Democrats And Media Risking Too Much On Russia Conspiracy Theory

Russia, Russia, Russia. It’s all the Democrats and the media want to talk about these days.

If you foolishly believe what you read on the internet or see on tv, then you live in a world where the Soviet Union has risen to power, co-opted the American President, and is going to start a nuclear war with…someone. This conspiracy theory has warped American political coverage, but I am not terribly convinced that a great deal of Americans actually believe it. Nina Turner, a Bernie Sanders supporter, recently appeared as a pundit on a major network and said all the Democrats she knew were more concerned about getting the economy back on track. Time and time again…it’s the economy, stupid. Why should rational people believe the media, anyway? As the election supremely demonstrated, the media isn’t really interested in understanding Americans and their concerns, and hasn’t made any great efforts to do so.

Isn’t it funny how the Russia Conspiracy Theory, based only off a handful of “anonymous sources” from the no-longer reputable Washington Post and New York Times, is passed off as concrete fact without a shred of evidence, but anything and everything regarding the Seth Rich conspiracy theory is “fake news” and instantly dismissed as a wacko conspiracy theory. This is the difference between a real conspiracy theory and a manufactured conspiracy theory…a real conspiracy theory is the one that is popularly opposed by those in power. A manufactured conspiracy theory is the one that the media and Democrats consistently push. Furthermore, when serial liar Hillary Clinton is the one peddling the conspiracy theory, I don’t believe it at all. I suppose I should at least be grateful that the word “conspiracy theory” is being normalized; it used to be that when the word was brought up, it was done so exclusively in a derisive manner.

Now then, why is it so difficult to find any Democrats that are openly skeptical of the Russia Conspiracy theory? I am completely dumbfounded that the uber-liberals of The Young Turks employ quite possibly the only rational-minded left-leaner in young journalist Michael Tracey. Although big-wig Cenk Uyger hired Tracey, his interesting opinions on the Russia Conspiracy Theory have been used as a punching bag (video at bottom) on the show. This is a huge missed opportunity for The Young Turks. After embarrassing themselves with quite possibly the absolute worst election night show in which they comically melted down over the course of 8 hours or so, Cenk and his fellow hucksters…all of which were Bernie supporters…violently insisted that they were finished with the DNC and the establishment Democrats. Ironically, Cenk, Kasparian, and company continue to swallow and regurgitate the Russian Conspiracy narratives that are constantly being floated by…guess who…establishment Democrats. The Young Turks are not unique in their hypocrisy, there are many Bernie Sanders loyalists that “held their nose” (a common phrase from shills) while they voted for Hillary, but ultimately can’t bring themselves to make good on their self-vows to walk away from establishment Democrats that they feel care too much about wealthy donors and not enough about constituents.

Getting back to Tracey, I find his work groundbreaking since his is the only contrarian voice out there. It is important to make the distinction that just because Tracey does not believe in the Democrat/Media Russian Conspiracy Theory does not make him a Trump supporter de facto. Since he is on The Young Turks, I can only assume his political values are more in line with the left. This is fine, I am no partisan (but I still hate The Young Turks), and I have been searching for a reasonable left-leaning journalist that isn’t just the usual anti-Trump clickbait. A closer look at Tracey’s articles on the Russian Conspiracy Theory shows that he has put some serious thought into the risks of left-leaning media and the Democratic Party going all-in on the Russia Conspiracy Theory, with consistent focus on the severely damaging long-term consequences. It’s sharp stuff.

Not only are The Young Turks blowing a major opportunity to truly break from Establishment Democrats by being the only left-leaning pundits to run with a cutting edge new narrative, but I also find it incredulous that there aren’t any other journalists eager or brave enough to follow suit. Since there are ZERO Democrats and left-leaning journalists exploring merely even the possibility that the Russian Conspiracy Theory is either a trap or disingenuous altogether, this forces an ultimatum on voters with a left-slant: believe the Russian Conspiracy Theory or you are a foolish Nazi. The Russian Conspiracy theory is such an extraordinary claim and yet remains unsupported by concrete evidence. Many left-leaners have suffered enough humiliation as it is between Trump getting elected despite a parade of hitpieces, the electoral voters not going rogue despite media hype, Maddow hyping up Trump’s tax returns and flopping, and the pile-up of losses to the Republican Party around the country. It’s not so much that left-leaners are tired of “losing” per se, it’s more a case of they are sick of being surprised at losing.

And now they are being expected to follow the media and the Democratic Party on the wildest of goose chases. They are being expected to believe from a discredited media and increasingly dysfunctional Democratic Party that the sitting President of the United States is a buffoonish and sinister Russian dictator hellbent on destroying our country. The claim is simply too sensational to be taken at face value with no evidence, yet the media and Democrats are swearing to their audience that this is the reality they inhabit. Not only do rational people, left or right, find this too polarizing and too alienating, but it is just too big of a risk, too big of a leap of faith.

James Comey is expected to testify soon. Let me give you another world-famous Bleach prediction: Comey uses his faux folksy colloquialisms (“gosh”, “golly”, “aw shucks”) a bunch of times, spends about eight minutes answering each question, and basically says a whole lot of nothing. I’ve seen his “grillings” by Chaffetz and Gowdy and the like, trust me, Comey talks forever but never says anything. Half of his sentences start with the phrase “I can’t…”, spoken in a pained tone, complete with facial grimacing. I’m sure there will be a ton of hype leading up to his testimony, but ultimately nothing will come of it. The media will play up some minor revelation so that the next cycle of clickbait can pollute the internet. Such is life in political cyberspace. Just like how WWE became a soap opera 20 years ago, so too has politics become a predictable soap opera, cliff-hangers and all.

Quite simply, the ultimatum presented by the left-leaning media and Democratic Party regarding the Russian Conspiracy Theory is precisely the type of group-think that has caused so many problems. It has too severely polarized The Democratic Party to the point where there are no dissenting opinions. The media doesn’t have the credibility and the Democrats don’t have the power to recover from coming up short on the Russian Conspiracy Theory.


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