Are We Seriously Still Litigating Trump’s Victory?

I can’t believe that there are still a lot of people out there.

Especially self-ascribed “liberals,” who keep bemoaning Hillary Clinton’s well-deserved loss and flinging around blame like monkeys do with their feces in a zoo. They’ll blame anyone they can think of: third party candidates; misogynists and racists with whom we are suddenly supposed to be swamped, even after two (yes two!) terms of a black president; ignorant voters; Russia; and even the poor.

Let’s correct the record:

Jill Stein

Jill Stein didn’t help get Trump elected. The canard that she did has been concocted from the utterly-unrealistic calculation that – if in the three states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania every Jill Stein voter had voted for Clinton – those states would have flipped for Hillary to a total of 46 electoral votes in our winner-take-the-whole-state system, flipping the national count, as well. However, to assume that they would have done so is utterly ridiculous. Plus, this false logic ignores the balancing out from the even larger number of Johnson voters, most of whom would probably have cleaved to the Republican candidate if the Libertarian option hadn’t been on the ballot. This myth is also a shameful manipulation attempt, since, in a democracy, we need to vote our conscience, not someone else’s desire. It’s little different from saying that if only every Trump voter had voted for Clinton like they were obliged to do by the wishes of Hillary supporters, then their queen would have won as ordained by God and the Clinton Clan’s entitlement to power. This is not democracy! These canards are gaslighting efforts designed to intimidate independently thinking voters and also distract from the real issues such as Hillary’s horrible campaign. Read on…

Racists and Misogynists

Coal miners didn’t lose the election for Hillary Clinton, either. She was never going to win West Virginia. And if the voters of Iowa are as racist and misogynistic as alleged, how come they voted overwhelmingly for a black guy twice? Racism and misogyny may have played a small role on the whole, but in a nation where most of us are desperate about our economy, it’s a side issue at best.

Other “How-Could-They” Voters

So, what about small farmers in Wisconsin or out-of-work, uneducated people in Michigan and Ohio – industrial workers burned by the offshoring of their jobs – and the many struggling young voters who have to live with their parents? None of them were offered help by the Clintons, who have been complicit with the worsening of these people’s lives since the nineties. How could anyone expect these economically-abandoned folks to vote for Hillary Clinton, who did nothing but belittle them? Don’t blame your victims, neoliberals!

To quote Bob Johnson, one of the few honorable bloggers left on Daily Kos: “At one time, the Democratic Party believed we needed to wage a ‘war on poverty.’ How far we have fallen. … What is even worse is the seeming pride some folks [in the Democratic Party today] take in shitting on the poor.”


Let’s look at some real factors which decided this election (if we can still assume that any of the numbers we are told in elections are true (see below)): Hillary’s election-theft-bolstered “victories” over Sanders in the primaries happened mostly in red states, which everyone knows wouldn’t vote “Democrat” in the general election. This alone was all the logical reason needed to nominate Sanders at the “Democratic” National Congress. The superdelegates refused to do so nevertheless, because they couldn’t bring themselves to nominate a candidate who was challenging their gravy train. So, who is really to blame, oh DNC bosses who picked a non-viable establishment shill whose loss in the general election was pre-programmed since most of her primary states would never vote for her in the general? That’s right, you! — Dear reader, if you want a one-liner to explain Trump’s victory over Clinton, take this: We got Trump because the DNC nominated unpopular Hillary over popular Bernie. Case closed.

Clinton’s Ineligibility

Clinton lost because of her own lack of a proper campaign (case in point: little tea parties and gym talks instead of rallies drawing thousands) and because of her terribly-corrupt track record. She lost because we are sick and tired of the status quo and establishment candidates and because she was simply unacceptable to an American public which has seen its country go to the dogs — in part under Bill Clinton’s reign. What’s more, her predecessor, Obama, who ran on hope and change, taught us by his actions not to believe empty promises from the “Democrats” any more. Trump now looks poised to do the same for the Republican Party, by the way. Oh yeah!

Trump’s Trump

Donald Trump, who himself belongs to the robber billionaire class, if he is to be believed (or to its millionaire minions, otherwise… how much does he really own?), is extremely unlikely to do a better job for us than we would have gotten from Hillary Clinton, a long-time self-enriching servant of the robber billionaires. But, for many people, he seemed like the only viable option in November for voicing their protest, or for even shaking up the system a little. I think voting third party would have been a lot smarter, since we could use a third party that’s large enough to threaten the major parties with accountability at the ballot box. So, in this regard, the accusation of “ignorant voters” might stick. Only, that’s not what the liberal apologists mean.

