Delaware and Rhode Island Compared

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Mr. Beat compares and contrasts Rhode Island and Delaware, the two smallest states (by area) in the United States.

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Although I will begin by saying you shouldn’t judge a state by its size, Delaware and Rhode Island are the two smallest states in these United States. But Delaware can brag that it’s twice as big as Rhode Island. Ah, but Rhode Island has a bigger population, as well as the second highest population density of any state. (RI- 1.1 million, D- 970,000) Yep, despite being the smallest state, Rhode Island also has a bigger population than South Dakota, North Dakota, Alaska, Vermont, and Wyoming. Delaware’s population IS growing at a much quicker pace, though.

Both are coastal states by the Atlantic Ocean, but Delaware is further south, part of the Mid-Atlantic Region of the country. More specifically, part of the Delmarva Peninsula. Rhode Island is part of a region known as New England, not to be confused with Old England.hahaha That was a really bad joke. I do that sometimes and I’m sorry.

Rhode Island is nicknamed The Ocean State. A big reason why is because bays and inlets make up around 14% of its total area. It has lots of beaches. Narragansett Bay is the big one. It’s actually New England’s largest estuary, and over 30 islands are within it.

Oh but Delaware has lots of beaches as well. The Delaware Beaches are often ranked as some of the nicest in the country, and the water tends to be cleaner than in Rhode Island. Delaware’s big bay is called the Delaware Bay, of course.

Both states are flat and have low elevation. Delaware has the lowest elevation, on average, of all states in the country. Rhode Island has the fourth lowest average elevation.

Delaware has a humid subtropical climate, whereas most of Rhode Island has a humid continental climate. Basically, while the ocean can moderate temperatures in both states, it certainly gets colder in Rhode Island with it being further north and all. While both states have four seasons, Rhode Island summers are more mild and its winters colder. While both states get about the same amount of annual precipitation, Rhode Island generally gets more than twice as much snow as Delaware. Both can get hurricanes, although Delaware often gets lucky and doesn’t get directly hit by them.

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