers that need to die) that have made this world a dumber place for all of us. If Trump wins, it will be a crushing blow for Hollywood, socially regressive political correctness, idiot baby boomers, and mainstream media. It is long overdue. It is….inevitable…

How many Hillary Clinton lawn signs have you seen? I live in deep blue Connecticut, I’ve seen plenty of Bernie Sanders signs, Trump signs, and Hillary 4 Prison signs, but the StrongerTogether sign is nowhere to be found here. I find this odd because I remember PLENTY of Hope And Change signs, Obama Biden signs from years past. Apparently, I’m not the only one, I’ve been reading about lack of Hillary lawn signs all over the place. What is happening here? America is growing more and more detached from the annoying and toxic cult of celebrities, and it’s about time for CELEBrexit. My final wisdom to those Bleachaholics that need to be talked off the ledge for now is this: the public’s confidence in the media is at an all time low, and many get their news from alternative online sources. The mainstream media said Brexit wouldn’t happen, and they were wrong. They mainstream media said the Colombians would have a peace deal with the drug cartels, and they didn’t. Now, celebrities and Hollywood are telling us that Hillary Clinton is going to win the Presidency. How many Hillary lawn signs have you seen?

But then again, I don’t live next door to Lebron James, Kim Kardashian, the cast of West Wing, Robert Downey Junior, etc…I don’t reckon you do either…