How We Really Get Our President and other Representatives

Now let’s put all the above aside and take a much needed look at our murky election system, because that’s where the real trouble lies:

First, we have prohibitively-expensive, privately-funded elections, which allow the super-rich to pick their influence peddling candidates for us, since no-one else can afford to run. (You need to let that sink in!) (Best read it a second time!)

Then we have primaries from which the majority of American voters, namely independents, are often excluded. This latter trick alone made all the difference in the DNC being able to force Hillary Clinton down our throats last year when Bernie Sanders was so much more popular! (Still, Clintonites, to this day, tell us that she won and those outraged by the heist should get over it. Shame on them! Cheating isn’t winning, and our democracy matters!)

Then there are other dirty little tricks like superdelegates who are basically all incumbents in high “elected” office wanting to preserve either their gravy train office or please their billionaire funders in preparation of switching over into their full employ as lobbyists. Guess if they will ever vote in the interests of the people. I think they’d rather perpetuate the corruption which makes them rich, don’t you?

Therefore, in every election, the ship of voters’ choice has sailed long before we ever get to vote. We only get to rubber-stamp our oligarchs’ choices. We call that democracy?!? Seriously? It should be clear that, whenever we vote for one of the establishment’s pre-picked false candidates, we sign the death sentence for our democracy and it makes no real difference if we sign on the “right” or the “left” since both major parties work for the same oligarchs. We need to get money out of politics and litigate corruption!

And then there is the age-old American game of gerrymandering by which our “elected” officials get to pick their voters, rather than us voters getting to pick them.

Add to this the ever-recurring instances of vote tampering, voter suppression by strategic voter roll purges, and the denial of voting to victims of fabricated duplicate-vote charges via Kris Kobach’s “Interstate Crosscheck”, as well as the counting of our votes in secrecy (especially with “black box voting” (i.e. voting machines and vote counting machines)), and I can only conclude with the logical consequence that: in murky elections, the best cheater takes the prize!


Yeah, but what about Russia? Didn’t Russia hack our election to tilt the outcome of a close race like certain people these days want us to think (probably to justify another military engagement with Russia)? Heck, no! In reality, it was the Trumpster (yes, Donald Trump!) who had the election tilted by his ally, transition team member, and potential Secretary of Homeland Security Kris Kobach (who was also paid a $100,000 fee by the Koch brothers for this service). Kobach used the earlier-mentioned Crosscheck program to target about seven million voters with clearly-defined ethnic names that typically vote for the “Democratic” Party, so that Republican operatives in twenty-nine states could then strategically suppress the vote of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of likely Hillary voters. Now, there is a hack!

And why isn’t the “Democratic” Party (or the “liberal” section of the corporate media) litigating that, even though the coming bleaching of the vote by Crosscheck was known for years? Because the “Democratic” Party likewise committed strategic voter suppression in the primaries to cheat Bernie Sanders out of his win of the nomination. That’s why! It’s not something for it to shine a light on. So, they need flimsy excuses like Russia or Jill Stein or lousy voters to explain their November defeat without alerting to their own cheating.

This is what I mean when I say that in murky elections, the best cheater takes the prize.

Even the conditions for recounts are very murky, by the way, meaning they have a small chance to succeed.

Trump isn’t to blame for this whole mess, either, if you want to blame him. He just took advantage.


So, in the end, who is to blame for Trump… or Hillary… or for our not getting a say in our politics?

We are! (in addition to the crooks, of course)

We are to blame for letting this bees’ nest of corruption be built and upheld by robber billionaires and their utterly corrupt minions in the political and journalistic classes who form the nobility and gentry in our quasi-feudal society. To fix our rigged system, we have to get utterly disgusted and angry enough to act!

Funnily enough, we have close neighbors who could show us how: in recent years, when our war-mongering and regime changing oligarchs were mostlypreoccupied elsewhere (especially in the Middle East because of its delicious oil) – with the notable exception of Honduras[1][2][3] – some of our southern neighbors managed to make progress on the path to democracy. Two examples: (1) recently, Guatemala’s corrupt president was forced out of office and jailed; and (2) at the moment, Venezuela (much decried as a commie country under Chavez in our corporate media) actually has it written in its constitution that the people (yes, the people, not unreliable representatives on a gravy train!) can impeach the president and trigger an automatic election! All they need is enough signatures. Imagine that!

If you examine just how much our oligarchs and their wholly-owned government meddle south of our border, one has to essentially look upon Latin American nations as unrecognized states in our union. And, impressively, despite our federal government’s reprisals, our southern brothers and sisters in our jointly-suffered plight are making advances towards democracy that we could learn from! Perhaps, instead of Trump’s wall, we should build them a highway!

It’s high time for us in the U.S. to turn democracy into more than a stale slogan!


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