CNN Underestimated Steve Bannon

CNN President Jeff Zucker has some serious explaining to do.

Of all the emerging media forms on the internet, Breitbart is the brand that has expanded their presence with the most ambition. It’s not rocket science. Steve Bannon, who’s booming conservative website had already been surging, joined the Trump Administration for the roughest part of the Presidential Campaign, and they won. They’ve opened up new offices in Washington D.C. and in Western European metropolises. functions as an anti-Big Hollywood watchdog that eagerly pounces big name Hollywood personalities and celebrities (usually of the politically-correct minded), and they also relish as an equally rabid watchdog of news media. They’ve been gunning for CNN.

It’s been a rough week for CNN. Reporter Thomas Frank ran an article alleging Trump officials Anthony Scaramucci and Stephen Schwarzman being investigated by both the Department of the Treasury and the Senate Intelligence Committee for a routine business holding in Russia. The piece by Frank ran on and used…YOU GUESSED IT…”anonymous sources”. Or maybe it was “former officials”? I’m not sure since the article was deleted.

This is where it gets really weird. So weird, that I have to cite Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed is referencing calling into questions the reporting of the Thomas Frank’s article and then CNN deleting the story when they knew the story was too shaky to withstand proper scrutiny. With all the clickbait Trump-Russia stories on television and in the news, CNN figured that this hitpiece would slide under the radar. Reporter Matthew Boyle raised questions about Frank’s article, and rather than get in front of it, they deleted it. That was an unforgiveable move by CNN. They got caught by cyber-nemesis, they should have owned it immediately and issued a retraction.

According to Matthew Boyle, the CNN article appears to have been pushed by Democratic Senators Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris. Here’s Boyle’s article with all the details As a result, CNN has either accepted or demanded and received the resignations of three of their employees: the author Thomas Frank, editor Eric Lichtblau (a New York Times veteran), and “Investigates Editor” Lex Haris. Then news starts breaking that CNN President Jeff Zucker himself has become involved in this story, and even circulated a memo that new standards were to be put in place running any stories regarding Russia and Trump. My guess is that we’ve seen CNN cite their last “anonymous source” on President Trump.

Then there is James O’Keefe with another Project Veritas sting involving a 15-year vet of CNN that has held multiple titles in multiple departments at CNN. Apparently, he works mostly in CNN’s coverage of health stories and isn’t involved in the production of political coverage. Nevertheless, he is a CNN production supervisor caught on camera saying that his network’s coverage of the Trump Russia collusion is “bull**it” and profit-driven. He even agrees with President Trump that it is a “witch hunt”. Here’s that video (I’m not linking O’Keefe’s because of the corny intro and music):

CNN will likely terminate John Bonifield.

CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta is the icing on the cake. He has no decorum whatsoever. It’s obvious why the Trump Administration is scaling back to only permitting audio coverage of White House morning press conferences. When it’s video coverage of the White House morning press conference, we get absurd coverage, such as airtime devoted to Melissa McCarthy imitating spokesperson Sean Spicer. Or else there is news using airtime to discuss what Stephen Colbert or Trevor Noah think of the news conferences. Or else it’s Jim Acosta shouting out questions about Russian conspiracy theories. Nobody cares about these cheap celebrities, they are not politically relevant. Either way, if the news can’t properly cover the morning press conference, then screw it. They will have to find a way to only do audio. Until the news media starts covering the press conferences seriously, then audio only.

Steve Bannon and President Trump have managed to find a way to turn politically-minded Americans against Hollywood and CNN. They have been undersold by the media and Hollywood, and now we are seeing an interesting change in zeitgeist. Americans care less and less about the media and Hollywood these days. Zucker is perilously close to being wiped off the map.

Just take a look at this segment from CNN a few weeks back. This is why we don’t have video coverage of the White House Press Conference anymore, and sums up my point perfectly about the media and Hollywood.


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