Alt Right Delete Clinton

Did Hillary Clinton short-circuit or did one of her A.I.D.E.S wipe her memory clean?

Despite being up to her glassy eyeballs in scandals, Hillary spent the other night knocking over a white devil straw-man in front of a lifeless crowd in a small community college gymnasium. Looking more than a bit drained and sounding hoarse for much of her speech, Clinton had the nerve to once again play the race card and virtue signal with the clear false narrative that a vote for Trump is a vote for social injustice. And she name-dropped like a motherfucker.

I’ve read online (salt-grain taken) that Clinton’s campaign, desperate to seize the cyber-constituency, hired some kind of online firm called “Correct The Record” to develop pro-Hillary propaganda on the internet. If this is true, they are doing a lousy job. In a hilarious tale of two memes, Hillary Clinton is the current internet Queen of Cringe, and all of her most unflattering moments (barking like a dog, being bitchy, etc.) are eliciting millions of views, likes, shares, tweets, and memes. If the comments section of youtube videos and all the major online publications are any indication of how people feel about Hillary Clinton, it’s not pretty. And then she goes on to commit the mortal sin of feeding the troll by actually labeling the online communities that despise her as a minority of organized hate-groups. Didn’t she learn anything from her tweet-pal Leslie Jones? Show the internet you have thin-skin and you might as well change your handle to TROLLME4LULZ. Clinton is raking in the dislikes and negative comments (a lot of her videos don’t even allow comments) but Trump is getting a whole lot of likes and positive comments. The internet loves this guy.

Although Hillary Clinton couldn’t bring herself to say “Dangerous Faggot”, she did at least say “Feminism Is Cancer”, which elicited some phony gasps and even a single chuckle. She namedropped Alex Jones. She buzz-worded “Alt Right” (cringe). She plugged, but ended up sounding like a really un-hip old granny in the ’70s bashing on MAD Magazine to kids. That generation, by the way, will tell you that the more it was hated by parents, the more the kids wanted to read it. She might as well have said “Go read Breitbart.” Instead of addressing her mounting scandals or haggard appearance, she played typical Clintonian race-baiting politics. Even Pepe showed up, proving that this may very well be the Year of the Troll.

It really is a bizarre speech, and if you didn’t catch it all I recommend this be one speech you watch in its’ entirety. It clocks in at a rather brief 30-odd minutes roughly, so it’s not that big of a waste of time. It is likely, aside from race-baiting, an attempt to discredit Breitbart while pandering to black voters. The decision to specifically target Breitbart is of no small relevance, though. Currently, Breitbart themselves boast a readership somewhere in excess of 30 million. If we can all agree that the media does an atrocious job of misinforming viewers deliberately to earn their meal ticket at the Correspondence Dinner, then it only makes sense that Breitbart has usurped a great number of readers.

For the last 10-15 years, the buffoonishness of our media coverage of politics has been standard fodder for the likes of Stephen Colbert, John Stewart, and more recently John Oliver (but not Trevor Noah, he fucking sucks). In addition, throw in absurd characters like Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Rachel Maddow, and Don Lemon, and it becomes very easy to see why people are abandoning this type of media coverage. The only reason it is even necessary for it to exist is so people know what not to believe.

Enter Breitbart. Specializing in provocateurs, Breitbart has become edgy. Nothing’s edgier than being hated by a sick old chrone like Clinton. It’s like Barbara Bush hating 2 Live Crew…it just makes me that much more addicted. Nothing is edgier than an article that completely eviscerates Ghostbusters called “Teenage Boys With Tits” when everyone else in the mainstream media is writing nauseating drivel about how cool something is when it really isn’t. When was the last time anything edgy was written by Rolling Stone? Was it that half-assed cuckpiece Peter Travers wrote for Ghostbusters? Or maybe it was that false story on rape with a thesis on something as weak as “College Campus Rape Culture”? Face it, SJW-anything is uncool, and the internet loves to use SJW material as its’ favorite punching bag. People have turned to Breitbart en masse not because of white nationalism or because the KKK membership suddenly spiked to 31 million, but because the mainstream media is uniformly no longer trusted and has become as uncool as Hillary Clinton. Why should mainstream media get to have all the fun, anyway?

I certainly can’t let the media off the hook for buying Clinton’s incoherent speech. Uncool SJW-style journalists immediately responded with shameless virtue signaling by shilling out fluff pieces about the evil white Alt Right. It’s a sad, sad day when journalists blindly accept buzzwords from an old granny instead of, ya know, doing journalism and stuff. How “Alt Right” came to mean KKK is beyond me. As far as I can tell, it’s quite a bit more complex than that. There are Bernie Sanders voters still smarting and so furious with Clinton for the DNC debacle that they have nebbishly come to accept the term Alt Right to justify their vote to defeat Clinton. There are people genuinely sick of seeing Hillary Clinton as the face of the Democratic Party calling themselves Alt Right. There are people who believe Hillary Clinton has had too much political power calling themselves Alt Right, and of course there are a ton of people that want Hillary Clinton in jail calling themselves Alt Right. And yes, there are a ton of internet trolls having a damned good time at Granny’s expense calling themselves Alt Right. In short, my estimation is that the term Alt Right is just a fun way to feel cool about voting against Hillary. Breitbart has actually succeeded in finding a way to make voting cool.

Finally, it should come as no surprise that Breitbart’s un-P.C. approach to journalism has caught like wildfire and shamed all the mainstream outlets. After all, people grow very cynical when they feel they are being preached to. The essence of SJW-ism has become too commonplace on the internet and on television, and people no longer have the appetite for that sort of thing. When every mainstream outlet (as well as all the cancerous ones…Vox, Uproxx, Salon, Bustle, Jezebel, etc.) tells you that if your heart doesn’t bleed for something “progressive” like Lady Bruce Jenner, Grossbusters, Osama Bin Colin Kaepernick, etc, that you are a racist, misogynist, monster, and all that other s**t. This kind of virtue signaling in media only works so long before alienating too many, and they have all turned to Breitbart for fresher, more provocative coverage.

Enter Alt Right. If this really is the year of the troll, we could be in for a real treat come debate time. The political election circus is always finding a way to make the big television events interactive with the internet in some way. I’m not quite sure as of yet what they have in store, but I expect some kind of live tweeting that is hopefully displayed on screen. If the current state of the internet’s political opinion holds (or better yet, grows) then I hope to see it reflected in the live feed during the debates. There will be memes. My God, there will be memes.