Attack by the 1%: The Heist

Here is the fourth installment of this week’s series about our rigged economy.

It sports another well-made documentary, less than 30 minutes this time (phew!) serving up lots of data. It shines a light on many aspects of the dire schemes brought to bear against us. Below the clip follows my commentary addressing a central question raised in this film.

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Heist: A Who Done It On The Economy “)

The documentary makers ask how were “they” be able to pull this off right before our eyes, meaning: how were the the robber billionaires and their thugs able to disown and subjugate all of us, thereby causing widespread poverty but little resistance or even public awareness of their heist? To this I wish to reply that the system in which we grew up, and therefor are used to, has always been about a few dominating and ripping off the many. So the heist was just an acceleration of what we were used to and accepting of.

As we grew up, we were indoctrinated to accept as natural and OK that others are in a position to order us around and decide how much of the fruit of our labor we get to keep (they grabbing the difference, of course). We are even accustomed to these money-aristocrats having the exclusive say on whether we are even allowed to earn anything whatsoever through our work, since they get to hire and fire us, or to simply never hire us in the first place.

We have always been used to these masters. We have been wage, debt, and tax slaves all our lives, begging for employment by abusive masters or trying to do business in a rigged marketplace where the big push the little guys (family businesses and the self-employed) out of the ring. And so have been the people who raised us and those who raised them. The only difference this time: when we (or our parents) were young, working people were relatively well treated slaves, because – in the early part of the last century – we (or our parents or grandparents) had rebelled and thus forced an improvement of our conditions. We haven’t rebelled in a long time. And so, we have become badly treated wage, debt, and tax slaves now.

Welcome to the naked truth. Basically, the heist could be pulled off because, as a people, we haven’t kicked a very bad habit of ours, the habit of accepting systemic inequality. And that bad habit has come to bite us in the you-know-what.

The Great Recession that started around 2008 was more than just an economic downturn. As usual, but rarely reported, it didn’t hurt everybody. For the robber billionaires, it was a feeding frenzy! They wrenched $10 trillion away from working Americans. $10 million families lost their homes to foreclosure and went scrambling for rented housing, which in turn pushed rents up for poorer families who had never been able to buy their own homes, in some cases making them homeless, too. In addition, $10 million Americans lost their jobs (often times, their careers, as well)!

In 2012, 47 million Americans were reported as living in poverty, but those numbers are often fudged to make them look less bad as our reality actually is. A more honest analysis from 4 years ago, places half of us in poverty!

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