Democrats And Media Dying A Cowardly Death

Bernie Sanders is burnt toast; stale, crusty, and unappetizing.

Dirty Harry Reid is finally (and mercifully) on his way out of politics, and Elizabeth “Fauxahontas” Warren is on the mid-term hot seat. The sooner the Democratic Party distances themselves from these retards, the better. Then there’s the mainstream media, easily categorized into one of two categories: Fox, Washington Times, and Breitbart which are running a perpetual blitzkrieg of victory laps, and CNN/MSNBC/Washington Post/NY Times/Huffington Post, which shed a few tears before returning to their favorite past time: Race-hustling.

Let’s start with the Democratic Party. If the Democrats think it is wise to hitch the wagon to The Bern, they are fools. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was a true independent for decades prior to his 2012 run. It was a priceless commodity which he gambled on the 2012 run in which he exchanged the “I” for a “D” when he entered the Democratic Primaries. His credibility has been trash ever since that failed run. His grassroots supporters (most of them nauseatingly idealistic college twerps) felt genuinely screwed by his obvious capitulation at the Altar of Hillary Clinton, which is why Hillary’s millennial vote was pathetic DESPITE Sanders stumping for her. Bernie’s credibility is all burned out, and he has become another pitiful hyper-lefty engaging in race-hustling by accusing Steve Bannon of being an anti-Semite. The Democratic Party wasted the energy of Sander’s constituency, and it is not coming back to him. Sanders would need to revert back to an independent to get his credibility back. There will be no 2020 run, Bernie Bros. The longer they keep this old fool around, the more damage he will do to the Democratic Party by virtue of his hyper-leftist pandering.

As for Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, her glory days are finished. Fauxahontas promised in a fiery 2012 DNC speech to get tough on Wall Street (she was pandering to the then-popular/now-forgotten Occupy Wall Street crowd), which ultimately won her that Senate seat. Since then, she’s done nothing to justify her toxic class-warfare rhetoric, but she has continued to violently shake her head a la Marcy Darcy during her speeches and shrilly screech with inflammatory rhetoric. She is also guilty of the Obama-style race-hustling. She is an embarrassment, a true farce of a politician, and an insult to women everywhere. She will face Boston legend Curt Shilling in the mid-terms, and he is grooming himself for a bloodbath. Next year when the mid-terms campaign season fires up, Curt Schilling, the pitcher with the bloody sock, will have the unconditional support of Breitbart (he currently hosts a radio show on Sirius thanks to Breitbart) and he will be looking to upset Warren for the Ted Kennedy seat she usurped. It’s going to be vicious. The Warren vs Shilling mid-term battle will be the main event of the mid terms. Guaranteed.

As to the future of the Democratic Party, Jim Webb and Tim Ryan are making an honest appeal to the Democratic Party to retool completely. The Obama-Clinton playbook that consists of little more than race-hustling and identity politics has failed, as evidenced by the utter annihilation of the Democratic Party in the 2016 election. They lost the Presidency, at least one Supreme Court pick, Governor’s seats, and control of both chambers of Congress. Barack Obama dried up the support in the rust belt by allowing Michigan and Pennsylvania to go to hell after they voted for him, and those states will continue to stay red if the Republicans can continue to be the new political party of the working class blue-collar man. By race-hustling, using white people as a whipping post, and pandering to Social Justice Warriors, the Democratic Party alienated the white working class. Webb and Ryan understand this, which is why idiots like Pelosi, Sanders, and Warren must step aside. They fail to understand that the Democratic Party used to be the blue collar party. Now that the Republican Party has earned that distinction, Democrats are in serious trouble. Another race-hustler like Shawn Ellison is not the answer.

Then there’s the media. Where do I begin? Reverand Al Shaprton, Rachel Maddow, Van Jones? Or maybe The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, Rolling Stone, Time Magazine, or Mother Jones? They all completely muffed the election after staking the entirety of their credibility upon it. They are being publicly flogged by Shawn Hannity and Greg Gutfield, which they all collectively rightfully deserved. You would think that they had all learned their lesson, that the epoch of race-hustling, white-shaming, class warfare and identity politics had finally reached it’s limit with the American people.

No. They have doubled down. Knowing full-well that Breitbart is the future of media, they have decided to become suicide bombers. They have all strapped dynamite to their chests and hoped to take down the new emerging powers. The Alt Right, Breitbart, and the incoming Trump Administration are going to be the new powers. They will shape our destiny. Instead of reforming their old ways, the dying Democrats and media have chosen to stick with race-hustling, hoping some smear will stick.

Ask yourself this: are you ready to see the era of race-hustling in America finally end? It is dying a slow, cowardly death. It is time to move on. Join us. The media is playing the race card too overzealously, and they will be replaced by Breitbart the instant Trump and Bannon come to power. The Democratic Party played the “sexism card” and “racism card” too overzealously, and now they are officially the party of race-hustlers.


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