Do You Like Money in Politics?, You’ll Love This: The Pro-Corruption

It has happened. While most of our eyes were on Trump’s un-American travel ban

The governor and legislature of South Dakota committed a Coup d’État against their own people by brazenly repealing the anti-corruption law placed upon them by their people via a ballot initiative on November 8, a mere three months ago. It was to keep the thieves in office honest. So, acting as their own judge and jury, the thieves just repealed it.

This is what happens when we allow ourselves to be governed by thieves. Wait for a re-enactment of this spectacle in your own state.

I have often written about the evils stemming from the “robber billionaires”, as I call the old-money tycoons who are born into the possession of business empires which allow them to leech off the rest of us through their entire lives without ever spending a day working. Yes, they are bad. Some of them, like the Koch Brothers, use their wealth to buy up all our government officials to rig the game to their liking. Still, many probably leave the evil dealings to their corporations’ CEOs. Those CEOs, and the corrupt politicians they pay off, are probably the ones who most often commit the outrageous acts of corruption, which not only maintain the rigging to keep up the status quo of a system rigged against the non-rich working people, but do their utmost to make the rigging worse and worse so they can get rich quicker and quicker. You may think of them as the mugger millionaires working hard to join the robber billionaires.

And, boy, have they been on a roll since 1978, when they managed to make it “legal” to bribe our politicians. We are now at a point where CEOs are, on average, “earning” 300 times what their average workers earn. They, and the board of directors, vote for each other’s pay raises and have even pushed aside many stockholders, making them unable to vote on these pay raises and rigged rules. Yep, another coup. It’s what we call corporatism, a system where all the important economic and political decisions are made behind closed corporate doors, where the corporate CEOs and their minions in politics rob us blind.

And just how blind they rob us: while all our peer nations can afford all sorts of “nice things” like health care for everybody and free education all the way through university, we are paying half of our taxes into million dollar toilet seats on fighter jets and foreign military adventures that further enrich a gang of war profiteers. When we are lucky enough to buy a house, we pay the mortgage twice over to the banksters who do little but watch the rubles roll in and pass any risk off to the taxpayer. As renters we don’t escape this either — we simply pay the banks’ loan gouging for our landlords as part of our rent. And our health care system – instead of making our health its priority – emphasizes huge profits for insurance companies and Big Pharma. That’s why we pay twice as much for health care as the folks in our peer nations, while getting lesser service and regular outages for many of us as we hop from job to job or gig to gig. And, as far as earning our pay is concerned, from whose paychecks do you think those multi-million dollar salaries for our CEOs are collected prior to writing them? And, last, but not least, with all the propaganda we have been fed by the well-bribed accomplices in politics and the press, many of us actually believe we couldn’t afford what all our peers have and regard these things as some sort of pipe dreams by lazy people who want “free stuff” they didn’t work for when most of us do indeed work hard for it, but the money is siphoned off elsewhere by the crooks who write the rules. That’s what I call blind.

So, why are you and I unable to get a foot on dry land despite our whole lives spent working hard? Because we keep getting robbed.

The way things are heating up is the reason I am constantly reminded of Chris Hedges’ warning that the final stage of empire is when all pretense at democracy and fairness is put aside and an uninhibited orgy of looting ensues unabashed.

This is why I keep telling everybody that our waking up and fighting back is extremely urgent. It’s the eleventh hour and we must turn this ship around before we pass the point of no return when the predictions of George Orwell and Aldous Huxley not only continue to come true, but take roots too deep to dig up., which organized the ballot initiative in South Dakota, is asking for help to throw up another fight against South Dakota’s governmental corruption and continue their fight for anti-corruption laws across the country: click here if you wish to help.

Meanwhile Wolf PAC continues to build towards a Free and Fair Elections Amendment to our Constitution.

Similar links of interest if you are ready for change are: BrandNewCongress, Our Revolution, The Justice Democrats, Swing Left, the Berniecrats Network,WatchTheVoteUSA, and perhaps even my own nonpartisan idea which has yet to catch on: the American People’s Coalition.

If your comfort zone is on the traditionally “conservative” side and some of the above links brim too much with traditionally “liberal” ideas (please heed my warning that these are typically divisive issues planted into our minds to divide us), and you know of less “liberal” efforts to end the rigging, please let me know, and I will list them, too, in the future (if they hold water). is very nonpartisan, by the way. The American Anti-Corruption Act they are pushing was crafted by Republican former Federal Election Commission chairman Trevor Potter in consultation with dozens of contributors from across the political spectrum. We really need to put aside our divisive side issues and focus on what we all want: money out of politics; a working democracy; an end to our systemic corruption; and a fairer economy which works for all of us.

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