Democracy Dies In Darkness

This is the retarded line that appears at the top of every awful Washington Post article these days, shortly after Trump

Obviously, the Washington Post wants readers to succumb to the gloom-and-doom narrative being peddled by modern day mega-media outlets. Even if you are one of the nutjobs that stupidly subscribe to the gloom-and-doom invented narrative (several of Political Storm’s featured writers have moved this way, as indicated by their Huff Post-inspired incoherent gibberish), then at least you and I can agree that the line is really cringey.

Historians, academics, and future generations will not regard this current epoch of punditry and journalism kindly. I would not be surprised if, a decade or so from now (hopefully when journalism has cleaned house), that this era of jump-the-gun tabloid journalism is referred to as the “Democracy Dies In Darkness Era” of journalism. Of course, this title will be given and used ironically as a general label that applies to all mainstream outlets peddling idiotic McCarthyism/Red-Scare garbage in the 21st century.

But still, I chuckle every time I see that line at the top of a Washington Post article. Their clickbait headlines and their awful fake news stories are already absurd enough, but then the Democracy Dies In Darkness line at the top is like the cherry of lunacy on top of a psychosis sundae. If we truly did live in dark days, would Washington Post be the paper to save America? It’s a remarkable demonstration of narcissism that the Washington Post (a corporate propaganda and news outlet) believes themselves to be the saviors of American Democracy. I literally can not say or even think of this line at the top of EVERY stupid Washington Post story without shaking my head and chuckling. The irony gets me everytime.

There’s no point in me launching into another anti-WaPo diatribe. I’ve written/targeted them numerous times already, it’s obvious they suck and don’t resemble real journalism in the slightest. You could switch WaPo’s headlines with the headlines from the grocery store checkout tabloids, and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference (consider this next time you are grocery shopping), except of course for the laughably stupid Democracy Dies In Darkness line at the top. At least the tabloids are self-aware enough to not do anything that stupid.

I should also point out that Google has a nefarious habit of oversampling Washington Post (along with Politico, Huffington Post, and the NY Times) articles in their Google News page. Every time I look at Google News, it’s polluted with anti-Trump articles with cringey headlines. Every day it seems that Trump has done something that WaPo and company are CONVINCED will finally get him thrown out of office or make him wildly unpopular with his constituents. Each day, the ravenousness of the headlines grows more and more palpable. At what point are they going to jump the shark and try and convince us that Donald Trump is Satan? They’ve already beaten the Hitler-horse to death, and the Russian Conspiracy theory is as impossible to prove as it is boring. WaPo might as well and start name-calling Trump “Satan”, maybe it will swing the religious faction of the right away from the President.

Democracy Dies In Darkness? I prefer “Washington Post Dies Of Shame”. Of course, if there were any justice in the world, it would simply read:

“Washington Post Is Fake News”.

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