Berkeley Riot Proves Milo And Breitbart Are Unstoppable

What is the difference between a “violent protest” and a “riot”? Rhetorical question.

I’m posting the video of the fascistic actions of “anti-fascists” “violently protesting” public speaker Milo Yiannopoulos speaking on campus. Let me rephrase that: I’m posting the fascistic actions of domestic terrorists rioting and breaking stuff because the internet’s supervillain triggered a gaggle of retards without saying a single word.

Don’t kid yourself, it was textbook terrorism, plain and simple. The goal of the riot was to intimidate, silence, and cause severe harm to anyone that dared exercise their first amendment right to free speech, to peaceably assemble for a quasi-Christopher Hitchens lecture from Breitbart’s superstar Milo Yiannopoulos. Milo, on his Dangerous Faggot Tour (don’t even think about censoring me, Political Storm) has been barnburning his way around the country, speaking at Universities about issues that have become free-speech concerns, such as cultural appropriation, the alt-right, and third-wave feminism. The tour has been a raging success (as well as the “Twinks For Trump” art show in New York City).

If you follow Milo on youtube, you’ll note that part of the appeal of his brand is the iconoclasticism and pop-culture rebellion that has become synonymous with his material. It is the new punk rock. All the stiff, uptight and most petulant among us continue to show up outside his events and cause mischief (not at all dissimilar from the uptight crowds that protested Marilyn Manson concerts in the late 90’s), which has resulted in some hilarious trolling. One epic example is Milo masquerading as a Milo protestor only to dramatically unveil and turnheel once the protestors were within spitting distance of Milo supporters. In essence, the most valuable commodity of Milo’s brand is the sheer amount of hostility and vitriol it elicits from pink-haired bimbos, beta-male neckbeards, and pathetic IWW cos-players. Like I told MarxEngels2020, the current state of Marxism is nothing more than unwashed gutless cosplayers waving an IWW flag and feigning courage. More on those morons in a minute.

A few theories need to be explored for the sake of covering all the angles. While it is true that the provocateurian nature of Milo continues to feed his growing appeal in popular culture, is it possible that Breitbart is somehow pulling a string or two to exacerbate the reality? Is there an agent provocateur at work here? It’s impossible to know or prove, but my instincts suggest this is not the case. Instead, I am more curious about the timing of the riot. Earlier in the day, Trump’s top two power post cabinet positions were confirmed in new Attorney General Jeff Sessions and new Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. This leads me to believe that the riot was a coordinated and calculated piece of bait for new A.G. Sessions to see if he would bring the hammer down immediately on his first day. I am pleased to see that the bait was not taken, and the situation was allowed to become as ugly as it needed to be. The message was sent loud and clear: a giant piece of the left (what Hannity has been recently referring to as the “Alt Left”) is out of control. They have become intolerant in the name of tolerance, fascistic in the name of anti-fascism. Congratulations to Green Day, their awful little chant has ironically become the chant of fascists! And it is a delicious irony indeed…

There is one other possibility which I am loathe to entertain: George Soros. Long have I held my tongue when the whispers of the possibility of Soros’ involvement in these types of domestic terrorism incidents occur, but this is the last straw. Just like the possibility of a Breitbart provocateur, the possibility of Soros involvement is likewise impossible to know, prove, or disprove. I’m peripherally aware of the awful things this piece of human scum is rumored to have been involved in (lest I fall into an Alex Jones rabbit hole), but this type of mass violence strikes me as being too large for a simple college protest gone awry. It was coordinated, there was some hierarchy at work amassing the numbers and granting the carte blanche for damage. I won’t delve any deeper into Soros, but the opening shots have been fired.

As for the moronic black blocers, congratulations. You have just given Milo and Breitbart EXACTLY what they want. Your limitless stupidity greases the wheels of the Trump Train, fuels the Dangerous Faggot Tour, and further minimizes the ever-shrinking relevance of the left. The press, which has already shredded their own credibility in an attempt to de-legitimize Milo, Breitbart, Trump, etc., is now locked into an unwinnable situation. They can’t blame Milo for the violent actions since he never even got to speak. They can’t blame Trump. They can’t blame conservatives. They certainly can’t condone the terrorist actions. It’s lose-lose, all thanks to a bunch of Cobra Commando wannabe retards that are too fat and cowardly to join the real military and do real damage.

As for Berkeley University, EPIC SHAME. They too find themselves in an unwinnable situation. Not only have they lost any moral high ground and credibility for being a West Coast University that worships at the altar of free speech and civil rights, but they also have been threatened with having federal funding pulled. The Alumni Association now faces an unhill task: on the one hand, Alumns are embarrassed to see a bunch of cos-playing losers causing hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage to the school, as well as the destruction of the school’s free-speech/civil rights credibility. Furthermore, these Alumns should be furious since the riot empowers Milo, Breitbart, Trump, etc. On the other hand, the pocket of Alumns that agree with the conservative ideology should be furious altogether that the riot happened.

So keep the carnage coming. The left is mired in quicksand; the more violently the left struggles, the faster they are pulled into a miserable grave, choking on dirt and grit, never to be recovered or heard from again. Who knows? Maybe next time, the National Guard will respond in full. As Styxhexenhammer666 recently pointed out, the gutless Marxists would wilt in glorious fashion when staring down armed and trained soldiers in the streets. There is no “resistance”. I sincerely hope the retards dressing like Cobra Commandos have been lulled into a false sense of heroism by the Berkeley riot and the soft response. It will be glorious watching their terrorist blood stain the streets. There will be death. Next time…next time…


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