Democrats Should Dump Media And Hollywood

When pundits recently broke an inane story about polls showing the media were more trusted than Trump, I chuckled.

The same polls that predicted a Hillary presidency? With over 300 electoral votes? And, my personal favorite doozy, the same polls that had Utah, Texas, Georgia, and Arizona all going blue?

It’s a rhetorical question, of course. Polls are meaningless. The only election poll that ended up being accurate was the USC/L.A. Times poll (Donald Trump deliberately mentioned this at CPAC), and they base their findings off of repeated findings of the same sample. In any case, the answer is “no”, the people don’t trust massive media outlets any more than they trust the President. Why should they? Google News has been overrepresenting a handful of Anti-Trump outlets for the last 7 months at least. Open up your browser to Google News (with cookies disabled) and you will note a typical Google News front page includes up to 4 or 5 Washington Post articles, 3 or 4 New York Times articles, 2 or 3 Atlantic articles and USA Today articles, and usually Time Magazine’s feed will appear on the sidebar. And, as always, they all appear to be collectively engaged in a game of “who can spin a story against Trump the hardest”.

For what it’s worth, even though I voted for the guy, I do believe he should be held accountable for fulfilling his campaign promises. But this is an impossible task when there is such a massive flood of poorly written op-eds constantly dominating the news cycle. Furthermore, this has the added effect of jading people that will eventually turn to alternative news sources. It’s beyond overkill. The biggest problem is that the media has taken the bait hook, line, and sinker and bought into Donald Trump’s media antagonism. If there were any dignity at all in the profession, they would let it roll off of them. However, the clowns that run these major outlets and networks are content to get a juicy piece of clickbait because, as it turns out, the media vs Trump feud is how the media is making money these days. It’s all the rage, people can’t get enough of it. President Trump has successfully turned American politics and political journalism into the WWE.

In short, the media is loving President Trump. Or at least loving to hate President Trump. And where has this gotten the Democratic Party? Nowhere. They’ve become the stale babyface when the crowd is going bananas for a Stone Cold Steve Austin anti-hero. They are boring and uninteresting. They continue to pander to identity politics while being caught between a rock and a hard place. They are almost completely out of power, and they can’t seem to figure out if they want to pander to the youth vote with hard-left Sanders supporters or stick with power-players Pelosi and Schumer. They can’t have both. At this point, what the hell do they have to lose, anyway? The Democrats should go full-throttle anti-media. The Trump vs Media narrative is doing so well to energize Trump’s supporters and demoralize Democrats that are inextricably linked to the networks that “support” them. But truthfully…how much are the networks actually supporting the Democrats these days? With all the lucrative anti-Trump coverage, he continues to succeed, and the Democrats get EVEN LESS airtime! Turning the media into “the enemy of the American people” has done nothing to help the Democrats, networks be damned.

And while we’re at it, Hollywood hasn’t done a hell of a whole lot for the Democrats either. Seeing Madonna and Ashley Judd makes total fools out of themselves has only invigorated Trump’s supporters. They are likewise feeding off of the Trump vs Hollywood feud. Again, it is another lose-lose situation for the Democrats. The era of celebrity activism has been insufferable and incredibly tacky, I see it ending relatively soon in the future. Like all things, Americans become bored with things once the newness wears off. Soon, nobody is going to give a rat’s @$$ what Beyonce thinks of the Supreme Court, they just want her to shut up and erotically convulse to music. Likewise, Americans will grow tired of hearing the media whine about Trump hating CNN and Washington Post. If I were a Democrat, I’d want to see the party distance themselves away from tacky Hollywood and Media. It hasn’t done them any good lately.