Diamond And Silk DeMonetized

So much for Google’s “pro-diversity” lip service.

Two pro-Trump black women aren’t allowed to make money by discussing politics on Google’s youtube. Google/youtube’s campaign to squeeze controversial opinions out of major social media platforms has unfortunately now ensnared the inoffensive Diamond and Silk. I like Diamond and Silk. They are two of the funniest political ranters on youtube, they’ve campaigned with President Trump, and they’ve been on mainstream networks. To top it off, their videos have been a staple here on PoliticalStorm.com since the election season. Although I know that they post their videos on numerous platforms, I’ve always been charmed that their videos are the only videos posted on Political Storm by any significant political figure. It’s endearing to me.

I’ve checked their videos, their material is in no way offensive. Apparently, they’ve hired a legal team and I expect that they will soon be remonetized, but I find this pattern troubling. Which part of their material is considered “offensive” to the point that it must be demonetized? Was it because they talked about how idiotic mainstream news pundits (like Morning Joe’s Mike and Joe Scarborough) are? Was it because of their passionate pro-Trump stance in the videos? Was it because they spoke at some of his campaign events? I sincerely am curious for an explanation.

There only appears to be a handful of logical conclusions. Firstly and most obviously is that google doesn’t want conservative black women to have a platform because blacks are supposed to be homogenous and support Democrats. Another safe assumption is that support for President Trump is being conflated by media outlets as somehow being equivalent to hate speech and racism, but this assumption is rife with contradictions (especially since Diamond and Silk are black). A more simplistic explanation is that they campaigned with President Trump, and Google wants to minimize the exposure of Trump’s most appealing black supporters.

I’m going to settle on an alternative and more sinister explanation. Google doesn’t want Diamond and Silk talking about Charlottesville. The narrative that is dominating clickbait media right now is that President Trump is an evil racist, and Diamond and Silk have an opportunity to expand their brand exponentially by crushing this narrative. Google doesn’t want that. Demonetize and demonize. But remember…Google is all about diversity, even if it means firing people with controversial opinions or demonetizing videos that support the President. Has google ever googled “diversity”?

Let this be a warning to the pro-media anti-Trump lemmings that pollute Political Storm with their pseudo-clickbait. You thought you were fighting fascists, but you were turned into one instead.

And now you’re too stupid to know the difference.


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