CNN Is Fake News. And Piss.

It’s time to clean house at the former media juggernaut known as CNN. A total shake-up, top to bottom.

Brian Stelter, Brooke “Congress has term limits” Baldwin, Don “nipple-ring” Lemon, Anderson “CIA” Cooper, Wolf “Cure For Narcolepsy” Blitzer, Jake “DELETED” Tapper, all of them. This current line-up of bozos is completely and utterly incapable of covering American politics. Although this has been prevalent since the latter stage of the election season when Donald J. Trump was comfortably ahead in aggregated polls, CNN’s coverage has degenerated into covering obviously bogus stories about watching anime with hookers and sex pissing. When President-Elect Donald Trump held his first news conference yesterday and humiliated CNN tantrum-throwing reporter Acosta by calling CNN “fake news”, people applauded. The narratives floated by CNN have become so absurd, they have become the news rather than report on the news.

Allow me to gloat once more. As I’ve written several times before, when Trump tapped Breitbart’s Steve Bannon to run his campaign back in late August, Trump gambled big on Breitbart and they both won bigly. Trump’s victory gives him ultimate power, and Breitbart’s win has essentially crowned them the new kings of media. It should come as a surprise to no one that Breitbart’s correspondent in attendance had a front-row seat at Trump’s press conference (thus, bearing witness to that brutal KO); get used to it. Breitbart is going to be a very powerful force. Just as Obama is being repealed and replaced by the American people, CNN is likewise behaving petulantly at this new change sweeping the country. All the more reason to repeal and replace their line-up of inept talking heads.

CNN’s pundits just don’t seem to get it. Donald Trump is extremely media savvy. In many ways, his reputation as a cut-throat businessman, master media tycoon, blue-collar entertainer, and ardent patriot mirrors the same qualities found in his friend and business partner, Vince McMahon of World Wrestling Entertainment (formerly World Wrestling Federation). Go in the way back machine, rewatch WrestleMania IV and V from the late 1980’s in Trump Plaza at Atlantic City. Look who is sitting ringside, it’s Donald Trump. Check out WrestleMania 23 in the Battle of the Billionaires, Donald Trump shaves Vince McMahon’s head. These two go way back, and Donald Trump even recently appointed Vince’s wife Linda McMahon to a part of his administration. The point is, is that Donald Trump is extremely cunning, and CNN is falling into every single one of his traps. In an attempt to delegitimize Donald Trump, CNN has shredded their own credibility, much to the amusement of the American people that have grown tired of stale cable news. After all, this is a cut-the-cord America that is infinitely more interested in using a Roku or a FireStick with their tv. Cable News just can’t keep up with social media and independent pundits, and they’ve been exposed one time too many.

Truthfully, I believe that CNN’s real collapse was Wikileaks exposing collusion between former CNN employee/Interim DNC Chair Donna Brazile and Hillary Clinton. Brazile getting caught feeding the Clinton campaign debate questions in advance is an irredeemable mistake, especially since Brazile used her connections as a former CNN employee to broker the information. Tapper gave some half-hearted mumblefest about how he felt betrayed, but nobody has followed up on the story. Ironically, the only pundit to lay a glove on Brazile was then-FOX primetime pundit Megyn Kelly. Kelly peppered Brazile after the third debate between Trump and Clinton about her involvement, which led to an absurd religious rant from Brazile. This is, of course, to say nothing about the horrific reporting CNN did on the polls leading up to Donald Trump’s election. CNN all too callously disregarded aggregated polling in Ohio, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Arizona, Utah, and Michigan and instead cherry-picked favorable polls, leading to a completely botched election projection and months of misinforming viewers.

Then there’s this idiotic Buzzfeed story about piss. CNN picked up a story from Buzzfeed about piss. They might as well have picked up a story from the Onion (which does happen from time to time). CNN, always pointing the finger and blaming fake news, points three fingers back each time. But this time, an instantly debunked story about piss-fetish featuring no verified claims and also incorrectly identifies one of Donald Trump’s attorneys in complicity. This is extremely dangerous territory in particular for Buzzfeed. I wrote in my article “The New Masters Of The Universe” that Silicon Valley power-player (and Dark Enlightenment leader) Peter Thiel had some role to play in all this, and now I think I have the answer. Have we forgotten what Thiel did to Gawker about a year ago? He bankrolled Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit (there’s that Trump-McMahon connection again) against Gawker over the leaked sex-tape with Bubba the Love Sponge’s wife, leading to a $135 million dollar victory for Hulkamania and the demise of Gawker. I think Buzzfeed might be next up on the chopping block after this latest disaster, and I expect Trump’s attorney that was misidentified in the report will be the plaintiff.

Yes…definitely time to clean house at CNN. Their credibility and reputation with the current line-up is not credible. The only reason to justify its’ own existence is so that Americans can laugh at how battered they get whenever a super-pundit like Sean Spicer or KellyAnn Conway appears on their network. It’s a long road back to recovering trust and credibility, and bozos like Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin just don’t have the goods. Piss is not the answer. CNN is fake news.