Americans Will Support The President, Not Athletes And Celebrities

Proceed with caution, beautiful people. This strange new era of celebrity is light years different from generations prio

The internet sees, hears, and documents all. Every moment, every word, every move is stuffed with ad revenue, packaged as clickbait, and made public domain. Whatever goes viral goes viral. Just like that throw-away line in the film The Social Network where scorned Erica Albright says “…the internet isn’t written in pencil, it’s written in ink.”

Many superstar athletes and A-lister celebrities (as well as plenty of C and D listers) had no qualms about taking a check and endorsing what appeared to be a sure-fire winner in Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton. I warned many, many times during the election year (read my articles for yourself) that IF YOU ARE “WITH HER”, YOU WILL TANK WITH HER. And whaddya know, it’s been a brutal year and some change for sports and Hollywood. Some of it can be chalked up to the economics of cord-cutting, as well as people no longer being interested in going to the movies due to an overabundance of crappy movies and sky-high prices. But beyond some mandatory convenient excuses, there’s a bigger and simpler explanation.

We are bored. Besides being too political and too left-leaning, sports and film are archaic mediums and just too predictable. They are entertainment mediums that we have enjoyed the hell out of for over a century each, but we live in the 21st century now. All the great games have already been played, all the great films have already come and gone from theaters. They’ve all jumped the shark. The internet has unlimited and unrestricted access to your specific choice of entertainment. Four hours in front of the tv watching mostly commercials? No thanks. Two hours of another dull comic book movie at $12 a ticket? Pass. Countless people would rather use that time to just play a video game or screw around on the internet.

I’m not sure why so many celebrities and pro athletes have decided to market themselves (yes, they are ALWAYS marketing themselves) as “resistant” to President Trump. Are they still getting checks from political entities now that the election has been over for nearly 10 months? If not, then they are destroying their careers pro bono, which is remarkably dumb. Do they not have agents begging them to lay low on politics? The collective outrage of so many left-leaning superstar athletes and celebrities is unprecedented and downright absurd. Multimillionaire athletes and celebrities make for extremely poor moral stewards.

The internet and social media has ushered in an age of cynicism. There’s snarky tweets, smug journalists, arrogant athletes, and blowhard celebrities. They are all victims of their own success, and will never be taken seriously when discussing significant events , social dilemmas, or politics.

My speculation is that this may truly be a case where celebrities and athletes are sincerely overestimating their own influence. They are constantly surrounded by Yes Men, they make big money selling their brand, they get glad-handed all the time, they have big followings on twitter, etc. You get the picture. When everything is going great, it’s easy to think that you’ll always be on top and never make a mistake. The press adores you. Your fans love you, and they will follow you.

Until they don’t.

In reasonable terms, most people that care enough to vote also care greatly for the country and either already understand or will eventually understand that it is far more important to support the President (even if you didn’t vote for him) than to hitch onto some mealy-mouthed celebrity or dumb jock. Celebrities and athletes come and go, but The President is the leader of the free world. There is no comparison. While it might seem like a good idea now for athletes and celebrities to openly protest the country and/or disdain The President, beware. Three years is a long time. Seven years is even longer. Can you really count on the media and your fans to blindly support you for the next three-to-seven years? Donald Trump is the President of the United States, and will continue to remain the most important man in the world. The relationship between the citizens and their leader will always be more important.

Now then…you may continue destroying yourselves.


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