“America Is Divided” Narrative Is Boring

YAWN. Change the channel.

It’s another stupid pundit or stupid politician blathering on about how divided the country is. Right now the mainstream media is peddling some garbage about “fake news” (more in the next article) in a shameful effort to salvage some shred of credibility, but failing to do so. There’s some whispers about Pizzagate, and the usual clickbait pollution of Trump bashing. When the media needs an extra story to sell, it all comes back full circle to blaming certain parts of the country for “divisiveness”, which is the most boring. The reason why it’s so boring is because it’s redundantly redundant.

America is divided, you say? No $hit. It has ALWAYS been divided. The Southern colonies had different values from the Northern colonies (hence, the Electoral College, liberal retards). They remained different in values and so divided they fought the gorgeously violent Civil War, amassing hundreds of thousands of deaths. They remained divided during The Reconstruction and well past it. They were divided all the way through the 20th century. Red states are red, blue states are blue. Texas and California have always been culturally different. So have Georgia and New York. And Massachusetts and Kansas. Utah and Washington. Ohio and Arizona. You get the picture.

But dumb people don’t. They hear a moron like Trevor Noah prattle on in an obnoxious voice about how divided America is and they believe it. Maybe soon-to-be-fired Noah didn’t study American history while he was on his knees for Nelson Mandela. Isn’t America called the great “melting pot” where all kinds of values find compromise in our unique American democracy? Aren’t we indoctrinated in elementary school that America’s freedoms allow all kinds of interesting cultures to thrive? What exactly do these morons mean precisely when they spit on the country and call it “divided”?

They are actually sneering, looking down on people they perceive to be morally inferior. They are basically calling The Bible Belt, The Midwest, The Heartland, most of the Mountain West, Southwest, and Rustbelt dumb racist rednecks. It’s the cheapest con of the Democratic Party and their sycophants in the media and Hollywood. They want people that voted Democrat to believe that people that voted Republican are evil racists. The Democratic Party still talks about the KKK as if they didn’t found them and as if they are a legitimately powerful group. They want people that voted Democrat to think that Republicans are Christian wackos that come from a different planet called “NoAbortions”. It’s the classic bible-thumping toothless sister-f*cking gun-loving mill-working abortion-hating dumb redneck that makes America so divided, not the holier-than-thou celebrities, smug pundits, or bull$hit politicians, all constantly calling America divided…right?


As divided as America has always been, America has always compromised. This used to be a lot easier to do when you didn’t have so many morons constantly capriciously propagandizing American divisiveness. Now, in the social media era of communication, a conservative in Indiana can easily communicate with a liberal in California. Both of them can tell each other to go screw themselves. It’s no different than Notre Dame wanting to beat Southern California in a football game. Americans ENJOY the fact that their states have different values and identities. We LIKE being divided that way. It’s what gives us an unique pride in our state and lifestyle. Larger-than-life Texan. Cali lover. Dumb Washington stoner. Masshole. Hawaiin Islander. And on and on…

The other reason why the narrative of the “America divided” narrative is so boring is because it is anti-cathartic. There’s no great purge, no great climax. Just boring talking. This country could use another Civil War to spice up life a bit. Nothing’s more exciting like MILLIONS DEAD! This is what the press ultimately wants. They love misery, it makes for good copy. Remember how the news media BOOMED on 9-11 and after? They would love for millions of Americans to start killing each other in the streets. They crave the blood and death of others. The prospect of it happening would be a dream come true for the media, like winning the lottery. It would be the only opportunity for them to actually recover credibility and stay in business. They NEED this war.

So that’s it…the “America is divided” narrative is really all just wishful thinking. No Civil War II. No ultraviolence. No mountains of dead bodies. No catharsis. No collective purge.