Big Money In Political Elections


Believe it or not, I was inspired to write this column by the creator of Family Guy himself. Seth MacFarlane.

Let me quote him. "It's time to apply meaningful spending limits to elections. Both Republicans and Democrats should be passionately in favor of this. Get the process out of the hands of billionaires who treat it as sport, and back into the hands of the people."

I couldn't agree more.

I'll say it up front. Money has no place in politics. It has ruined it. Politics is now a game of money. If you are rich and are willing to spend, you have an unbelievable chance of winning the election you are in.

In what world, in what successful government does this make any sense?

Money allows for corruption to make it's way into politics faster than anyone can ever control.

For example, if I am a company that wants a particular candidate to win so he or she can push an agenda that favors me, I will pay as much as I need to with hopes that the candidate will win. When he or she wins, my money will be way more valuable when laws are changed that benefit my company and I.

Again, I ask, in what world is this okay?

Let me get sidetracked for a second.

This corruption is so bad that the folks we elect to office sometimes won't even speak to the people who elected them unless they have a donation check in hand.

Now please, don't get me wrong, this is definitely not everyone and definitely not 100% of the time.

Maybe I'm just naive. Maybe this is just how things have to happen these days because our Representatives have so many things to do and so many people to talk to that they have to have a way to pick and choose.

That's okay. I understand. Honestly, that makes sense.

But, stop asking why nothing gets done in Congress. This is your answer. Our Representatives have to be so wrapped up in making party based decisions because of a fear of losing money that comes from their party supporters. They need money to keep coming in so they can keep their jobs and continue winning elections.

Again, I get it. To me, it's not their fault, it's politics in general.

But how about we get back to spending limits in elections. If spending limits can be put into place, we can make sure that elections are about issues and the particular candidates stance on those issues.

Campaign spending limits are how we get folks into office who really want to be there to make a difference. This is how we keep folks who have too much money to spend out of these positions where they seem to not always do good. Again, this is not always the case, but humor me.

It saddens me to realize that some of the brightest minds in this Country with the best ideas can't run in elections because they just can't outspend the others.

I wish this was different.

I don't even want to know how much money is going to be spent in the upcoming midterm elections. It will probably break records and will also probably make me sick once I hear the numbers.

What if that money was spent not on a campaign, but on repairing our infrastructure or some other cause that desperately needs attention? I feel like this would be a lot better use of these resources.

But, what do I know?

I sometimes wish I didn't just have to read about the Presidents and Representatives who actually had to win elections with their thoughts, ideas, and brilliant minds. I wish we could go back there. I think this Country would be in a much better place.


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Career politicians on the other hand are far more experienced and already knows what to do than say someone who's plunging into politics firsthand because they're famous elsewhere (e.g. Schwarzenegger). The cringe level is quite high but hmmm there should be something that draws the line



Great post @blakes__take. I sit here and look at the BILLIONS of dollars that were spent last election between Hillary and Donald. Imagine what we could do with that money rather than put it into media ads or baised mumbo-jumbo. I'm with @Saltz and want term limits, but why would these career politicians want to put a limit on their job?


With the current politicians in the right and left, I HIGHLY DOUBT it something like this would ever pass or will ever be even thought of.

Philip Carino
Philip Carino

I so love the idea of UK campaigns too @Saltz! If only that will be a reality across the world, we'll have politicians trying creative means to campaign nationwide without much fanfare in ads. There's always social media (or is that banned in UK too?)

Jon Saltzman
Jon Saltzman


Really good stuff here. More and more I think that our campaigns should be like the UK- short and without TV ads. I also am a big fan of term limits with what I've been seeing in Congress. Our Founders never intended to create a political class filled with career politicians.

Jon Saltzman
Jon Saltzman


BT- I went to your link and added the full text of your piece. Now on to your article: