How hilarious is this? Only a week ago countless partisan media outlets and pundits couldn’t stop fawning over

What a tremendous hero Arizona Republican Senator John McCain is, and now they hate his guts. TIME Magazine even went so far as to dig up a nauseating video of McCain sticking up for Obama during the 2008 Presidential Debate. It makes me want to puke, so I’m going to include MY favorite John McCain video from the 2008 debates at the bottom (ENJOY!). I made sure to cover the onslaught of pro-McCain fluff pieces in my article about the Washington Post faking their comments section. I’ve stuck to my guns about “Maverick” John McCain. He’s a scumbag career politician that can always be counted on to do the wrong thing. He’s looked and sounded crazy since 2008, beat the drums of war too loud and too often, and is now 80 years old with brain cancer.

But nobody wanted to say ANY of these things as recently as yesterday. Nope, nothing more but sickening piety and stupidity for the former Navy pilot Launchpad McQuack. His petty feud with President Trump during the 2016 election and well after gave the simpleton bloggers that comprise the modern day mainstream media the false illusion that he would turn out to be the deciding “no” vote in a tightly-contested Senate motion to open debate in the Senate about a clean repeal of former President Obama’s Affordable Care Act (aka, Obamacare). This is another classic example of our idiotic blogger media misleading the Democratic Party. First, it was Hillary’s assured victory. Then it was Maddow’s Trump Tax returns dud. Then the Ossoff special election failure in the Georgia 6th. Now it’s “Maverick” John McCain turning around and giving Democrats the finger by casting the deciding Obamacare vote in the Senate against the Democrats.

Technically, Vice President Pence fulfilled his duty of being the tiebreaker in the Senate, and thus casting the true “deciding vote”. But I’m not going to pass up an opportunity to remind people what a crook John McCain is. To be honest, I actually thought that he would cast the deciding vote against the motion. He’s a snake and always seems to only vote for arming militias in third world countries. Who knows? Maybe the doctors that were handling Frankengeezer’s tumor gave him a lobotomy and cured his insanity, but I doubt it. They are doctors, not miracle workers.

The irony is too sweet to pass up. Before the votes were cast and counted, John McCain’s praises were being sung all around the echo chamber. Some of the most repulsive headlines include (but are not limited to): “John McCain Is A Man Of Supreme Resolve And Honor” by The Washington Post, “This Is What Honor Truly Looks Like” by NewsWeek, “He’s A Fighter” by The Atlantic, and so on. Sporting his new Frankengeezer scar, he even gave another typical slurred and pointless rant that the media instantly canonized as “inspirational” with one clickbait tabloid even used the atrocious word “Sorkinesque” (yuck). The whole farce stunk of self-indulgence.

Then the votes came in. It turns out scarface from Arizona voted along the party line. His vote was the difference-maker, and he let the media down, which resulted in the media letting Democrats down (again). Now the floodgates have opened, and the left-wing wraith has been unleashed in the form of snarky tweets and petty articles. The simpleton bloggers that constitute our modern day mainstream media were actually dumb enough to put their faith in John McCain. Any reasonable non-partisan, such as yours truly, learned a long time ago to never put any faith in that imbecile. Enjoy that crow, Washington Post, Huffington Post, New York Times, etc.

Now, if we can’t agree on anything, can we at least agree that we all despise John McCain? Right-leaners have hated this man for years because of his infatuation with arming rebel groups in foreign countries, and now left-leaners should embrace McCain with ALL of their hatred since he just screwed them on the Obamacare vote.

Or better yet…can’t we all just at least agree that an 80-year old Frankengeezer with brain cancer doesn’t need to be making ANY decisions about our healthcare?

A Maverick, he is not…

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Linda mehran

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