Bernie Sanders Is Dividing The Democratic Party

The sins of Hillary Clinton continue to plague the Democratic Party.

The Bernie Bros haven’t forgotten Hillary cheating Bernie out of the Democratic nominee, and many of them still believe that Bernie was the stronger candidate and would have beaten President Trump in the General Election. Also, those hard-leftists still loyal to Sanders are still smarting from protégé Keith Ellison being shut out of the DNC chair in favor of Clinton-loyalist Tom Perez. In essence, it has become apparent to the Bernie Bros that their candidate will always be shutout of the positions of power, but will always be included in the DNC’s inner circle for the sake of optics. Bernie will never be the face of the Democratic Party, but Democrats continue to need him to stump for other Democrats. It’s a lose-lose situation for everyone.

Sanders has been a curse for the Democratic Party. After seeing how well former President Barack Obama has done in politics by utilizing social media with a hard-left platform under the umbrella term of “progressivism”, Sanders has dragged a sizeable chunk of the constituency of the Democratic Party too far left for mainstream Democrats to feasibly follow. As early as 2014, Sanders began maniacally ranting against Wall Street and for socialism, and was able to con enough altruistic and idealistic college retards out of their daddy’s money. His “grassroots” campaign was little more than a glorified kickstarter scam. His appearance on the Young Turks makes me want to vomit.

It might be well past the point of no return, but Democrats need to get rid of this crazy old fart. He is, after all, an Independent, so why should the Democrats bother to care at all about him? For starters, the cancer may have already spread too wide and far. The Democrats have gluttonously indulged in race-hustling and sexist identity politics, a game which Sanders has proven he can play better by then piling on with socialist utopia nonsense. The result is Bernie siphoning away younger voters that normally would lean left, and a fractured Democratic Party that is one part traditional Democrat, one part petulant whiny socialist, and one part disenfranchised voter that is either on the brink of leaving or won’t even bother to show up to vote. I genuinely pity the traditional Democrats that are still attempting to appeal to the middle class. So long as you have Bernie Sanders appearing at “Unity Tours” (more like a Farewell Tour) or going on tv and smearing Trump, you will continue to have a Democratic Party that is too fractured to make the slow climb back to power.

Hypothetically, what would be the price paid by the Democrats should they decide to grow a brain and let Bernie be, ya know, an Independent? It would probably upset a considerable portion of what now constitutes the modern day crappy Democratic Party, but it would be for the best. The Democrats need a hard break from Sanders since his policies are too far left to align with the policies of traditional Democrats. There is a palpable need for a very real “Democratic Reset” where the Democrats shed all the unpopular baggage they’ve accumulated over the last decade. Some examples include (but are not limited to): race-hustling politics, sexist identity politics, gun control, Hillary Clinton, CNN/MSNBC, and Middle Eastern Refugees. If the Democratic Party can get back to their essentials, which are Unions and middle class Americans, they might win spots in the Midwest, Bible Belt, and Rust Belt. As it is, this current farce of a political party is ONLY winning coastal areas.

The trade-off is worth it in the long run. If the Democrats break from Sanders, the whiny altruistic college brats will eventually come back to the Democrat Party, but middle class Americans will come back sooner and in larger numbers. The way I see it, the Democratic Party has 3 options: one is to do nothing and to continue to hemorrhage voters, two is to kick Sanders to the curb and start a hard Democratic reset, and the third is to hope that Sanders dies soon. He’s an old geezer and could keel over at any minute, but geriatrics in politics tend to live forever. George H.W. Bush, for example, stubbornly refuses to die despite the fact that his body has been actively trying to die for years now.

Democrats, get rid of Sanders. He is a cancer. After seeing that old fool stump for Hillary Clinton, you should be all berned out. And ashamed.


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